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  • Hello, this is Jack from, and in this video, I'm going to talk about a way that you can listen to more conversational English.

    こんにちは、 のジャックです。今回の動画では、より多くの英会話を聞き取れるよう、その方法についてお話しします。

  • So, keep watching!


  • [Learning English?]


  • [Get on the road to fluency.]


  • [To fluency.]


  • In the To Fluency Program, and also here on YouTube, I always talk about the importance of getting more input in English.

    To Fluency Program でも、ユーチューブでも、いつも英語のインプットを増やすことの重要性を説いていますね。

  • This basically means watching things in English and listening to things in English too.


  • A lot of learners like to watch the news, and I recommend that you do this too, especially if you find it difficult to understand native speakers.


  • However, the news is not the best place to learn conversational English.


  • This is because the news reporters always use a specific type of language to speak, and it's very rare to hear natural conversation during these programs.


  • Television shows and movies are much better.


  • You're going to hear lots of conversation; you're going to hear English that is used in everyday situations.


  • And also, they use a lot of slang and common expressions too.


  • But another way to get conversational English, to listen to more conversational English, is to watch vlogs.

    しかし、会話的な英語を学べたかったら、より会話的な英語を聞くことが必要です。その方法は Vlog を見ることです。

  • Now, a 'vlog' is a video log, and this is where people upload videos about their daily life.

    さて、Vlog とはビデオログのことで、これは人々が自分の日常生活についてのビデオをアップロードするものです。

  • Sometimes the vlogs can be about business, they can be about travel, they can be about sport, but what you usually find in these vlogs is everyday and real conversations.

    時にはビジネスや旅行、スポーツの話もありますが、これらの Vlog で見られるのは、たいてい日常的で自然な会話でしょう。

  • This is especially true with vlogs of everyday people.

    特に、日常生活を送っている様子を撮っている人の Vlog はそうです。

  • And this is where they just upload updates about their life.


  • And it might sound a little bit boring, but they're actually really interesting.


  • Because there are so many different types of vlogs out there, you're likely to find one that you like, one that's really going to interest you and, hopefully, one that you're going to get hooked on.

    ネットでは様々なタイプの Vlog があるので、自分に合った Vlog を見つけることができるでしょう。あなたが本当に興味を持ち、よかったら夢中になってくれるようなものです。

  • A lot of vlogs are updated daily.

    毎日更新の Vlog がたくさんありますよ。

  • This means that you can watch them every day, and you can get into the habit of watching them; making it part of your routine.


  • If you click the link up here, then it's going to take you to my website, and on this page, I have listed some of the most popular vlogs of the moment.

    このリンクをクリックすると、私のウェブサイトに移動します。そのページでは、今最も人気のある Vlog をいくつかご紹介しています。

  • What I recommend you do is that you watch some of these vlogs, if you like them, subscribe to them, and then try to make it part of your routine to watch them on a daily basis.

    お勧めの方法は、これらの Vlog をいくつか観て、気に入ったら登録し、毎日観ることを習慣にすることです。

  • To take this a step further, what you can do is upload your own vlogs in English.


  • You can talk about your journey; you can talk about the new words and phrases that you have learned.


  • And also, you can ask people for advice.


  • This is going to help you with your speaking, and also, it will help you overcome your fear of speaking in English if you are scared about doing this.


  • So, vlogs are a great way for you to learn conversational English.

    だから、Vlog は英会話を学ぶのに最適な方法なのでしょう。

  • Because, as I said, they use everyday English in real situations.


  • If you have found this video useful, then please like it and subscribe to this channel.


  • Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time!


Hello, this is Jack from, and in this video, I'm going to talk about a way that you can listen to more conversational English.

こんにちは、 のジャックです。今回の動画では、より多くの英会話を聞き取れるよう、その方法についてお話しします。

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