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  • Come on, tell us!

  • We know it was you and Dirty Daryl who robbed the bank.

  • Ha! You don't know anything.

  • Oh, really!

  • One of you is going to spill the beans.

  • I bet it's going to be Dirty Daryl.

  • Daryl is the best partner any guy could have.

  • He's a rock, a fortress!

  • He'll never tell you a single word about last Wednesday

  • when we robbed the bank and stole all the money

  • that we buried in the field behind my house...

  • oops

  • Gotcha.

  • sorry man.

  • Every time.

  • Gentlemen, I am very disappointed.

  • This was a top secret, classified matter, and I trusted you to keep it that way.

  • But, someone obviously spilled the beans.

  • So, was it you Johnson?

  • Not me boss.

  • How about you Maxwell? Smith?

  • Not us either, boss.

  • What about you, Al. You're the new guy? Did you spill the beans?

  • Don't look at me, boss!

  • Well then, who was it?!

  • Surprise!

  • Oh... Uh... Wow!

  • I can't believe it! I'm so  surprised!

  • you don't sound very surprised. Who spilled the beans? Was it Ted?

  • WhatNo, no one! This is a complete surprise.

Come on, tell us!


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英語のイディオム| 豆をこぼす by Pandaflix English Panda 6/22(Idioms in English | Spill the beans)

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