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  • Hello there, how are you doing? Jo Barnes here and welcome to today's vid. Today, I

  • want to talk about Facebook embedded posts that have recently added on our Facebook accounts.

  • Now, this can be used for a whole different reasons but let's just imagine that you are

  • writing a blog post. Let's say that you are writing a blog post about a weekly round up

  • of social activity and that you want to go on to Facebook and include some of that social

  • activity on your blog post. Now, what you can do, I'm in my jobarnesonline Facebook

  • page here, and up here on the top right hand side with this drop down arrow, you are going

  • to see this embed post. I click on 'Embed post'. This is what it's going to look like,

  • and this is the code that it gives me. I simply grab that piece of code and copy, and come

  • back to my post, making sure I'm in the text section, because if I put that in visual,

  • all that is going to do is show the piece of code so I make sure that I'm in the text,

  • and put that piece of code there. If I just put 'test embed', let's just call that, and

  • save that as a draft. It's on my actual page. There's the post, some people can like and

  • comment, and share; and all that kind of stuff from here which is super exciting, they can

  • even like your page. But one more thing before I go, I'm going to quickly over the 90 seconds,

  • you can also go on to other people's pages and post their stuff. So let's quickly go

  • to the home feed and let's say you're on here and find something super, super interesting

  • that's going on to one of my list. You find something super, super interesting from here.

  • Here we go, and you think, 'Oh that's good on Mashables page, I'm going to grab that'.

  • I'm going to click embed post. I'm going to copy that then go over to my post and put

  • that down there; and talk about it a little bit and save it. There's the 'Mashable' post!.

  • Now, one quick thing, you can like from within here. You can share from within here. You

  • can like a page from within here. But the minute you hit comment, you're going to be

  • sent straight back to your Facebook. So, there you go ladies and gentlemen, that's how to

  • embed post into your website from Facebook. Hope you enjoyed it. Speak soon.

Hello there, how are you doing? Jo Barnes here and welcome to today's vid. Today, I


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Facebookで投稿を埋め込む方法 (How to Embed Posts in Facebook)

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