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  • Yeah, yeah.


  • Hi, good morning guys.

    出雲から移動して 境港にやってきました!

  • Today we've just come from is more and now we're in Sakai Minato which is like a fishing town.


  • So even along this area that's like heaps of fishermen up there, the main thing I'm excited for here is they're known for their snow crab and they're nashi, which is pairs.


  • I'm really excited to eat some crab and maybe some pears if I can find any, but mostly just eat a lot today.


  • Okay, we're going in to eat some crab.

    蟹食べるの楽しみ!梨も食べれたらいいけど。 とにかく今日はたくさん食べるわ。

  • I'm so excited, I'm freaking starving, so many different choices.

    今から蟹を食べるよ〜超楽しみ! お腹減りすぎてやばい!

  • I'm going to go for the coming tendon.

    選択肢がたくさんあるわ。 私はかに天丼にするわ。

  • So like crab tempura on rice.


  • It is so, so delicious.


  • This is like the special rice that is recommended that you ordered.


  • It's so cold outside, but this is our hotel, wow!

    食べ終わりました。 ご馳走様です!

  • Oh my gosh, I'm gonna try and walk in these shoes.

    外めっちゃ寒い! ここが私たちが泊まるホテルよ。

  • I'm wearing socks with two things so I don't know if I can think the socks really much.


  • Okay, alright, thank you.


  • We're going to karaoke wearing these crazy shoes on the way.

    下駄を履いて歩いてみるわ。 でも靴下履いてるからどうしよう、、、

  • I feel like I'm gonna fall over Oh and there's a, somebody can come now we're going to eat some sober.


  • I'm walking in and walking in a straight line our Mhm wow, I want to start.


  • Alright, I'm going to bed and tomorrow we're doing some cool stuff.


  • Okay, bye.


  • You guys have just come down here for breakfast and it's actually insane.


  • Like this is definitely like the biggest buffet breakfast I've ever seen or been to or even heard of in my life, this place is huge, It's so big, I can't even holy, they've pudding.

    今から寝ます! 明日も楽しみ!

  • Is this a nashi?

    今、朝ごはんを食べに降りてきたんだけど マジでやばいの!

  • Yes, they have the nashi there.

    今まで見た朝ごはんバイキングの中で 一番豪華だわ

  • Little donuts.


  • So this area is like a specialty and so you can have like sashimi for breakfast, but all of this stuff is actually quite expensive.


  • He said, wow little breads, steamed crab meat, dumpling, I know what you're doing, vegetables cut suit.


  • I got, they had a bunch of grilled stuff, so I got like chicken and leeks and salmon.


  • Um, I got some of the pair, which I'm really excited to try.

    ここは特別なセクションなの かなり高級な海鮮が食べ放題

  • I got some, some dumpling, some crab and shrimp dumplings.


  • This big bowl of sashimi.

    蟹シュウマイ? マジで最高なんだけど

  • So I've got rice and then I've got salmon, crab and tuna.

    野菜、メンチカツ それから焼き物

  • So we're going to start with that and then I'm going to go back for more and it was kind of weird, but I really just want to try this because it's like famous here.


  • Oh, that is so good.


  • That pairs.


  • So you have, you guys had the pair, right?

    海鮮丼もつくちゃった。 サーモン、蟹、マグロが入ってるの

  • Chris has three knuckles.

    今から食べまーす。 またおかわりしに行くと思うww

  • Japanese boy chris, No, okay, we're at our next location now and apparently this is the home to Japan's most beautiful garden.

    はじめに果物を食べるのは変だけど 梨食べるのすっごく楽しみだから頂くわ

  • It's so beautiful, you have to look at it through glass, you can actually enter for the 13th consecutive year on it is Japan's number one garden by the journal of japanese gardening.


  • Boom, I was worried that I was going to be a bit skeptical about it because you know, there are so many gardens in japan and sometimes it's like another japanese garden, another japanese garden.

    すっごく美味しい。 みんなは梨食べた?

  • But this one is so pristinely kept.


  • Like I cannot see a rock out of place and it is just amazing.


  • It's, it's all got formed but it doesn't seem to be constructed if that makes sense.


  • Okay, I don't know.


  • Toowoomba.

    あまりにも美しいから ガラス越しでしか見れないんだけど

  • I still think you're pretty good anybody in Australia go see Toowoomba, japanese garden.

    2003年から13年連続で 日本一の庭園とされてるんだって

  • It's some top notch stuff.

    見る前は他の日本庭園と 変わらないんだろなって思ってたけど

  • Now we're doing a, a dance.

    ここのは本当に洗練されてて 完璧に手入れされてたわ

  • I don't really know how to explain it, but we're doing loach scooping dance.


  • I don't know much about it, but I'll explain it as we go, chris white, chris white.

    ちゃんとメンテされてるけど 作られたものって感じがしないというか。

  • What are you doing?


  • Wow, mm hmm.


  • It makes it look so effortless.

    どじょうすくいって言うの。 よく知らないんだけど、進めながら説明するわ

  • He's just like bumping along and when you're in it, you're like a lot of feelings on that dance.


  • So I'll keep it short.


  • But it really related to the art of clowning.


  • There was a lot of connection with the audience and a lot of storytelling through no words and it just, oh my gosh, my thighs hurt so much.

    お客さんとすごく繋がるの。 言葉を使わずに話を伝えるのよ。

  • That guy was so fit.


  • I really enjoyed finding out about different theater and dance forms around Japan.

    すごく面白かったわ。 日本の劇や舞踊は面白いわね。

  • Hey, good morning guys right now it is our third day at the hotel and we are just going to get some bicycles and go for a cycle around the town and today we're going to focus on learning about the history of this place with its relation to the monsters of your guy and the author of gig again.

    今日は境港3日目よ。 旅館にいます。

  • No, we're just gonna sign up for the bicycles.


  • Mm hmm.


  • We made it to the road.


  • Mizuki shigeru Road.


  • Mizuki shigeru is the author of the manga.


  • Okay.


  • That scared, So creepy.


  • Okay.


  • Having some some good or bad fortune depending on this little one.

    健康、恋愛、金運、人、旅、 どれが知りたい?

  • It's a different character.

    恋愛かな、 この前、恋愛成就の神社に行ったばかりだし。

  • It is a little ghost pops down and that's the capsule.

    慎重に進めれば うまくいくってさ。

  • I can't read this.


  • What is this bad?


  • It says your guy ginger man, ginger, a little larger health, love money.

    ありがとう、 でもちょっと乾燥が気になるわ

  • People travel.

    面白いソフトクリームがたくさん売ってる お店を発見したわ。

  • Which one you want to know more love Because we already did the love ginger.


  • You have to be really careful And I think we're good.


  • Thank you.


  • Oh, a fan for summer.

    ぜーんぶ食べるわ! 私、柿大好きなの。

  • Oh my God.


  • Okay.


  • Just kind of scary.


  • I like your makeup today.

    普通のアイスの甘さもあるけど でも辛いわ

  • If anyway, I'm feeling a little bit dry.


  • But we found a shop that sells really crazy soft service.


  • So now it's gonna be really brave and get the Wasabi flavor.


  • I'm thinking of getting a whole thing of persimmons Because it's all of these for 200 yen and I will eat all of them because I love Persimmons.


  • How is it?

    温泉まだ入ったことない人、 かなり熱いから気をつけてね

  • What are you?

    気持ちいいけど、 苦痛になることもあるわ。

  • Me?

    旅館の温泉の中を 特別に撮影させてもらえることになったわ

  • It's sweet.

    もう入ったんだけど めちゃくちゃ最高なの

  • It's sweet.

    日本で旅館にとまったら 絶対温泉に入るべき

  • Like ice cream.

    本当に気持ちいいの。 全身リラックスできるわ。

  • Also it is spicy too, Hola, cute socks.

    中に入ったら、ここに荷物を入れて 鍵を持っていくの。

  • We had a foot bath now.


  • Ah, okay.


  • Oh, wow, it's so hot.


  • Oh my gosh, I was not ready for that.

    温泉に入ると、 シャワースペースがあるのが見えるわ。

  • So, the hotel actually built this foot bath so it's part of the hotel but anyone can come and use it and it is I think on a really cold winter's day this would be super nice.


  • If you guys haven't experienced on sand water be warned it is very hot, it can be super nice but it can be painful.

    温泉に入る前にここで 身体を綺麗に洗ってね。

  • Okay guys we've just been given special permission to actually go inside.

    みんな同じお湯に入るから 身体を綺麗に洗うのはエチケットね。

  • The hotel's on scent and film for you guys in there.

    身体を洗ったら お湯に入る準備OKよ。

  • I've already been in it last night and I it's so good.

    中にあるお風呂か、 外の露天風呂も使えるわ。

  • Like if you come on a trip in Japan you stay at a new york con style thing that has a nonsense please use it.


  • It just feels so good.


  • It relaxes the whole body and you can just be like that when you come in you go to the locker and you put all your stuff in there and then you take this key and put it around your wrist.


  • Okay here we go.


  • Here's the answer.

    お湯から上がったら ここに来るの。

  • What a view.

    ここにはドライヤー、化粧水、乳液とか なんでも揃ってるわ。

  • I've never oh you can see the steam coming off the water.


  • Okay so when you first come into the unsent there's the showering area so if you didn't know hey that's the shampoo I use so when you come to a nonsense, first of all you have to shower as much as possible so they really want you to be clean before you go in the water because everyone shares the same water.

    明日は隠岐の島にフェリーで向かうの。 すっごく楽しみだわ。

  • So here you come and shower and then you're ready to go.

    私たちが行った場所で 気になるところがあったら

  • So then you can use either the inside or the outside bath, which is so nice in winter.


  • Let's take you outside.


  • Oh, it's freezing on my feet.

    動画楽しんでくれたら、高評価、チャンネル登録、 コメントよろしくね!

  • This is the view from the outside.

    今回みたいなビデオとか、 そうじゃなくても、

  • Ah and the water, it's so warm and so nice.

    私がただ喋ってるだけのビデオとか いろいろアップしていくつもりだよ。

  • And after you're done, you come back to this room and you have all these things here, you have a hair dryer, soaps, moisturizes hair brushes, all that kind of stuff that you will need to get ready again afterwards.

    みんな見てくれてありがとう! ではまた次の動画でね!

  • Okay guys, that was it.

  • That was our final day in Sakai Minato Tomorrow.

  • We're headed to Okino Shima by ferry.

  • So I'm really excited for that and we'll have to wait and see what's in store.

  • If you want any information on the places that I visited in this video, just go into the description and go to the Odigo website.

  • Yeah.

  • Thanks for coming on this trip with me.

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  • Thanks for watching guys.

Yeah, yeah.



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