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  • Today we are going to go to a small Ikea.

    今日は ”小さな" イケアに行きます

  • If you have ever been to an Ikea, you know how huge they are, but this on is in Shinjuku

    大型店と違い 今回行く新宿の店舗は

  • And it's tiny, so what are they gonna have, how's it going to be different. We're gonna check all of that out. It should be a lot of fun to see.

    小さいのが特徴です! 見てみましょう!

  • [Life in Japan theme music]


  • Whoa, here they come! What a troop.

    - 何?マクドナルド? - あそこにある

  • What? McDonalds? Right there. McDonalds? Really?


  • There's our train. Ok.

    出発したら 新宿の景色が見えるよ

  • Gonna go. Gonna see Shinjuku right out the window. Once it goes. Oh, here we go. Can you look?


  • Here, look and see.

    見えたね 目的地だよ

  • Oh, yep, there it is. Look. That's where we're going.

    - ビルのある所? - そうだよ

  • Where all those tall buildings are? Yep.


  • It's humongous. Can you see it?

    - ハンバーガーよ - どこの店にする?

  • It's a hamburger. Ok, a nice burger place? It's this way.

    "小さな" イケアに行く前に 腹ごしらえです

  • Before we can check out this really small Ikea, the kids just have to eat. And guess where they want to go?

    子供達のリクエストでお店を決めます どこにする?

  • So, when we go out together, it's kids choice today where we get to eat. Of all the places we could eat, what was decided?


  • McDonalds. McDonalds, huh?


  • McDonalds it is.

    - パパ 隣に来て! - ここ?

  • Daddy, sit right here. Sit right there?

    - 僕の隣! - 座るね

  • Yeah, sit by me. Ok, I'll sit right over here.


  • So, we are very curious, what are we going to find at this Ikea, how's it gonna be, huh guys?

    - 倉庫があるのかしら? - 多分無いよ

  • I know, do they deliver, do they have a warehouse? Probably not.


  • Well, it doesn't even look like an Ikea, does it?


  • It does not look like an Ikea.


  • Right when we walk in, what do we got?


  • We have foods. It's food! Oh, and all the self-checkouts. All the checkouts are down here, cool.


  • Looks like we need to go up, huh? Yeah. Ok.


  • What are we gonna find Becca? I don't know. Oh! That scared me.

    - 何見たい? - 分からない

  • You scared yourself? Yes I did. Oh, here we go. Ok, the first look at things.


  • Here's decoration, lighting, workspace, dining, living room storage & organizers and living room.

    - ビックリした? - うん

  • Then upstairs is children's accessories/bathroom, wardrobe and small storage...

    着いたよ! 最初のコーナーだね

  • You know what? I bet they have all stuff for small spaces. They have nothing for full size houses. Makes sense.

    雑貨・照明・オフィス・ダイニング 収納とリビング

  • Joshua, what did you find? I think its a drone. A drone?


  • Sure enough. It's just for decoration though, they're not real drones.

    普通のイケアと違って 小さい家に合う家具が多そうよ

  • So I guess you could put it in your house if you wanted to decorate it with drones.

    - ジョシュア 何見つけた? - ドローンかな

  • There's the sofas. And they are all small. Yep.


  • It's kinda cool. They mix a bunch of stuff together. It's how they do it.


  • What's that? Yeah, you can sit on it. Just don't put your shoes on it.

    - ソファです - 小型ね

  • Oh, very comfortable? I like the smell. Yeah?!


  • It seems fancier here than it does in the big warehouse.


  • It does because they kinda of like match everything, don't they.

    座っていいよ 靴に気を付けて

  • You can check out on each level. Yeah?

    - 気持ち良い? - 良い匂い!

  • Kids like the organizers, huh? Everything looks so organized.


  • They found the desks, huh? You guys all want your own desks.


  • No, I want my own computer. Your own computer? Oh.


  • Oh, nice dude. Check that out, huh? Is it a nice computer?

    収納が好き? 整頓できそうだね

  • Very cool. And a kinda cool seat too, huh?

    机だね 自分の机が欲しい?

  • Here's the Ikea colors we know and love.

    - パソコンが欲しい - パソコン?

  • Oh look, they do have some of their rooms set up.

    いいね! パソコンの調子は?

  • Nice and small.

    いいね! 椅子もカッコいいね

  • That becomes a bed?! Nice.


  • I think. Probably.


  • Girls, you like this room? Yes, this is my dream room. Your dream room?


  • It just shows how you can control the room with your phone. What?? How?


  • So, if you buy that controller there, through your smart phone you can control the lights of the room.


  • Probably the music too. Probably the music.

    - この部屋はどう? - 理想の部屋

  • Give me it! Hey, take turns and be nice about it.


  • Can I try?

    この装置を使うと スマホで照明を操作できる

  • Here we go. Third floor.


  • Whoa, cool view when you come up.

    - 私の番! - 順番にね

  • Lets see. Whoa, what do we have here then, bedding?


  • Oh, you found a cute little bed? Oh, that's how you can use it, right?


  • This is cool, huh?


  • Who's down... Oh! Joshua!


  • Anna's got a shark.


  • The shark bites. Ah!


  • Awe....


  • This is my favorite.

    下にいるのは… ジョシュア!

  • That's your favorite? Do you know what it's called? Orangutan.


  • Uh! Joshua, they have dinosaurs. Oh, that's cool Becca.


  • He likes me. Oh yeah, I can see why.


  • I like climbing up trees too. Oh, yeah.

    - それが?名前知ってる? - オランウータン

  • I'm a monkey. I don't like bananas but its ok. I don't like bananas.

    ジョシュア 恐竜もいるよ!

  • You love bananas. Actually, this might be the T-Rex.

    - 私の事が好きなの - そうみたいだね

  • Well, a couple of beds. Just everything in a really small amount of area.


  • There, that's the mattress we got for you girls.

    私も猿だよ バナナは苦手だけど

  • How about that, huh?

    - バナナが好きだよね? - Tレックスかしら

  • I'm glad we don't have to carry it home on the train!

    ベットです 狭いですが種類があります

  • It's so soft? That's the cushion for the top.


  • It can dance.


  • A randoseru. A randoseru? You're right!


  • Daddy, come and see! Oh my goodness. And the shark is on the...

    柔らかい? それはクッションだね

  • Hey, what are you doing in my room? Hey, what's the dog doing over there?


  • He's just hanging out. Just hanging out.


  • This is a fun little room. How do you think a shark types on a keyboard?


  • I don't know.

    - パパ 見て! - サメがいるね

  • I think he probably needs some help to do that, huh?

    - 私の部屋よ - その犬は?

  • I don't need help. Oh, he doesn't need help? He's got it, wow, cool.


  • How's he going to be alive if he's not in the water. That's a good question.

    楽しい部屋だね サメはどうやってタイプする?

  • Ok...


  • Let's go down?


  • Let's see what's on the 1st floor. Actually, the basement, below the 1st floor. Cool?

    - 一人で出来る! - そうなの?凄い!

  • We came in right there. We came in right there, how many floors are there Ruth? Total.

    - 水の外で生きれるの? - 確かに

  • Basement, 1st, 2nd, 3rd - 4 floors. 4 floors.


  • But so tiny on each floor.


  • Oh, I wonder if this is like the 1st floor at most Ikeas. Right?

    1階を見てみよう 地下もあるね

  • They have all the different goods and housewares and stuff.

    - さっきの入口ね - 何フロアある?

  • Are you a drummer dude?


  • You drumming? Oh my goodness.


  • I lost Becca. There she is.


  • That's interesting, they sell food stuff too.


  • Did we get a big hug with cousin Joey? That's nice.


  • Well, I think we are done. But we would like to go to the sketchers store.


  • Here we go. It's funny to look out and see Shinjuku crossing.

    - ベッカがいないわ - そこにいる

  • Sketchers. One of the favorites, huh?


  • Oh, we like the sketchers store.


  • Oh my! That laugh reminds me of when you guys were little babies. Huh Luiza?

    これで全部ね スケッチャーズに行きたいわ

  • So, are these the shoes you are gonna get or wanna get? Yes.


  • Oh, they are good for running you said? Yes, it's for running. It's for running.

    スケッチャーズ 我が家のお気に入りのお店です!

  • Whoa, hey dude! Cool.


  • Ok Anna. My goodness!


  • How heavy is it?

    - ランニング用? - そう

  • You have some shoes in there? Oh, not that heavy. Here. Not that heavy? You want me to hold it?


  • You so thirsty dude? Huh?

    アナ 良かったね!

  • Oh, you're all done? Yea. Ok.


  • Nate, if you walk a little bit on it then stop, it feels like you are on a moving walkway.

    - 何足かあるよ - 重たくない

  • Oh, that's interesting.


  • Wakaranai in Shinjuku.


  • We too much box! Oh my goodness, more boxes.

    - もういい? - うん

  • What could be in all these boxes?

    少し歩いて止まると 動く歩道みたいに感じるわよ

  • Camera. What is it dude?


  • Look how big these boxes is? Oh my goodness. [boxes are] Look how big these boxes are. Can you say it again?

    わからない… 新宿…

  • Look how big these boxes are.


  • Yeah, huh? Ok we can take off your mask now, we are back home. Go put it away in the right place!


  • Everybody is back home and they are like "water"! Water please!

    - カメラさん - 何?

  • So hot! So hot.

    - この大きな箱を見て - すごいね!もう一回?

  • Turn on that air. Turn it on.


  • Cheers.

    もうマスク外して良いよ 置いておいで

  • So, what did we think there? Ikea, in the city.


  • So the idea is super cool, but I personally did not care for it.


  • It's awfully small and tight. Like I just felt crowded and squished the entire time.


  • And there are very few options and the options they do have are for tiny houses.


  • Or, just one or two people things, so..

    "小さな" イケアの感想は?

  • For my family, it wasn't very impressive but if you live alone or just 2 people living in a house, that would probably be ideal, but otherwise, not for me.


  • So.

    お店が小さいから 物も人も混んでる印象

  • What? Is it Mario time?

    品揃えは 都心の小さな家向きね

  • Wow, sure enough!


Today we are going to go to a small Ikea.

今日は ”小さな" イケアに行きます


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