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  • Most kids have a stuffed animal they love.


  • Some kids have tons of them.


  • But, have you ever stopped and wondered who actually invented stuffed animals in the first place?


  • Let's find out on today's episode of Colossal Questions.


  • The very first dolls in the ancient world were made of hard stuff like wood or clay.


  • But the stuffed animal as we know it today really started with the invention of the rag doll sometime around 2,000 years ago.


  • The oldest rag dolls ever found were stuffed with rags, papyrus, or hay and usually woven with colorful string and trinkets like beads.


  • Over the next thousand some odd years, rag dolls remained a super popular toy for kids around the world in different cultures and classes.


  • Eventually, in the early 1800s, the Industrial Revolution started in England.


  • And before long, rag dolls went from being handmade to mass produced in factories just like tons of other toys and products.


  • Innovations, with the ability to print colorful or patterned fabrics, allowed companies to manufacture dolls that were super vibrant and super quick to make.


  • Okay, so that's how ancient wooden dolls morphed into soft and squishy rag dolls, but when did the stuffed animal come along?


  • When did stuffed dolls give way to stuffed animals like the teddy bear?


  • Well, it started in the late 1800s, when a German woman named Margarete Steiff invented the very first known stuffed animal, an adorable little elephant that was meant to be a pincushion.

    実は、1800年代後半に始まりました。当時、マルガレーテシュタイフというドイツ人女性が、最初に知られているぬいぐるみを発明しました。 それはもともと枕の形をしたかわいい小さな象でした。

  • But a couple years later, Margarete's nephew Richard, took her idea and turned it into a toy for kids, a stuffed bear.


  • Their new-fangled doll hit stores just a few years later in 1902.


  • Around the same time, a Russian immigrant named Morris Michtom, living across the Atlantic in the United States, came up with his own design for a stuffed bear toy.


  • Mr. Michtom based the design on a famous cartoon he saw in the newspaper.


  • The drawing shows President Teddy Roosevelt out on a bear hunt with a group of his pals.


  • Roosevelt was known as an avid hunter but just didn't feel right striking down a defenseless animal, so he told his men to let the bear go free.


  • Artists made the bear in the cartoon look adorable, and Morris Michtom knew it had to be a toy.


  • He sent a prototype of his inspired invention to Teddy Roosevelt himself and got the president's permission to use his nickname on the toy.


  • And just like that, the legend of the teddy bear was born.


  • Both versions of the teddy bear were an instant smash success in Europe and the U.S.


  • So, whether your favorite stuffed animal is a bear, a bird, a badger, or any other kind of creature, you can thank the good old teddy bear and the president who inspired it for your fluffy friend.


Most kids have a stuffed animal they love.


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