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  • Hi everyone, and welcome to part four of this 'Beginner English Phrases for Conversation' series.


  • If you haven't seen the first three parts, you can find the playlist up here or you can find the link in the description below.


  • All right, let's talk about today's phrase.


  • Today's phrase is: 'Where are you from?'

    今日のフレーズは'Where are you from?'(どこから来たの?)です。

  • 'Where are you from?'

    'Where are you from?'

  • This is the most basic way to ask someone what their country is or what their city is.


  • Please note that, 'Where are you from?' does not mean 'Where did you come from today?'.

    'Where are you from?'は、'Where did you come from today?'(今日はどこから来たの?)とは違うことに注意してください。

  • 'Where are you from?' is asking about your country or your city.

    'Where are you from?'は、あなたの国や市について尋ねる文です。

  • Now when native speakers say 'Where are you from?' very quickly in more informal situations, normally they don't say 'are'.

    ネイティブスピーカーが、よりインフォーマルな場面で'Where are you from?'をすごく速く言う時には、通常、'are'は言いません。

  • They just 'Where yuh from?'

    ’Where yuh from?'となります。

  • 'Where yuh from?'

    ’Where yuh from?'

  • And also, please note that a different way to ask 'Where are you from?' is 'Where do you come from?'.

    それから、'Where are you from?' の別の尋ね方に、"Where do you come from?'があることにも注意しましょう。

  • 'Where do you come from?'

    'Where do you come from?'

  • Most native speakers don't say 'Where do you come from?'.

    大半のネイティブスピーカーは、'Where do you come from?'とは言いません。

  • They say 'Where are you from?' because it's shorter and quicker.

    'Where are you from?'と言います。短くて速いからですね。

  • If someone asks you 'Where are you from?' how can you answer this question?

    'Where are you from?'と聞かれたら、どのように答えられるでしょうか?

  • Well there are two main ways to answer.


  • The first way is by saying 'I'm from' plus "your country'.

    1つ目は、'I'm from'とあなたの出身国を続けて言うことです。

  • For example, 'I'm from England.'

    例えば、'I'm from England.'(イギリス出身です。)

  • 'I'm from Germany.'

    'I'm from Germany.'(ドイツ出身です。)

  • 'I'm from Thailand.'

    ’I'm from Thailand.'(タイ出身です。)

  • Now, the second way to answer this is by saying 'I'm' plus 'your nationality'.


  • For example, 'I'm English.'

    例えば、'I'm English.'(イギリス人です。)

  • 'I'm German.'

    'I'm German.'(ドイツ人です。)

  • 'I'm Thai.'

    'I'm Thai.'(タイ人です。)

  • Now, let's talk about some common mistakes with this phrase.


  • The most common mistake is when students answer the question 'Where are you from?' by saying 'I came from' plus 'their country'.

    一番よくある間違いは、'Where are you from?'という質問に対し、生徒が'I came from'と出身国を続けて言ってしまうことです。

  • For example, 'I came from England.'

    例えば、'I came from England.'

  • But this is not correct.


  • 'I came from' is talking about just one time.

    'I came from'は、一度限りのことについて話す時に使います。

  • But if you are talking about your country, you need to say 'I come from'.

    でも、出身国について話す時には、'I come from'と言わないといけません。

  • Why?


  • Because 'I come from' is talking about something that is always true.

    'I come from'は、いつも真実であることについて話しているからです。

  • And it's always true that you come from your country.


  • It's not just one time.


  • The second most common mistake is when students say, 'I am come from' plus 'their country'.

    2つ目のよくある間違いは、生徒が' I am come from' と出身国を続けて言ってしまうことです。

  • For example, 'I am come from England.'

    例えば、'I am come from England.'

  • This is incorrect because after 'am', we don't use verb one.


  • To correct this, we need to say, 'I come from England.'

    これを直すには、'I come from England.'と言う必要があります。

  • No 'am'.


  • And please note that most native speakers, when they answer the question 'Where are you from?' they don't say 'I come from' plus 'their country'.

    大半のネイティブスピーカーは、'Where are you from?' という質問に答える時、'I come from...'とは言わないので、注意しましょう。

  • They just say, 'I'm from' plus 'their country'.

    'I'm from'と出身国を言います。

  • For example, 'I'm from England.'

    例えば、'I'm from England.'ですね。

Hi everyone, and welcome to part four of this 'Beginner English Phrases for Conversation' series.


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