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  • Trigger happy, pack heat, but it's black ink

  • Evil half of the Bad Meets

  • Evil, that means take a back seat

  • Take it back to Fat Petes with a maxi, single

  • Look at my rap sheets, what attracts these people

  • Is my gangster, bitch, like Apache with a catchy jingle

  • I stack these chips, you barely got a half-eaten Cheeto

  • Fill 'em with the venom, and eliminate 'em

  • Other words, I Minute Maid 'em

  • I don't want to hurt 'em, but I did 'em in a fit of rage

  • I'm murderin' again, nobody will evade him

  • I'm finna kill 'em and dump all the fuckin' bodies in a lake

  • Obliteratin' everything, incineratin' and renegade 'em

  • And I make anybody who want it with the pen afraid

  • But don't nobody want it but they're gonna get it anyway

  • 'Cause I'm beginnin' to feel like I'm mentally ill

  • I'm Atilla, kill or be killed, I'm a killer, be the vanilla gorilla

  • You're bringin' the killer within me, out of me

  • You don't want to be the enemy of the demon

  • Who went in me, and be on the recieving of me, what stupidity, it'd be

  • Every bit of me is the epitome of a spitter

  • When I'm in the vicinity, motherfucker, you better duck

  • Or you finna be dead the minute you run into me

  • A hundred percent of you is a fifth of a percent of me

  • I'm 'bout to fuckin' finish you bitch, I'm unfadable

  • You wanna battle, I'm available, I'm blowin' up like an inflatable

  • I'm undebatable, I'm unavoidable, I'm unevadable

  • I'm on the toilet bowl

  • I got a trailer full of money and I'm paid in full

  • I'm not afraid to pull the

  • Man stop

  • Look what I'm plannin'

  • (Haha)

Trigger happy, pack heat, but it's black ink


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