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  • There's nothing Squeaks and I like more than a big pancake breakfast!

  • Squeaks likes his with lots of strawberries and whipped cream, and I love mine with tons

  • of maple syrup, but there's one tasty topping we both can't get enough of: homemade butter!

  • Here's our recipe, with a dash of science, so you can make your own butter, too!

  • All you need to get started is a big glass jar, some heavy whipping cream, and a grown

  • up to help out.

  • First, fill your jar halfway up with cream.

  • Then screw the lid on really tight

  • And shake the jar!

  • And keep on shaking it!

  • Just be careful not to drop the jar.

  • You might have to shake for a long time, like 20 minutes, or even longer.

  • But eventually, you'll stop feeling the liquid sloshing around.

  • If you look inside, you'll see that your cream is now more like whipped cream.

  • That means you're almost there!

  • Keep shaking until you feel a solid lump bouncing around in the jar.

  • Open it up, and if it looks like this, your butter is done!

  • So, we made ourselves a tasty treat!

  • But how does plain old cream turn into butter?

  • Well, it all starts with milk!

  • You might already know that milk comes from a cow.

  • And when the milk first comes out of the cow, it has a lot of fat in it.

  • Animals use fat for energy and other important jobs, and milk has lots of it to help the

  • cow's baby calves grow healthy and strong.

  • If you let the milk sit for a few minutes after it comes out of the cow, the fat will

  • float to the top.

  • Then, farmers can separate that fat from the rest of the milk.

  • That extra-fatty liquid is what we call cream!

  • When you pour cream into a jar and shake it, the little bits of fat in the cream start

  • to bump into each other and stick together.

  • That's why the cream starts to get thicker and thickerthose bigger clumps of fat

  • don't slosh around as much.

  • Eventually, the fat all collects into a big solid lump and separates completely from the

  • liquid.

  • The lump becomes what we call butter, and the liquid is called buttermilk, which you

  • can also use to cook things like pancakes and biscuits!

  • There are lots of other ways to make cream into butter, like with a butter churn, a mixer,

  • or even in giant spinning machines in factories, but they're all doing pretty much the same

  • thing that you're doing when you shake up your jar.

  • Once you're a butter-making expert, you can add salt or other flavors to your butter,

  • too!

  • Okay Squeaks, our butter is ready!

  • Now let's get to the kitchen and dig in!

  • Thanks for joining us today!

  • Do you have any questions about the science behind your favorite foods?

  • If you do, ask a grownup to help you to leave us a comment down below, or to send an email

  • to!

There's nothing Squeaks and I like more than a big pancake breakfast!


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Let's Make Butter! - #sciencegoals

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