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  • What does a trend-setting CEO need today? Oncethe answers were things like “a flashy business  

  • strategy”, “MBA”, “fat pay checkand/or  “corporate jet”. Today, there is something  

  • else too: a “net zerocommitment, that sounds  credible to most people (if not Greta Thunberg).  

  • What's that?” It refers to the idea thatcompany, country or individual should not emit  

  • any more carbon emissions into the  atmosphere than they are removing.  

  • Lots of companies and countries are setting these  now. Some - like China - have pledged to hit net  

  • zero at a time when most of us will already  be dead (2060.) Others are aiming for 2050,  

  • or even 2030. xx and yy and xx (give examples.)  Either way, setting net zero targets has become  

  • a key tool to fight climate change, andcrucial example of how ESG works in practice.  

  • Why does this matter? Imagine our environment  being like a bath tub that is about to overflow.  

  • As we all put carbon emissions into the  atmosphere, we adding to climate change  

  • which could be irreversible if the level of  global warming exceeds 2 degrees, or so,  

  • Scientists know roughly how much carbon will  start that irreversible process - just as we  

  • can tell when a bathtub will overflow if  the tap keep running. And, as with a bath,  

  • there are two ways to combat that process:  

  • slow or stop the taps (ie stop adding carbon) or  pull the plug (find a way to take carbon out.)  

  • Tech whizzkids like Elon Musk and Bill Gate  are pouring gazillions of dollars into the  

  • second activity - ie hunting for ways to remove  carbon. Maybe they will find that magic wand. But  

  • since the have not done so yet, we need to slow  the carbon flow now. Hence the net zero trend.  

  • Is this good enough? Greta Thunberg would say  “no!”. She thinks the carbon flow is still  

  • way too high and voluntary pledges will not workShe has a point. But the good(ish) news is that as  

  • those net zero commitments tumble out, new digital  tools are emerging that should enable investors,  

  • employees and governments to track the carbon  flow - and how close disaster looms. Let us hope  

  • we all use these, to keep CEOs honest. And here is another point: when Greta  

  • first started talking about a “carbon budget” (or  

  • jargon that environmental bathtub) many middle age  executives ignored her - or scoffed. Today even  

  • elderly CEOs are being forced to find their inner  Greta; or at least make efforts to placate her.  

  • If nothing else, that shows that the world  can sometimes change in surprising ways,  

  • within the ESG complex. No guarantee that it  is enough. But begs a question: how much more  

  • will society change in the coming years  around that “E”, or environmental issues?  

  • After COVID-19, it seems that  nothing can be entirely ruled out.

What does a trend-setting CEO need today? Oncethe answers were things like “a flashy business  


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The 'Net-Zero' trend | Moral Money

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