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  • Unit 13 A Funny Chat in the Pub

  • Tell me, Sam. Are you still obsessed with grammar?

  • Yes, I now have a new theory about English verbs.

  • Oh, really? What's that?

  • For me, verbs have different levels of importance.

  • You mean between regular, irregular and auxiliary verbs?

  • Yes. The regular verbs are ordinary like to rain - rained - rained

  • to wait - waited - waited, to phone - phoned - phoned.

  • Ordinary verbs? And what about the irregulars? Aren't they ordinary?

  • No, the irregulars are important day to day verbs: to eat - ate - eaten

  • to drink - drank - drunk, to write - wrote - written, to speak - spoke - spoken.

  • Well, I never think about it in that way.

  • Ah ... and the three auxiliary verbs, to be, to do, and to have are essential in life.

  • I don't agree with your theory.

  • Why is that then?

  • What about to love?

  • Love, loved, loved, is a regular verb.

  • Yes, but it's not ordinary. It's the most important verb in life.

  • It can move mountains, start wars and even kill people.

  • Oh, Elizabeth. That was 2000 years ago. Not now.

  • You are such an old romantic!

  • but at the start of the 21st century love will be everywhere,

  • all around us the age of Aquarius is coming!

  • Is that so? well, If that's the case, then we must change the verb to love from a regular verb to an irregular verb

  • No, Sam. It's not possible to change it, but that is a beautiful thought.

  • Oh, I am full of beautiful thoughts! Probably this is your influence.

  • No, Sam. Remember, the age of Aquarius is coming!

  • Oh help ... barman, two whiskys, please!

Unit 13 A Funny Chat in the Pub


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