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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your question of the week. Today's  


  • question is how do I say the word absolutely  which means totally or without limitation.


  • Here's the word absolutely and we have  two choices today. I think this word  


  • gets confusing for some people because  oftentimes people will stress this word  


  • and then they will make all of the vowels  longer so you might be hearing two things.


  • So we can say ab so lewt lee  

    だから私たちはab so lewt leeと言える。

  • or absa lewt lee so this is going to be the long  o and this is going to be the short uh the schwa.

    or absa lewt lee......これが長いoで、これが短い......シュワになります。

  • So to say this word again we can start with  ab and to do that mouth open wide for that ah  


  • tongue tip is low back of the tongue is pulled  up and then close the mouth for the b ab

    舌先は低く、舌の後ろは引き上げるようにして、b abのために口を閉じます。

  • We're gonna skip all the way over here to the  lewt just because it's the same in both words  


  • to say that syllable you're going to touch the tip  


  • of your tongue to the back of your  top front teeth lll pucker for the  


  • ew and then touch the tip of the tongue to the  back of the top front teeth for the t lewt.

    舌の先を上の前歯の裏に当てて、「t lewt」とします。

  • And then end with the lee and to do  that touch the tip of your tongue  


  • to the back of your top front teeth  and then smile for that long e lee.


  • Now for the so versus the sa going to start  both of those with the s tip of the tongue  


  • is either down or behind the top front teeth  it's not touching air continues to move out.


  • If you choose to say so you're just  going to round your lips for that long o  


  • if you choose to say the suh, the unstressed  uh sound, just going to relax your mouth.

    強調されていない "uh "という音である "suh "を言う場合は、口元をリラックスさせてください。

  • So let's give those both a try let's  start with the so version number one 


  • ab so lewt lee absolutely absolutely

    ab so lewt lee absolutely absolutely

  • you can also say ab suh lewt lee absa lutely 

    ab suh lewt lee absa lutelyとも言えます。

  • absolutely absolutely  absolutely absolutely absolutely


  • And let's give it a try in a sentence:


  • Absolutely I plan to have a wonderful  week. You should absolutely do the same!


  • So give it a try I know people are going to  notice the difference if you found this helpful  


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  • iTunes and our classes at Tarle speech  thanks everyone have a great weekend!


Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your question of the week. Today's  



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