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  • Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

    どうもみなさん。English Understood のシェーンです。

  • A very common question I get all the time is, 'What's the difference between "no" and "not"?'

    私がいつも受ける非常によくある質問は、「"no "と "not "の違いは何ですか」というものです。

  • And this is a really good question because 'no' and 'not' are really common words in English, so it's important you are using them correctly.

    これはとても良い質問です。 なぜなら、「no」と「not」は英語でとてもよく使われる言葉だからです。

  • Let's start with 'no' first.


  • One of the first uses of 'no' is to answer a question, right?


  • Do you like ice cream? No, I don't.

    アイスクリームは好きですか? No. I don't. (いいえ、好きではありません。)

  • Do you like shopping? No, I don't.

    ショッピングは好きですか? No. I don't. (いいえ、好きではありません。)

  • The second way we use 'no' is before a noun phrase with no article.


  • So for example, we could say, 'No children allowed.'

    例えば、「No children allowed(子供はお断り)」と言うことができます。

  • No children allowed.

    No children allowed(子供はお断り)

  • Or we could say, 'There's no way that we can do this.'

    あるいは、「There's no way that we can do this(こんなことができるはずがない)」と言うこともできます。

  • With 'children' and with 'way', there's no article before them, so we can use 'no'.


  • Now, when we're using 'not', one of the main uses of 'not' is to show the opposite of something.


  • For example, 'I do like ice cream.'

    例えば、「I do like ice cream.(私はアイスクリームが好きだ)」

  • I do not like ice cream.

    「I do not like ice cream.(私はアイスクリームが好きではありません)」

  • I do like shopping.

    I do like shopping.(ショッピングが好きだ。)

  • I do not like shopping.

    I do not like shopping.(私はショッピングが好きではありません。)

  • We can also use 'not' with nouns that have articles and adjectives.


  • So for example, 'I want the blue one, not the red one.'

    例えば、「I want the blue one, not the red one.(赤じゃなくて青が欲しい)」とか。

  • Not the red one.

    Not the red one.(赤じゃない)

  • Or we can say, 'He is not friendly.'

    あるいは、「He is not friendly.(彼はフレンドリーではない)」と言うこともできます。

  • Friendly is an adjective, right?


  • So we can use 'not' before friendly.


  • He is not friendly.

    He is not friendly.(彼はフレンドリーではない)

  • So now you understand the basics of how to use 'no' and 'not'.


  • But just remember, these are very basic rules, and there will always be exceptions to the rules.


Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

どうもみなさん。English Understood のシェーンです。

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