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Folks getting into import gaming for the first time tend to flock to fighting games. After
all, quartercircles are the international language. That said, it’s not uncommon for
games like this to change their names to protect the innocent. Case in point: Garou Densetsu,
AKA Legend of the Hungry Wolves, AKA... Fatal Fury. As it shows right here in the background
of Duck’s stage. Yes, one of the several stars in the constellation that is mid-90’s
SNK fighting games... or, more accurately, somewhat-stripped-down ports of said games
to the Super Famicom. Because, awesome as that system was... let’s face it, it wasn’t
a Neo Geo.
What set the Fatal Fury games apart was their use of a split-level battlefield, with two
distinct planes for the action. While it was revolutionary at the time, it’s an innovation
that’s by and large fallen by the wayside, save for strange outliers like Guilty Gear
Isuka. This combines with Special’s grudging introduction of a combo system for an early
glimpse at the evolution of the modern fighting game. The two-plane system certainly makes
for more tactical fights, as you’ve got significantly more dodging options, though
every fighter has a number of line-crossing attacks designed to go directly after an evading
foe. Speaking of fighters, this version ratchets up the roster to 15, seeing the return of
all eight fighters from Fatal Fury 2, three more passed-over combatants from the original
Fatal Fury, and - in a Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition-esque expansion - all
four of the boss characters... including the large American boxer and the vain Spanish
combatant. Man. Fighting games back in the day must’ve been running low on toner.
If the standard arcade mode doesn’t impart enough necessity for speed, there’s a License
mode where an invincible fighter of your choice has to mow down as many opponents as possible
within a three-minute time limit. Mind you, in its time, it was still mind-blowing, but
here in 2012, if you’re coming down off of weeks of trying to beat that annoying friend
who plays that extra-cheesy Elizabeth by perfecting your rushdown Chie... you’re gonna find
it a bit slow. Especially when “Spin a stick around really fast in the corner” is an
effective strategy. Kinda. These days you can get a direct emulation of the arcade version
by picking up Fatal Fury Battle Archives (Volume 1) for the PS2, which also comes equipped
with the two games what came before this and the one that came after. Which were, respectively,
1, 2, and 3. Rocket science, I know.


CGRundertow GAROU DENSETSU SPECIAL for Super Famicom Video Game Review

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