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  • When I started learning about nutrition -

  • about which, by the way, much less is known than you might think -

  • I learned that what mattered most about one's health

  • was not necessarily the nutrients,

  • good or bad, that you were consuming or staying away from,

  • or even the calorie counts.

  • What predicted a healthy diet more than anything else

  • is the fact that it was being cooked by a human being,

  • not a corporation.

  • Corporations cook very differently than people do.

  • They use vast amounts of salt, fat and sugar.

  • Much more than you would ever use in your own cooking.

  • The reason they do that is those are three incredibly attractive

  • and incredibly cheap ingredients.

  • And when they're layered properly,

  • as in a chip or pastries and forms of junk food,

  • they're incredibly addictive, they really press our buttons.

  • They activate our dopamine network, our cravings.

  • In fact, they don't talk about "addiction" in the food industry,

  • even though they traffic in addiction.

  • They talk about "cravability". It's the same thing.

  • "Snackability" is another term they use. It's a lovely word!

  • The last point about corporate cooking

  • that's important to understand

  • is they cook different stuff than you do at home.

  • In general, they don't cook that well,

  • but things like chips they cook incredibly well.

  • Here's a classic food that if you make it yourself...

  • If you've ever made French fries, you have to wash the potatoes,

  • you have to peel the potatoes, slice the potatoes,

  • fry them in a LOT of oil.

  • You have to spatter your entire stove top.

  • You have to clean up and then you have a pot of oil to get rid of.

  • It's really difficult and it's a pain.

  • They're wonderful, but it's a pain.

  • If you make them yourself, you'll only eat them every six weeks,

  • two months, cos it's too much work.

  • But when you let corporations cook for you,

  • it's so simple and so inexpensive and they're really good,

  • that you'll have them twice a day, as many people in America do.

  • The kinds of foods you end up with

  • are labor-intensive foods and desserts.

  • These special-occasion foods become everyday foods

  • when we let industry cook for us.

  • Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself.



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