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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, it's great to have you along for today's show, which covers everything from a space splashdown to a suspended pool that's making a splash.


  • We'll start in Washington, D.C., though.

    しかし、まずはワシントン D.C.からスタートします。

  • It's traditional that after giving a state of the union speech or an annual messageas we saw last week—a US president hits the road.


  • The leader spends time at rallies and events to meet with supporters and to try to drum up support for the proposals outlined in the speech.


  • President Joe Biden is doing that now.


  • He's released two major economic plans: One is titled the American Families Plan and the other is the American Jobs Plan.

    彼は、「アメリカン・ファミリー・プラン」と「アメリカン・ジョブズ・プラン」という 2 つの大きな経済計画を発表しています。

  • The first would include more childcare programs, free preschool, free community college.

    1 つ目は、保育プログラムの充実、無料のプリスクール、無料のコミュニティカレッジなどです。

  • The second would include spending on roads, bridges, and new climate-centered programs.

    2 番目の項目には、道路や橋、そして気候変動に焦点を当てた新しいプロジェクトへの支出が含まれています。

  • Together, the two plans would cost almost 4 trillion dollars, and they've got to get through Congress first.

    この 2 つのプランを合わせると 4 兆円近い費用がかかるため、まずは議会を通過しなければなりません。

  • This branch of government controls the purse strings.


  • And even though the President's fellow Democrats have the majority of votes in both chambers, it's a slim majority, especially in the Senate, with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

    また、民主党は両院で過半数を占めていますが、特に上院では民主党員と共和党員が 50 人ずついるので、わずかな過半数に過ぎません。

  • Vice President Kamala Harris, a Democrat, would be the tie-breaking vote if there's a 50-50 Senate split.

    民主党のカマラ・ハリス副大統領は、上院が 50 対 50 になった場合、勝利の鍵を握ることになります。

  • At this point, it's not clear if the President's proposals have enough congressional support to pass, it's not clear if there's enough agreement on how to pay for them, and it's not clear if they'll get any support from Republicans who've released an infrastructure plan of their own.


  • One thing lawmakers might do is break up the President's large proposals to pass smaller chunks that can get support from both parties.


  • The process is expected to take months.


  • 10-second trivia: NASA's Apollo 8 mission was noteworthy for doing what?

    10 秒トリビア:NASA のアポロ 8 号計画で注目すべき点は?

  • Orbiting the Earth, orbiting the moon, the first space broadcast, or a lunar module landing.


  • In 1968, 3 astronauts became the first humans to orbit the moon.

    1968 年、3 人の宇宙飛行士が人類初の月周回を果たしました。

  • That was also the last time a spacecraft carrying astronauts made a nighttime splashdown—a landing in the oceanuntil Sunday.


  • 4 travelers aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule arrived in the Gulf of Mexico after spending 5 months on the international space station.

    国際宇宙ステーションに 5 ヶ月間滞在した後、SpaceX 社のスカイラブに乗った 4 人の宇宙飛行士がメキシコ湾に到着しました。

  • The future of the ISS is uncertain.


  • It's the most expensive object ever builtthe US spends 3 to 4 billion dollars per year to run and maintain it.

    これまでに作られたものの中で最も高価なもので、米国では年間 3,000 万ドルから 4,000 万ドルの運用・維持費がかかっています。

  • And NASA is looking for more partners to help with that at a time when at least one of themRussiasays it's going to leave the project in 2025.

    そして NASA は、この問題を解決するために、より多くのパートナーを求めています。現時点では、少なくとも 1 つのパートナー、すなわちロシアが、2025 年にプログラムから撤退すると言っています。

  • But work aboard the ISS continues.


  • Space is supposed to be vast, unless you are 1 of the 11 space explorers posing elbow to elbow recently on the International Space Station.

    国際宇宙ステーションで肩を並べてポーズをとった 11 人の宇宙飛行士の一人でない限り、宇宙は広いと思われています。

  • For NASA and SpaceX, it's one crew starting and another one ending.

    NASA と SpaceX にとって、それは終わりであり、始まりでもあります。

  • Add in 2 cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut who arrived on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in April, and it was officially a full house in the floating space lab.

    さらに、4 月にはロシアのソユーズ宇宙船でロシアの宇宙飛行士 2 名と NASA の宇宙飛行士 1 名が到着し、フローティングラボはまさに満員御礼の状態になっています。

  • For over a week, the 11 stellar roommates bunked together in a place NASA says is the size of a six-room house.

    NASAによると、6 畳間ほどの広さの場所で、11 人のステラのルームメイトが 1 週間以上寝泊まりしたそうです。

  • The record number of people aboard the ISS is 13, set back in the space shuttle era.

    国際宇宙ステーションに 13 人が搭乗したという歴史的記録は、スペースシャトル計画の時代のものです。

  • Still, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet from Crew-2 says it was a tight squeeze.

    しかし、クルー 2 号であったフランス人宇宙飛行士の Thomas Pesquet は、「とても狭かった」と話していました。

  • 6 sleeping spots for 11 members of the crewthat means 5 camp out.

    6 つの寝台に 11 人のクルーが詰め込まれているので、5 人は寝る場所が無いことになります。

  • There are people scattered around the entire module.


  • We try to be mindfulpeople have been trained on that.


  • Wiggle room will return to the ISS with the departure of SpaceX's crew-1.

    SpaceX のクルー 1 号が出発したことで、国際宇宙ステーションには余分なスペースができます。

  • Astronaut Shannon Walker says she's proud of what her team accomplished since they arrived last November.

    Shannon Walker 宇宙飛行士は、昨年 11 月の到着以来、チームが成し遂げたことを誇りに思っています。

  • I think about all the science that we did and the repairs that we made andwhat, did we make some good repairs on the space station?


  • We've got it rewired.


  • Crew-1's return is the first night splashdown of the US crewed spacecraft since 1968.

    クルー 1 号の帰還は、1968 年の米国のスペースシャトル以来、初めての夜間の海難事故でした。

  • But Walker says her time aboard the Space Station is something she won't soon forget.


  • What really is going to remain with me is the camaraderie and the friendship and the time that we have spent together.


  • The laughing that we do over dinners, the movie nights that we have had have truly made this very special.


  • And if any returning astronauts feel a little nostalgic, they need only check out the images posted by Crew-2's Shane Kimbrough for a peek at the Earth few Earthlings get to see firsthand.

    帰還した宇宙飛行士がホームシックになったら、クルー 2 号の乗組員 Shane Kimbrough が投稿した写真を見れば、地球人でもなかなか見ることのできない地球の姿を知ることができます。

  • Crew-1's completed mission is the first of 6 crew rotations to the ISS by NASA and SpaceX, plans that should keep the ISS a busy place for years to come.

    クルー 1 号が達成したミッションは、NASA と SpaceX 社が ISS で行う予定の 6 回のクルーローテーションのうちの最初のものであり、このプログラムによって ISS は今後何年にもわたって忙しい場所となるでしょう。

  • Michael Holmes, CNN.

    CNN のMichael Holmes でした。

  • Fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil are used to produce electricity, heat our homes, and power gasoline engines.


  • But when they're burned to create energy, they release carbon dioxide into the air.


  • And it's that kind of CO2 that scientists blame for a number of environmental problems.

    科学者たちは、この CO2 がいくつかの環境問題を引き起こしていると考えています。

  • There are several organizations working on ways to deal with CO2 emissions.

    この 2 つの排出物に対応するために、いくつかの組織が取り組んでいます。

  • Some focus on switching to other forms of energy, others focus on removing existing CO2 from the atmosphereyou're about to see one.

    他のエネルギーへの転換に焦点を当てたものもあれば、現在大気中に存在する CO2 を排除することに焦点を当てたものもあり、今まさにその一つを目にしようとしています。

  • There are concerns that ropes of kelp could harm marine life or passing ships, and it's not known yet what kind of impact these masses could have on the ocean floor when they're sunk down there.


  • But they are believed to be a way to capture CO2 from the air and bury it for centuries in the deep blue sea.

    しかし、それらは空気中の CO2 を吸い取り、何世紀にもわたって海の底に埋めておく方法だと考えられています。

  • Kelp is seaweed, also called a macro algae.


  • And kelp is one of the fastest growing things in the world.


  • It pulls carbon in at the fastest rate of any species in the world.


  • Running Tide is a ocean-based climate solutions company.

    Running Tide は、海洋ベースの気候ソリューション企業です。

  • We're trying to use kelp, which is like a natural way to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and sink it to the deep ocean.


  • Trees are fantastic, but land-based solutions for carbon removal run into some sort of spatial constraints; we don't have those in the ocean really.


  • So it's a fantastic place to pursue climate solutions.


  • The process starts on land in a hatchery in a controlled environment where you can really accelerate the propagation of the kelp seed, and then we put it out into the water.


  • We have teams working on the biodegradable buoys.


  • After the kelp grows, the biodegradable buoy will dissolve and lose its buoyancy, and by then, the kelp is so heavy that it sinks to the ocean bottom, sequestering the carbon for 1,000 plus years.

    昆布が成長した後、生分解性ブイは分解されて浮力を失い、その時点で昆布は重くなって底に沈み、1000 年以上にわたって炭素を封じ込めます。

  • Every chance we get, we like to get out on the boat and have a look.


  • Let's get a deck, too, huh?


  • Do you see the sorus tissue developing anywhere?


  • 3 months ago, we put this kelp in the water, and it's just like a single string of kelp-seeded line.

    3 ヶ月前、この昆布を水に入れたところ、昆布の種がひも状になっていました。

  • And 3 months later, you have, like, 1,000 pounds.

    そして、3 ヶ月後には約 1,000 ポンドの昆布を手に入れることができます。

  • There's nothing like, you know, picking up the line and feeling, like, 1,000 pounds of weight on it and just being like, all right, like, we're doing the job, we're getting the work done.

    1,000 ポンドの重さを感じることができるのは、このコンブロープを手にしたときだけであり、それがこの仕事の成功につながっています。

  • Wow! Whoa!


  • Growing up in a fishing family, I've always been interested in how things want to grow in the ocean, how productive the ocean can be.


  • Being a surfer, you become very aware of how powerful the ocean is.


  • So, I think that I was just aware that kelp could be a solution to the carbon crisis.


  • - How long is that, Rob? - Only 9 feet.

    - どのくらいですか? - 9 フィートだけです。

  • 9 feet in 3 months! Wow!

    3 ヶ月で 9 フィートですか!わあ!

  • How do we know that growing this much kelp is not gonna disrupt the ocean ecosystems, like, that's a fantastic question.


  • It's a question we ask ourselves every day and we're working with some of the best scientists in the world to study and model out what affects this would have.


  • And if we're gonna have any, like, undue negative effects, like, we're not gonna do it, right?


  • How do we know that the Kelp is not gonna come back up?


  • Well, if you sink kelp to the bottom of the deep ocean, say, 12,000 feet, it's under 5,000 pounds of pressure, for instance, just carbon dioxide under that much pressure is actually heavier than water, so gravity works everywhere, all the time, so it stays down.

    ここで問題なのは、昆布が深海の底、例えば 12,000 フィートに沈んだ場合、5,000 ポンドの圧力があり、CO2 だけでも実はその圧力で水よりも重く、常に重力が働いているので、底に沈んでしまうということです。

  • You know, every industry in the world will have to change how it operates in order to reduce its carbon emissions.


  • There are a lot of really progressive companies out there that wanna minimize their carbon footprints.


  • So they'll buy what's called a carbon credit from us, and we'll go remove the carbon for them to offset the carbon they're emitting to run their business.


  • Hopefully, this turns into, like, a revenue-generating machine for us, because, you know, if we can demonstrate that we can make a profit doing this, then we can pull in more investment and grow the business bigger where we're really making an impact on the climate.


  • Well, this is a new way to think about an above-ground pool.


  • It's 115 feet above the ground, a clear plastic box that's 82 feet long and would allow people to swim between 2 apartment complexes in London.

    地上 115 フィート、長さ 82 フィートの透明なプラスチックの箱で、ロンドンにある 2 つの集合住宅の間を泳ぐことができます。

  • You'll have to live in one of the buildings to enjoy the pool.


  • And the cheapest two-bedroom unit costs 1.4 million dollars.

    最も安い 2 ベッドルームのアパートの価格は 140 万ドルです。

  • But moving through the pool that opens later this month is said to be like swimming and flying at the same time.


  • It might be private, but it ain't private; you can see right through what they're trying to do.


  • And while critics might say people there have gone off the deep end, they've still got their heads in the clouds where the air is a little more thin when they get in to swim.


  • They just can't be afraid of heights or depths to take a plunge while hopefully not taking a plunge, if you know what I'm saying.


  • Rochester Adams High School gets today's shout-out; it's in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.

    ロチェスター・アダムズ・ハイ・スクールが今日の締めくくりとなりました。場所はミシガン州ロチェスター・ヒルズにあります。CNN のカール・アズスでした。

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, it's great to have you along for today's show, which covers everything from a space splashdown to a suspended pool that's making a splash.


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