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  • Yo yo this here is Sparky Sweets PhD and this week we gettin buck

  • wild with Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

  • Dis book starts when a G5 full of prissy British boys crash lands on

  • a remote island in da Pacific. Among the survivors be homies

  • Ralph, Piggy, Jack, and Simon. In order to get their boys in line,

  • Piggy and Ralph snag a big ass shell that they can use to holler

  • at their boys and talk bidness. They call this shellthe conch.”

  • Now all these kids appoint my boy Ralph as the leader and lets

  • Jack be the head hunter. At first, Jack be too much of a bitch to kill

  • for food, but soon enough dis gangsta busts his cherry and gets

  • some o dat good pork.

  • All the while, the youngins be actin scurred cuz some little fool

  • say he saw a monster, but Ralph be all likechill shawty, that shit’s

  • all in yo head

  • Then one day Jack rolls up to camp, blows the conch, and say that he

  • saw the beast with his own eyes and that Ralph ain’t got the balls to

  • be the leader. Ralph sayBoy who you think you talking to?.” And

  • Jack be likelook. If you all want some of dat bacon, you gonna have

  • to leave Ralph’s posse and join my new crew. Straight up.”

  • So Jack and his crew shank another pig and impale its head on a stick

  • as an offerin to the beast. Then, my brutha Simon has a vision of dat

  • pork talkin to him! That pig head be referred to asThe lord of the

  • Fliesand it start spittin cold truth up in Simon’s ear: He say

  • that the beast ain’t somethin them boys can hunt cuz it ain’t nothin

  • but the violence in dem kids hearts.

  • When Simon hauls ass back to camp, all dem little homies mistake him

  • for the beast and waste that fool in a cracked out frenzy. Even Ralph

  • and Piggy get some licks in. Wheew, this shit gettin real.

  • After that whack ass dance, Jack and his posse storm Ralph’s crib

  • and steal Piggy’s glasses, which be the only thing they can use to make

  • a fire.

  • Ralph just ain’t having it with this honkie Jack. So Ralphie boot

  • up and starts brawlin wit this fool. During the tussle, Piggy gets

  • thrown off a cliff and the conch shatters. Outnumbered by Jack’s

  • homies, Ralph books it for the shore and just when he about to

  • collapse, Ralph peeps a Naval officer chilling in the water. When

  • this playa sees dem kids tryin to kill Ralph, he be likeHave you

  • kids lost your damn mind?” Then he puts dem kids on the boat and takes

  • em back to civilization. But they innocence is long gone.

  • Alright listen up play boy. dis book be an allegorical effort to

  • take all the fucked up shit about society and find its origin in

  • human nature. By watchin these little white boys lose their mind,

  • we reminded of humanity’s capacity for evil and how man-made moral

  • systems be straight up superficial.

  • But you wanna know the wackest irony of all, my man? Even though

  • adult life may look all righteous once dat navy playa drops in, the

  • truth is, that soldier boy be smack in the middle of a war. In fact,

  • this fool was trying to get the drop on his enemy when he found

  • these kids. So the real tragedy up in here is that they ain’t nobody

  • to save civilized humanity from they violent nature neither. You

  • feel me?

  • You also best recognize that the central symbol up in this heezy is

  • that pig-head on a stick, or what the narrator be callinThe Lord of

  • the Flies”-another name for Beelzebub, the prince of demons.

  • AKA THE DEVIL. And like the Devil be doin, he representing the

  • destruction, decay and demoralization of man kind homie.

  • Yo, and if you wanna get all Freudian up in this bitch, you can

  • say that The Lord of the Flies be representinthe id,” which

  • functions only to ensure survival. Laws, moral codes, even

  • intelligence itself don’t mean jack shit when the id be in charge.

  • Look, You just ain’t rollin with the big dawgs unless you know bout

  • this here motif son. All throughout this book dey be

  • recurring patterns of fallin- Piggy fallin off the cliff and the conch

  • falling with him, the falling parachutist, Ralph fallin at the

  • navy man’s feet. All dat shit be emphasizing thefall of human kind."

  • Also, the Loss of Piggy’s sight be a symbol for the fall of reason.

  • When that punk Jack boosts Piggy’s glasses to make a fire for his

  • gang, it straight up indicates the transition from the reign of reason

  • to the reign of savagery. Ya heard?

  • Yo. Thanks for watchin Thug Notes. Catch yall next week.

Yo yo this here is Sparky Sweets PhD and this week we gettin buck


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