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  • Hello, my name is Tom. I come from England. My job is an English teacher.


  • Hello, my name is Tom.


  • Eat Sleep Dreamers, that's not how we really talk.


  • Here are ways to introduce yourself and talk about your job more naturally.


  • So instead of saying, "My name is", we say, "I'm".

    「my name is...」と言うではなく、「I'm」と言います。

  • So, "I'm Tom, nice to meet you," or you could say, "I'm Tom, pleasure to meet you."


  • If you have a longer name and you want them to use the shorter version, you could say, "I'm Thomas, but you can call me Tom."


  • I'm Thomas, but you can call me Tom.


  • Or, uh... "I'm Thomas, but please call me Tom."


  • When we meet someone for the first time, we often ask, "What do you do?" and this means "What job do you have?"


  • And your answer could be "I'm a teacher," "I'm a social media manager," "I'm a graphic designer."


  • Um... It could be, "I'm a student at HKU," "I'm a student at Oxford."


  • So you've got, "I'm a" and then the job.

    つまり、「I'm a」の直後に仕事の名前です。

  • Before we go any further, I'm gonna tell you right now, guys, your homework is to introduce yourself to me and tell me about your job in the comments below, ok?


  • So pay attention to the rest of the lesson.


  • And at the end, write in the comments, introduce yourself, and tell me what you do.


  • You might wanna say the job and also where you work.


  • So, for example, uh... "I'm an admin assistant in a bank."


  • I'm an admin assistant in a bank.


  • So there you've got the job and where you work.


  • Uh, another example, um... "I'm a personal trainer in a gym."


  • I'm a personal trainer in a gym.


  • Now, if you wanna say the name of the place you work, the company name, you can use "at".

    自分が働いている場所の名前や会社名を言いたい場合は、at を使います。

  • So, for example, "I'm a personal trainer at Fitness First."

    例えば、「私はFitness Firstでパーソナルトレーナーをしています」。

  • I'm a personal trainer at Fitness First.

    「私は Fitness First でパーソナルトレーナーをしています」

  • Another way to say this would be, "I work for".

    別の言い方をすると、「I work for」です。

  • So "I work for Google," "I work for Microsoft," "I work for Nike," etc.

    つまり、「Google で働いています」、「Microsoft で働いています」、「Nike で働いています」などです。

  • You might just wanna talk about the industry that you work in, so not just the job, but the larger industry.


  • So you would say, "I work in", and then the industry.

    「I work in」と言って、その次に業界を言います。

  • So "I work in fashion," or "I work in advertising," or "I work in education."


  • But, stop! What if you haven't got a job?


  • How do you talk about that?


  • Well, one way would be to say, "I'm unemployed."


  • I'm unemployed.


  • That's a standard way to talk about it.


  • Another way would say... would be to say, um... "I'm currently looking for work."


  • I'm currently looking for work.


  • That's... that's pretty good.


  • Uh, another nice one, "I'm between jobs."


  • I'm between jobs.


  • That kind of says that we've finished our last job, we've got another job in the future, hopefully, and so we're... we're between jobs.


  • We... we're... we're waiting for the new one to start.


  • Eat Sleep Dreamers, it's been a pleasure. Thank you for watching. Check out this video, and until next time, this is Tom, the English Hipster, saying goodbye.

    Eat Sleep Dreamers、楽しかったですね。ご覧いただきありがとうございました。このビデオをチェックして、次の機会まで、英国のヒップスター、トムとさようならです。

Hello, my name is Tom. I come from England. My job is an English teacher.


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