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  • What's your favorite movie? Or cartoon? Or showother than SciShow Kids of course!

  • Does it have things like spaceships in it, and weird creatures living on other planets?

  • If you've ever seen a movie or a show like that, it's probably made you wonder: Could

  • aliens be real?

  • Well, one SciShow Kids viewer named Parth, wrote to us, and asked:

  • Can you make a video about aliens and where in the universe we might find them?

  • That's an excellent question!

  • When people talk aboutaliens,” what they mean are living things that make their

  • homes on a planet other than Earth.

  • aliens exist?

  • Well, we don't know for sure. But we do know that, so far, scientists haven't found

  • any living thing on any other planet!

  • As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that has life on it.

  • So all of those characters you see in cartoons and movies, with green skin, or lots of

  • extra eyeballs, or octopus legs? They came from our imagination.

  • But why haven't we found aliens walking around Mars, or even on the Moon?

  • Well, that has to do with the second part of Parth's question, where else in space

  • might we find living things?

  • Earth, unlike other planets in our solar system, has three very important things that

  • make it possible for living things to, well, live!

  • The first of those things is water. Most living things that we know about can't survive

  • without water. And no other planet that we know of has as much liquid water on it as Earth.

  • In fact, more than half of our planet's surface is covered in water!

  • And speaking of things that are covering our planet...

  • The Earth is also surrounded by a layer of gases called the atmosphere. And one of the

  • gases in the atmosphere is the gas called oxygen.

  • Oxygen is the second very important thing that living things on Earth need, which our planet provides.

  • Oxygen doesn't look or taste or smell like much of anything, but many living things on

  • Earth depend on it to live. It's what we need to breathe!

  • And no other planet in our solar system has as much oxygen in its atmosphere as Earth.

  • And the third thing that Earth has that's really, really, really important is food!

  • The soil on Earth can grow lots of different kinds of food for living things to eat.

  • Like grains and fruits and vegetables.

  • Nobody knows much about the soil on other planets, but without liquid water and plenty

  • of oxygen, we think it'd be much harder to grow food there than on our home planet.

  • So, those are the three very important things that Earth has that living things need to

  • survive: water, oxygen, and food.

  • And no other planets that we know of, have very much of any of those things.

  • Some of the planets in our solar system might have one of these three key ingredients,

  • butnot a lot.

  • For example, Mars has some water on it, though most of it's ice, and not liquid water.

  • And it has only a teeny, tiny amount of oxygen in its atmosphere, compared to how much Earth

  • has.

  • So, no other planet we've found seems to have all of these things together, which is

  • probably why we haven't seen any signs of life on any of them.

  • BUT, we can't say for sure that there isn't life someplace else in the universe!

  • After all, people haven't visited any other planets, just yet.

  • But we're learning more about other planets every day!

  • In fact, we now have telescopes so strong that we can actually see planets outside

  • of our own solar system!

  • They're too far away for us to see if they have water, or oxygen, or anything else.

  • But some scientists think there might be more Earth-like planets out there, just waiting

  • to be discovered.

  • Someday, we might be able to study these planets and find out for sure if life exists on any

  • of them.

  • But for now, we'll just have to imagine what aliens in space look like!

  • Who knows? They could look sort of like us!

  • If you'd like us to scan the skies for more information about space, or anything else,

  • just let us know by getting help from a grown up, and leaving a comment below, or emailing

  • us at

  • Thanks for joining us for SciShow Kids and we'll see you again soon!

What's your favorite movie? Or cartoon? Or showother than SciShow Kids of course!


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