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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, welcoming our viewers around the world to the last broadcast of our spring season.


  • Fridays are awesome.


  • Many Americans have a three-day weekend coming up.

    多くのアメリカ人は 3 連休を迎えています。

  • Since 1971, the memorial day holiday has been observed on the last Monday in May.

    1971 年からは、5 月の最終月曜日に記念日が設けられています。

  • It's come to symbolize the unofficial beginning of summer, a time of cookouts and family reunions, a time when Americans can wear white shoes again, according to an old-fashioned fashioned rule.


  • But the true meaning of the holiday is in remembrance.


  • Memorial Day is a tribute to all Americans who died serving in their nation's conflicts.


  • It started during the Civil War when mourners used flowers to decorate the graves of those who'd been killed in battle.


  • That gave rise to the holiday known as Declaration Day.


  • It was marked in states that fought for the Union and the Confederacy.


  • After World War I, which ended in 1918, the holiday's name was changed to Memorial Day and it became a time to remember servicemen and women who'd been lost in every war.

    1918 年に終結した第一次世界大戦後、元の祝日から記念日に変更され、あらゆる戦争で失われた軍人・軍属を追悼する日となりました。

  • Flags are placed in their honor, parades and church services, public events are held.


  • The president traditionally lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemeterythat can take place on Veterans Day as well.


  • But while that holiday recognizes everyone who's served in the armed forces, Memorial Day focuses on those who gave their lives in service.


  • The respects paid at Arlington are mirrored in cemeteries and communities all across America.


  • This year, Memorial Day coincides with another historic date.


  • One of America's worst outbreaks of racial violence occurred on May 31, 1921.

    1921 年 5 月 31 日、アメリカで最悪の人種的暴力が発生しました。

  • It's known as the Tulsa race massacre or the Tulsa race riot.


  • Historians believe it started with an accusation against a black man, a confrontation between black and white mobs, the fatal shooting of a white protestor, and then widespread destruction of an African American neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


  • There's a lot of mystery around it.


  • No one knows who actually fired the first shot.


  • According to Encyclopædia Britannica, estimates of the number killed range from 30 to 300, mostly African Americans.

    ブリタニカ百科事典によると、犠牲者の数は 30 人から 300 人と推定されており、そのほとんどがアフリカ系アメリカ人でした。

  • Here's CNN 10 contributor, Chris James.

    CNN10 の記者、クリス・ジェームズです。

  • Hey, Carl, I've come to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city that's been reckoning with their own painful history of racial violence.


  • Right here on the ground where I'm standing once stood the neighborhood known as Black Wall Street.


  • One hundred years ago, this was a thriving and prosperous black community called the Greenwood District, with movie theaters, stores, doctors, schools, and even a pilot who owned his own plane.

    100 年前、ここはグリーンウッド地区と呼ばれ、映画館、商店、医者、学校、そして自分の飛行機を所有するパイロットまでもいって、活気に満ちた豊かな黒人社会でした。

  • Keep in mind during this time, it was illegal for black people and white people to freely shop and live in the same placesthey weren't even allowed to use the same water fountains.


  • Tensions between residents reached a tipping point after an incident inside an elevator when an unconfirmed rumor began to spread that a 19-year-old black man tried to hurt a 17-year-old white girl.


  • On May 31, 1921, a group of black and white men confronted each other outside the Tulsa courthouse.

    1921 年 5 月 31 日、タルサの裁判所の外で、黒人と白人のグループが対峙しました。

  • After the firing of gunshots, pure and utter mayhem ensued: A mob of angry white residents began to loot and burn black businesses throughout the Greenwood District.


  • In the span of 24 hours, 35 square blocks were burned and over 12 hundred houses were destroyed.

    24 時間の間に 35 平方ブロックが焼け、1200 以上の家屋が破壊されました。

  • It's unclear how many people were killed, but some historians have the number as high as 300, with thousands left homeless.

    犠牲者の数は不明だが、300 人とも言われ、数千人が家を失ったという歴史学者もいる。

  • This monday will mark the 100-year anniversary of what's now known as the Tulsa race massacre.

    今週の月曜日は、私たちが知られているタルサ人種虐殺事件から 100 年目にあたります。

  • It's one of the worst incidents of racial violence in US History, and for decades, it was one of the least talked about in news reports and public school textbooks.

    この事件は、米国で起きた最悪の人種的暴力事件のひとつですが、 歴史の中で、何十年もの間、ニュース報道や公立学校の教科書ではあまり話題にならなかった事件のひとつです。

  • But now, the city of Tulsa has decided to face its dark past to ensure a brighter future for all.


  • And on Monday's special edition of CNN 10, I'll introduce you to the teachers and students leading the way. Back to you, Carl.

    月曜日の CNN10 の特別版では、その道をリードする先生と生徒を紹介します。スタジオにお返します、カール。

  • 10-second trivia: In what year was the first spacewalk completed? 1957, 1965, 1969, or 1972.

    10 秒クイズ:初の宇宙遊泳に成功したのは何年?1957 年、1965 年、1969 年、または 1972 年なのか?

  • In March of 1965, a Soviet cosmonaut took the first spacewalk; an American astronaut followed three months later.

    1965 年 3 月には、ソ連の宇宙飛行士が初めて宇宙遊泳を行い、その 3 ヵ月後にはアメリカの宇宙飛行士も宇宙遊泳を行いました。

  • The anniversary of that is next week on June 3.

    その記念日は来週の 6 月 3 日。

  • It'll mark 56 years since astronaut Ed White took a walk in space.


  • It was one thing to get outside the Gemini IV capsule in orbit, it was another to actually get work done, according to NASA.

    NASA によると、ジェミニ IV カプセルから外に出ることと、実際に外で仕事をすることは全く別の話だという。

  • So astronauts on subsequent missions began training under water so they'd have an idea about what it'd be like in space.


  • Separating from the spacecraft.


  • Okay, separating from the spacecraft at this time.


  • [In 1965, astronauts stepped out of their spacecraft and into space for the first time]

    (1965 年に、宇宙飛行士が初めて宇宙船から宇宙に飛び出した。)

  • [Since then, astronauts have completed over 200 spacewalks]

    (その後、宇宙飛行士は 200 回以上の宇宙遊泳を行いました。)

  • The airlock hatch came open. Immediately inside the airlock itself, it was bathed in this beautiful color of blue.


  • There was a light reflecting off the ocean below.


  • And I saw... saw the Planet Earth and just my feet, just dangling there.


  • Then, I thought to myself, you know, this is absolutely beautiful, like, I can't believe that I'm here.


  • And then I said, "OK, we got work to do."

    そして、"よし、仕事をしよう "と、

  • [Spacewalks are necessary for repairing and upgrading the International Space Station as well as conducting experiments] And then at this point, on the call, we'll just have you go towards your feet between the modules.


  • And Danny, once you have that fuse tether in place, propel your BRT to the handrail.

    あと、ダニー、ヒューズテザーを設置したら、BRT を手すりまで推進するんだ。

  • (The) Process associated with actually going out the door begins months beforehand.


  • ...for you to do your next step.


  • Understanding the... the choreography of what's gonna take place over an eight-hour period.


  • What are the technical challenges for that particular activity?


  • You are your own self-contained vesselyou have your own oxygen system, your own power supply, your own communication system.


  • You have, obviously, all the tools that you brought with you, you have the ability to reject the heat that you're building up as you're working inside the space suit.


  • So you have to kind of manage all that as your own little independent spacecraft out there,


  • And, because we can rely heavily on our training, that allows us to not be overwhelmed with the things that you just can't emulate here on the ground.


  • At the end of our first spacewalk, I stopped on the truss just for a secondand it was nighttimeand I looked down below, and I could... it was... I knew exactly where I was.


  • I was over the Indian Ocean 'cause I could see the... the lights along the coastline, which is such a... an incredible feeling to just be able to see that, to take that in, and kind of be able to be in that moment.


  • Quick: Name the world's largest carnivorous marsupial.

    クイッククイズ: 世界最大の肉食有袋類の名前を教えてください。

  • If you said Tasmanian devil, you're pretty smart.


  • Usually you'll find these things on the Australian island of Tasmania.


  • Conservationists say they used to be on the mainland but died out because of disease and competition from dingoes.


  • Anyway, efforts to reintroduce them to the continent are making progress.


  • A wildlife sanctuary says seven Tasmanian devil babies were just born in the Australian wild.


  • Of course, this isn't good news for foxes or feral cats.


  • They don't want "tas" back on the "manian" land, especially if they're carrying "pouches" full of babies that may not play well with the "kits".


  • But those species that don't mind another "pupping" back in could find themselves "calving" a great time.


  • It's always a "joey" when you're "kitten" around and having "fawn", and if it continues, it could lead to "Tasmania".


  • On that note, it has been a "joey" to bring you the news throughout a crazy academic year.


  • We are so grateful.


  • It is such a blessing to have the best audience in news and we hope you have nothing but good news throughout the summer.


  • Shoutout goes out to Flagstaff High School; thank you for watching from Flagstaff Arizona.


  • I'm Carl Azuz. We will look forward to seeing all y'all again when we return in August.


  • But until then, "tas" all, folks, for our spring broadcasting season of CNN.

    それまでは、皆さん、CNN の春シーズン の放送を"タップ "して観てくださいね。

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, welcoming our viewers around the world to the last broadcast of our spring season.


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