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    *Simon and Martina singing*。



  • S: That's a totally different song M: What are you talking about? That's the tl;dr

    S:全然違う曲だよ M:何言ってんの?それはTl;Dr

  • S: at the end of that. It just goes



    *simon singing*。

  • M: I mean, I made the song. So I think I know how it goes


  • S: I think you're wrong M: I think you're wrong

    S: I think you're wrong M: I think you're wrong

  • *FIGHT*


  • S: So one of our favorite parts of traveling, whenever we go to another country is making a stop at a supermarket


  • S: I know this sounds super lame... M: Hop on the fun train! S: ...we just love every single country on to

    S: 超ダサいと思うけど・・・。 M: 楽しい列車に乗ってくださいS: ...私たちは、すべての国を愛しています。

  • S: We always want to see what the groceries are M: Yep

    S:私たちはいつも食料品の値段を見たいと思っています M: うん

  • S: what do people eat in that country and it's definitely one of our top destinations in every country visit. M: We're going to Paris

    S:その国の人々は何を食べているのか、どの国を訪れても間違いなくトップの目的地の一つです。 M: 私たちはパリに行きます。

  • M: Get our stuff from the grocery store! S: Gotta go to a supermarket!

    M: スーパーマーケットから荷物を買ってきて!S: スーパーマーケットに行ってみよう

  • We're going to Italy! M: Grocery Store! S: yeah that sounds very lame

    We're going to Italy!M:八百屋さん!?S: ああ、それはとてもダサい

  • but it's very important to who we are and I think it's so important because


  • We've lived in three different countries now, and that number is likely to increase in the future and we always try to imagine


  • What it's like living somewhere else


  • So today we want to help you out a little bit by telling you what the prices of groceries are in Japan


  • M: So there are a range of grocery stores available in Japan. They are like the super cheap discount ones like the Lawson 100


  • There are also cheap ones like Seyu which used to be Walmart's interesting. S: Mhm yeah M: then there are like average grocery stores like

    また、Walmartの面白いところだったSeyuのような安いものもあります。S: Mhm yeah M: それから、平均的な食料品店のようなものもあります。


    S:Liffffe M: Liffee

  • M: The actual name of the grocery store


  • Then you have expensive ones that are kind of open 24 hours that are kind of pricey and.. S: Like Maruetsu


  • M: Yeah


  • and then there's the like luxury super expensive one S: Like Kinokuniya


  • and also in the subways you might see an (Atrye?) and those are really expensive. M: Yes

    また、地下鉄の中では、(Atrye?)を見かけることがありますが、あれは本当に高価です。 M: はい。

  • S: In this video we're going to a mid-range one. I don't even know the name of the grocery store we go to but it's the big one


  • That's close to City Hall. It's got the most stuff


  • It's an easy bike ride for us because we ride our bikes to grocery stores


  • *RAINS IN BACKGROUND* even during typhoons


  • *pans up to see Martina*

    Martina*を見るために*pans up

  • M: That's right. Even though there is Japan's 24th


  • Typhoon on the and many other people in Japan are over the rain on their bicycles


  • I don't wanna hear


  • ANYBODY complain about having to get in their car and go five minutes on the street with a huge trunk


  • You can get like a limitless amount of supplies. We have TWO baskets and an extra basket

    無限のような用品が手に入ります。 私たちはTWOバスケットと余分なバスケットを持っています

  • and that's all we can put so sometimes we buy toilet paper we go


  • *shrugs*


  • S: Well that's it M: Well that's it that's all~that's all we can fit

    S:M: Well that's it......That's all~that's all we can fit

  • M: There are Costco's available in Japan BUT we don't have a car and we don't have a big enough fridge

    M: 日本にもコストコはありますが、車がないし、大きな冷蔵庫もありませんでした。

  • S: We usually go grocery shopping every two days. So we like to buy a lot of fresh produce and we'll work with that


  • We don't go out to eat all the time, even though you see our videos we're going out to restaurants


  • M: Yeah S: Most of times we cook at home

    M: Yeah S: ほとんどの場合、家で料理します。

  • S: So a while ago we did a video about breakfast in Japan and we showed you all those things


  • But we didn't actually discuss the prices


  • So we're gonna go over some of the things that we had in there and how much that cost


  • M: And don't worry for those of you that do not eat things like fish for breakfast


  • We also priced out a bunch of things that would be an average meal that you might have


  • We asked you guys on our YouTube community page what was like a go-to meal?


  • You guys might make so we kept in mind the answers that you guys gave us to try to give you an idea of what


  • It would cost to reproduce that in Japan


  • *Ka-ching!* M: So we're gonna be talking in terms of yen

    *Ka-ching!* M: So we're gonna talk in terms of the yen

  • S: Japanese yen M: That's the pricing in Japan

    S:日本円 M: それは日本での価格設定です。

  • 100 Japanese yen is around 90 cents American OR a dollar 15 Canadian


  • S: The easiest way for you to think of it is a 100 yen equals one dollar and then you could gauge it however you want


  • S: So let's talk about rice. Rice in Japan is actually a little bit expensive


  • Supposedly a lot of people are buying import rice instead of domestic rice M: FOR SHAME

    国産米ではなく輸入米を買っている人が多いと思われる M:FOR SHAME

  • S: because it's so expensive here in Japan

    S: 日本ではとても高いからです。

  • So a 5 kilogram bag is roughly 2,400 yen, give or take a hundred yen


  • Now for us whenever we have breakfast usually fill one of these Scoopies, which is 160 grams, that's enough for the two of us


  • So according to the math there are 62.5 servings of this per five kilogram bag


  • Which roughly turns out to be 38.4 yen per person


  • So roughly 40 cents and that you're gonna see how much it adds up into our breakfast altogether


  • M: Oh, you're gonna give them the full breakdown S: I'm gonna give you the full breakfast price

    M: ああ、あなたは彼らに完全な故障を与えるつもりなのね S: 私はあなたに完全な朝食代を与えるつもりよ

  • M: but just for the breakfast just~ S: Just for the breakfast! M: the rest of this stuff

    M: but just for the breakfast just~ S: Just for the breakfast!M: この残りのものは

  • gonna be like 3 bucks for pasta sauce! S: I can't do this much math. It's too much

    パスタソースが3ドルくらいかな?S: こんなにたくさんの計算はできないよ。多すぎるよ。

  • M: So on our white rice, we usually do a chopped fatty tuna or more commonly we get these little tiny pieces of salmon

    M: 白いご飯の上には、大トロのぶつ切りや、サーモンの切り身をのせることが多いですね。

  • It's kinda like THE breakfast thing EVERYONE does in Japan S: Mhm


  • M: and for two pieces it cost 356 yen so it's about a 178 yen per serving.


  • S: We also do eggs with ours we each have one fried egg on top, which is


  • 288 yen for a dozen or 24.8 yen per egg.


  • M: Wow, you're really going for it. S: I am and you'll see the whole math at the end

    M:うわー、本当にがんばってるね。 S:そうなんですよ、最後に全体の計算を見てください。

  • M: We'll each get half an avocado, which is 138 yen per avocado. YES~You heard that right


  • It's about 69 yen per serving S: when it comes to miso soup. We get a bag

    一人前69円くらい S:味噌汁になると私たちは、一袋

  • That's usually a 188 yen for 21 grams


  • Which turns out to be 8.95 yen per serving


  • M: you can make it a lot cheaper. I have a recipe in the info box if you'd like to know how to make it


  • But we've been L A Z Y lately and we have not been making my homemade miso soup

    しかし、最近はL A Z Yで、私の自家製味噌汁を作っていませんでしたが

  • Which I probably should get back to doing because it's so much cheaper


  • S: SO much cheaper

    S: SO much cheaper

  • M: We buy a package of roasted nori


  • Which is seaweed and there are these little tiny individual slices that are perfect for scooping and it's around 500 yen per container


  • S: There are 80 pieces in the container which turns out to be


  • 6.22 yen per piece and we roughly have something like eight pieces a meal or so


  • So we're gonna say 49.8 yen per meal. Yes. I am THAT specific

    では、1食あたり49.8円ということで。 はい。私はそのように具体的です

  • S: For our side dishes we usually get some cucumbers. M: Yep S: and some eggplant

    S:副菜にはキュウリが多いですね。M: うん S: ナスもあるよ

  • Lately we've been making our own eggplant, but I didn't calculate the cost of that.


  • For the cucumbers are 198 yen, for the eggplant it's roughly 298 yen


  • every package has around like four servings in it


  • so that turns out to be 49.5 yen for the q-keys and 74.5 yen for the eggplant


  • FOR A GRAND TOTAL of each of us 492.95 yen PER person for our breakfast.


  • M: You want to make miso soup every morning from scratch?


  • S: Nah I'm want you to make me the cucumbers gurl M: Ohhhhhh, it's all about these

    S:Nah I'm want you to make me the cucumber gurl M: Ohhhhhh, it's all about these



  • M: So cheap supermarket whole bean coffee is around


  • 500 yen for 200 grams and I have no idea how long it's been sitting there for


  • Or you can get a more expensive one 180 grams costs around


  • 548 yen. We don't actually buy our beans from the grocery store. S: No


  • Voiceover M: (you might be saying to yourself right now? Ah~well these two are coffee snobs...and to that I respond...


  • You know what, shame on you. Shame on you for thinking that


  • just because we look like typical hipsters


  • You would somehow also think that we are coffee snobs when the reality is


  • We are 100% Absolutely


  • We are coffee snobs. Yep, you're profiling was absolutely correct


  • *pause* And I make my own cocktails >.

    *pause* そして、私は自分のカクテルを作ります >。

  • M: if I'm gonna be spending like 6 bucks on 180 grams

    M: もし、180グラムで6ドルも使うのなら

  • I'm gonna be going to a local shop and buy their coffee from there. They usually start around like


  • 348 yen up to much higher prices depending on the kind you're getting


  • *Martina talking about coffee* Voiceover M: (Ugh I mean she is going on AND on and on.

    *Martina talking about coffee* Voiceover M: (Ugh I mean she is going on and on and on.

  • is that a shoveling motion?? At this point are we still talking about coffee???


  • Because I don't know what that's supposed to mean!?)


  • S: On average it costs us 500 yen for a 100 grams of beans


  • In the morning we wind up making a French press out of that and that gives us two big cups of coffee


  • For 50 grams of beans like which ya see something M: like this bigboy cups S: Something like this


  • S: So that turns out to be roughly 125 yen per cup


  • M: That's pretty good. S: That's not bad I think

    M: それはかなり良いですね。 S: 悪くないと思いますよ。

  • M: that's actually way cheaper than what you would get in Tokyo.


  • M: The cheapest cup of coffee that I've had from a like bean roasted place was just recently when we went to

    M: 私が今まで飲んだ中で、豆を焙煎しているようなお店のコーヒーで一番安かったのは、つい最近行った

  • M: HANANAMEIYAMA???? (Oh boi I don't even know where to start Dx)

    m: hananameiyama????(どこから手をつけていいかわからないくらいです。)

  • M: Hanaaaaaaai.... S: HANAINAIDAMA?? M: Hamaynai? S: Hamadayama?


  • M: Hamadayama? Is that it?


  • S: Yeah Hamadayama M: Hamadayama? S: it's Yama is mountain and ham is ham.

    S:そう、浜田山 M:浜田山?S:山は山、ハムはハムですね。

  • S & M: So it's the Ham in the mountian?


  • M: Hamadayama S: Yes M: I got a couple- S: HAM of the MOUNTAIN

    M: 浜田山 S: はい M: I got a couple- S: HAM of MOUNTAIN

  • M: Ham of the mountain S: HAM a DEI YAMA

    M:山のハム S:HAM a DEI YAMA

  • M: Hamadayama! (Oh gosh that's probably all wrong Dx)


  • S & M: We went to Hamadayama and we bought some beans

    S & M: 私たちは浜田山に行って、豆を買いました。

  • M: and I got a $2 cup of coffee S: OH!

    M:そして、2ドルのコーヒーカップを手に入れた S:OH!

  • M: Yeah, it was really cheap, but it was a tiny tiny cup and if I make like this much

    M: ええ、とても安かったのですが、小さな小さなカップだったので、これだけの量を作ったら

  • M: Hey, how about for those tea drinkers out there? S: ughhhhhhhh


  • M: WAHTS WRONG WITH THAT I have a *shows teabag*

    M: WAHTS WRONG WITH THAT I have a *Shows teabag*.

  • S: Tea is just like diet...flavored stuff


  • M: It's delicious. S: It's not it's just if I want to have an apple

    M:美味しいですよね。 S: そうじゃなくて、もし私がリンゴを食べたいと思ったら

  • I'm gonna have the actual taste of an Apple by eating it rather than diluted water apple crap.


  • S: Sorry M: That was really...I mean here's went off on it didn't he. S: I mean tea is just like the flavored water

    S: Sorry M: That was really......つまり、ここでは、彼はそれについて話したんだね。S:つまり、お茶はフレーバーウォーターのようなものです。

  • episode that we did M: No it's not it's delicious! S: Yes it is except like this is hotter

    したエピソード M:いや、そんなことはないよ、おいしいよ。S:そうなんだけど、こっちの方が暑いんだよね。

  • M: This is decaf chai tea and it has cinnamon and nutmeg and like

    M: これはカフェインレスのチャイティーで、シナモンやナツメグなどが入っています。

  • star ansie and like all these other magical.


  • M: Anyhow~ S: How much does tea cost? M: 25 bags of normal tea costs around 258 yen

    M:それにしても~ S:お茶っていくらするんですか?M:普通のお茶が25袋で258円くらいです。

  • which is like 10 yen per serving S: Right M: and an import tea's gonna be 20 bags at 398 yen

    S: そうですね M: 輸入茶は20袋で398円ですね。

  • S: Tea's disgusting M: Okay well one day

    S:M: わかったよ、いつかはね。

  • you learn not to be barbarian. S: *GASP* That's right, I said it

    あなたは野蛮にならないように学びます。S: *GASP* そうです、私はそれを言いました

  • M: Also, big shout out thank you to you guys


  • for sending us so many coffee beans from around the world, because. S: Yes!


  • S: Remember that huge box that we did that had like 30 or 40 different boxes of beans


  • We just finished it M: We JUST finished and we had them for over a year

    私たちはちょうど完成したところです M: We JUST finished and we had them for over the year

  • M: So thank you to Take Flight coffee

    M:では、Take Flightのコーヒーに感謝します。

  • This is not a sponsored video. But this is the final remaining bag and it's decaf


  • *Simon and Martina laughs* S: I don't even know what to do with it M: We're like I don't know what to do. You hold it! You hold it!

    *Simon and Martina laughs* S: I don't even know what to do with it M: We're like I don't know what to do. あなたはそれを保持する!あなたはそれを保持するあなたが持って!あなたが持って!(笑



  • S: So for other breakfasts stuff for example milk you can get a carton for

    S: 他の朝食については、例えば牛乳は1カートンで購入できます。

  • 238 yen, and that's for 900 milliliters. Interestingly though soy milk is a lot cheaper.

    238円、それも900ミリリットル。 面白いことに、豆乳の方がずっと安いんですよ。

  • It's 198 yen for a 1000 milliliters THERE YOU GO soy milk is cheaper than regular milk

    1000ミリリットルで198円 THERE YOU GO 豆乳は普通の牛乳よりも安い

  • M: But once delicious you see and one is made from taking beans and squeezing them in a nut sack


  • S: So for me, I usually wind up using the soy milk after a workout. I workout three or four times a week


  • I know you could tell, can't you


  • M: Ooh, how did you get so firm. S: Stop it. Okay. So I usually have bananas usually around 158 yen for four or


  • 39.5 yen per banana a little bit of soy milk in there. I have some protein powder


  • I don't buy in the grocery stores out here


  • I actually get it imported because I've researched a good one that I like and that is usually


  • $71 US *sigh* but it'll last me a while at least yoghurt and that runs at 208 yen for a 400 gram container

    71ドル *sigh* でも、少なくともヨーグルトはしばらく持ちます。ヨーグルトは400gの容器で208円です。

  • I usually do a couple tablespoons of that frozen blueberries are


  • 275 yen for 200 grams. (M: So expensive) I only put in like 10 blueberries


  • So I'm not gonna do the math for how much a whole protein shake costs. I've already done enough math for this video , we're good


  • M (voiceover): and let's take a break from this video and go for a tour of a Japanese grocery store


  • Take it away ~


  • *funky music*

    *funky music

  • S: Almond milk is really expensive M: pricy. You can get other almond milks in different places like specialty marts, but at our grocery store

    S:アーモンドミルクは本当に高い M: pricy.他のアーモンドミルクは専門店などで買えるけど、うちのスーパーでは

  • There was no almond milk until recently. An almond milk is 428 yen per a thousand milliliter


  • Which I think is pretty expensive S: Now when it comes to like other vegan options


  • I remember when we were in LA. We actually saw like just a supermarket we went into. They had like tofu burgers and like vegan burritos


  • We don't have those here in Tokyo. They might be somewhere, I haven't seen them in any of the supermarkets that we go to


  • Now with your three different milks you can have cereal which is roughly 275 yen for 240 grams


  • They are very small little bags of cereal M: They are about this big yeah

    とても小さいシリアルの袋です M: このくらいの大きさですね

  • S: and the selection is very very slim


  • M: We went back to Toronto, we were in the grocery store


  • And so the way that we walk through like the ramen aisle or the rice aisle in Japan which is huge with like the cereal aisle and some of these boxes were like just like


  • M: Thick S: Family size so you have regular size, which is a monster and then you have family size

    M: 厚い S: ファミリーサイズなので、モンスターであるレギュラーサイズと、ファミリーサイズがあります。

  • But the point of cereal is not that common here and we barely ever eat it. M: Yeah S: sometimes though

    でも、シリアルという点は、こちらではそれほど一般的ではなく、ほとんど食べません。M: うん S: たまにだけど

  • we do have granola with our yogurt and this is only when we feel like splurging because


  • This is our little thing of granola right here


  • M: Fruits and seeds S: Just fruits and seeds M: and theres no like cereal bits in it

    M: 果物と種 S:果物と種だけ M: シリアルのようなものは入っていません。

  • S: It's 480 grams and we pay 1600 yen for this M: That's 16 bucks

    S:480グラムで1600円 M:16ドルです。

  • S: So I've had this bag for the past three years and I just nibble at a seed every once in a while


  • Eat half a seed, put it back in


  • M: You didn't know, I literally take a tablespoon and I'm like *sprinkle* that's enough

    M: あなたは知らないでしょうが、私は文字通り大さじ1杯で十分なんですよ。

  • S: ah that's enough M: like onto my yoghurt

    S: ああ、もういいよ M: 私のヨーグルトにかけるように

  • M: Let's talk about bread.

    M: パンの話をしよう。

  • S: So a plain white loaf of bread goes for about 95 yen for six slices, which is 15.83 yen per slice, but we know


  • M: but no one cares *boo*

    M: でも、誰も気にしていないよ*boo*。

  • M: No one's like "I'd like to buy just one single- they like buying the bags Simon. S: No but you know people got economize

    M: 誰も「1つだけ買いたい」とは思わないし、Simonのように袋を買うのが好きな人もいない。S:いや、でもみんな節約しているんだよね。

  • M: But even if you go to a bakery and you buy a good loaf of bread


  • you're looking at- they don't even sell like those like big ones S: They don't have huge rolls M: they'll do those like half ones S: Like our rolls are usually like this

    あなたが見ているのは、そのような大きなものは売っていないということです。巨大なロールケーキはありません M: ハーフのようなものはありますよ S:うちのロールケーキはだいたいこんな感じです。

  • and they're like usually around 300 yen for something like that for a good crusty bread M: the price *thumbs up*

    普通は300円くらいのものが、美味しいパンになるんですよ M: The price *thumbs up*.

  • See now you understand why the Balmuda (expensive toaster oven) was uh- economical for us


  • Yes, because if we buy an expensive loaf of bread and it goes crusty by like day four and is super hard


  • M: We're like we need you to come back to life. S: No, we can't afford this the Balmuda is a money saver


  • M: It is S: so for those of you that want peanut butter with your toast.

    M:そうなんです。 S:だから、トーストにピーナッツバターを塗りたい人のために。

  • S: You can get Skippy here this little tiny boy M: hi, I'm Skippy S: 598 yen for 340 grams.

    S:この小さな小さな男の子、Skippyが手に入りますよ M:ハイ、僕はSkippy S:340gで598円。

  • S: This is like roughly around like five dollars and fifty cents


  • M: If we went to Costco I think we would walk away with peanut butter

    M: もしコストコに行ったら、ピーナッツバターを買って帰ると思うよ。

  • S: Sure M: because they probably have the big boy jars S: big boys probably for the same price

    S: Sure M: because they probably have the big boy jars S: big boy probably for the same price

  • M: But um, wow I mean, it's- it's so small

    M: でも、うーん、すごい......つまり、とても小さいんです。

  • S: But we don't eat that much peanut butter so we just have this small thing and we like have it like once every two months or so


  • S: What happens if somebody wants to make a grilled cheese sandwich M: True. I guess they'll have to be rich. S: Yes

    S:もし誰かがグリルドチーズサンドを作りたいと言ったらどうなるんだろう M: そうだね。お金持ちじゃないと無理だろうね。S: はい。

  • We saw people mentioning that they make a lot of grilled sandwiches at home


  • S: So if you want to do that here, you might have to M: save up your money. we had friends over for their birthday S: Yep


  • M: So we decided to make like pasta dinner.


  • So we went out to buy a ball of fresh mozzarella cheese from like the cheese place.


  • There are places here that you can- that are specialty cheese shops


  • S: Yes, we can get lots of cheese here lots of very good cheese, but it comes at a premium.


  • That little mozzarella ball. One of them was 2,100 yen, which is roughly 21 dollars


  • S: For an amazing M: It was amazing S: mozzarella ball, but we don't buy that regularly


  • M: It's like happy birthday S: happy birthday to you and M: look at this mozzarella ball. S: you're sharing that with us. M: Yea

    M:お誕生日おめでとうございますって感じですね S:お誕生日おめでとうございますって感じで M:このモッツァレラボールを見てください。S:それを私たちと共有しているんですね。M: イェー

  • M: but you can get cheese at the grocery store as well