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  • These are the latest japanese home appliances.


  • Mm hmm.


  • So I was recently looking at japanese home appliances and discovered that there's just so many cool products today that I wanted to make a video and share with you.


  • So I contacted one of the largest electronics stores here in Japan, no gemma.


  • And they agreed to show me around today.


  • I'm so excited to do this video because I love electronics and the fact that I get to share it all with you in a real deal electronics store makes it even better Without further ado, let me show you the latest and greatest in japanese home technology.


  • Mhm.


  • So to start this video off, I had to start with one of the home appliances that I love the boat because I have it in my own house.


  • One of the things about japan is that they have all in one washer and dryer and this guy is like at the cream of the crop because one does that.

    早速、最新・最強 日本のホームテクノロジーを紹介するぞ

  • But it has a bunch of other features that for example it has its own built in detergent and softener tank.


  • You can flip up the lid and you can put in your detergent.


  • You can put your softener all in advance so that when you start the machine it does it all automatically and based on the load it will sense how much laundry you have inside of the drum and it will adjust the detergent accordingly.


  • Also japanese washer dryer machines that usually take about 2 to 3 hours to finish the laundry.


  • But this one is a lot faster and only takes about 1.5 hours.


  • It's been such a lifesaver with our new baby allowing us to easily do multiple loads per day.


  • So those are just some of my favorite features.


  • But maybe you can explain some more features that he also likes about this.


  • The nano sized iron is supposed to go deep into the fabric and wash away bacteria orders.

    どれだけ洗濯物を入れたかによって 洗剤の量も自動で調節してくれる

  • And even pollen all without using detergent or even water.

    日本の乾燥機能付き洗濯機は 2〜3時間かかるものが多いんだけど

  • In fact many japanese struggle with pollen allergy.


  • So it's a highly sought after feature.


  • Another dope feature is that it creates a very fine rich foam from the liquid detergent before mixing with water which is supposed to better remove oils and dirt stains.


  • So that's it for this washing machine.


  • I really do love it.


  • So have to share it with you but you can't sit here all day.


  • So let's move on to the next one.


  • Now let's move on to the refrigerator.


  • So I've been doing a lot of research these days because my current fridges older than 10 years and this new one really caught my eye.

    実は日本人は花粉症の人が多いから めちゃいい機能なんだぜ

  • So this is Mitsubishi's newest model.

    他にもすげぇのは液体洗剤を水と混ぜる前に めちゃ細かい泡を作るんだ

  • The M.


  • R.


  • M.


  • X.


  • D.


  • 50 G.


  • Upper refrigerated section has to lower sliding trays.


  • The upper tray is chilled at about zero degrees Celsius 32 F to store processed food and dairy products while the lower tray is set from minus 3 to 0 degrees Celsius for your raw proteins.


  • It also has an ai quick freezer door ice machine, giant vegetable compartment in the middle and a freezer at the bottom.


  • Oh and it's got a basic touch panel.


  • So I had to introduce this next refrigerator because it has some pretty cool features that I found.


  • One of my favorite features is a quick freeze Ai which uses ai to rapidly freeze items to minus seven degrees Celsius about 29 F which reduces the leaking of umami and nutrition as you can see here.


  • Long freezing processes caused more damage to cells in the food.

    下の段はマイナス3℃〜0℃に設定されてて 生のたんぱく質系の冷蔵用だ

  • So basically this freezing trade just behind me allows you to freeze all of your goods and make it so it doesn't freeze into one block.


  • It's actually on at the moment, All of the frozen components makes it kind of like frozen, but it doesn't actually freeze it also with your meat.


  • If you touch it, it's still easy.


  • It's not like a super hard block so you can cut it really easily.


  • Ai is also supposed to predict how the food will be used and freeze accordingly.


  • Funny because sometimes I don't even know how I'm going to use the food in the refrigerator section.


  • It has a raw meat section.


  • This raw meat section keeps freezing air passing through it.


  • It never really freezes the raw meat.

    時間かけて食べ物を冷凍させると 細胞にダメージがでかいらしい

  • It says that like with me, it usually it will last 4 to 5 days, but with this system it lasts up to 10 days.


  • And then with raw fish usually last 1 to 2 days.


  • But in this case it lasts up to three days.


  • But this is like one of the features that Michael really wants because he likes to cook, but sometimes she doesn't have the time to cook and with meat goes bad really quickly, so that, you know, if you can have your steaks or whatever last an extra five days longer than what it would usually last and you can still need a fresh.


  • It's pretty awesome.


  • And another feature that I really love is the vegetable tray here.


  • If you pull it out like this, you can see there's a separate compartments, it's designed to soar different sized vegetables, but even better is that it maintains moisture in the compartment to keep vegetables fresh.


  • Plus it uses a special led light to simulate photosynthesis, claiming that increases vitamin C by 23% which reinforces the greening as well, a feature that I've never heard of before.


  • So those are the features that I love about this refrigerator.


  • Now let me show you the microwaves.

    おもしれ〜! オラどうやって使うかわかんねぇ食材あるぜ

  • So it's still not common in japanese households to have a built in ovens.


  • So people often purchased microwaves with oven features And this new, healthier water oven from Sharp really caught my attention.


  • So this microwave oven I really wanted to introduce because it has some cool ai features.


  • It has a sensor built in where you're able to put in hood of different temperatures.


  • So you can put something that's frozen, something that is refrigerated and something that's room temperature all in one tray and it'll cook it so that all cooks all at once.


  • The sensor is so sensitive that you can even cook foods with all different temperatures on two separate trays and it will cook everything evenly when I was growing up.

    生魚に関しては通常1、2日だけど この引き出しなら3日大丈夫だ

  • I never had something like this.


  • So I just really really caught my attention.


  • The hell Ceo uses steam to cook.


  • Like you would use oil to grill or fry but with just using water different than steaming food.

    ステーキみたいな肉だったら 今までよりも5日も長くもつから

  • Apparently the heating system creates a superheated steam.


  • It generates over 100 degrees Celsius, 212 F cooking temperature a heating power eight times more than the average home oven, allowing it to quickly penetrate and heat food from the inside.


  • So using the ai sensor and steam cooking technology, you can cook frozen rice, room temperature curry in a metal pouch and a raw egg all at the same time and nothing will explode better.


  • Yet it cooks it all evenly also because it can use water to cook, it can help remove excess oil and salt without losing all of that.


  • Umami.


  • So that is why I chose this like we love it because it's just so many cool features.


  • So that's it.


  • Let's move on to the next one.


  • Before we continue on.


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    温度が違う状態で保存されてた食べ物も 同時に温められる

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  • Let's continue on with some japanese appliances.


  • Now let's shuffle over to the rice cookers.


  • If you didn't know it, japanese love their rice and to go along with that, they've developed some of the most technologically advanced rice cookers in the world, some even costing more than $1000 a great departure from the big floral printed pot style rice cooker I had back in the States.


  • The rice cookers here can not only cook rice perfectly to suit the meal, but also have advanced features to rapidly cook rice adjust depending on the grain of rice and even deep rice warm and delicious for up to 40 hours after being cooked.


  • So this video wouldn't be complete if I didn't include a rice cooker in the mix.


  • And this rice cooker is a super special uses a bull that's made out of charcoal and two.


  • It has a way of cooking 50 different types of rice, which is kind of interesting because a lot of people don't know that there's 50 different kinds of rice, but this rice cooker does and it knows how to cook all of them on top of that.


  • You can choose from 15 different preferences based on what meal you're cooking that day, whether it be for curry, don booty or even sushi them growing up.


  • I thought there was only one type of rice called the cops.


  • Come on.


  • You know most even so the average thickness of ordinary pots are 3 to 5 millimeters, but the bottom of this pot is 10 millimeters thick, which creates a higher thermal conductivity to make this charcoal pot.


  • It takes the craftsman 100 days.


  • It's more time consuming compared to other materials.


  • But the payoff is that it generates heat quicker and you can heat up the center of the pot 40 times more efficiently.


  • You can see that it's not just flat and because it's not just flat when the water bubbles, it can actually cook not only the size but the center of all the right, so everything just cooks evenly.


  • Also, most rice cookers use pressure to cook while this one doesn't.

    水で焼くことができるから旨味を失うことなく 脂や塩を取り除くことができるんだ

  • When you cook without pressure, it creates a veil of water around each grain of rice blocking in the Umami inside and giving the rice a shiny look.


  • This is why rice made by ca mado is supposed to be tasty even when it's cold.


  • If you're looking to hurry, if you're looking to cook somebody or even looking to cook sushi, this guy can do it all the time for the air purifiers, one of the most popular selling items this year, interestingly since Japan is a very small country with minimal space and homes, vis appliances are often combined with a humidifier feature.


  • Also, one of the characteristics of japan made air purifiers is that it comes with ion generators like the Panasonic nano or sharp plasma cluster, the one I'm showing you today.

    ここでこの動画のスポンサーSQUARE SPACEの宣伝だ

  • So with everything going on with the world today, we had to definitely include an air filter and these things are so popular here in Japan and this is one of the top air filters.

    SQUARE SPACEはオラが信頼を置いてる ウェブサイト制作をするサイトなんだ

  • It has some super super duper features.

    オラのウェブサイト TOKYO ZEBRAも もちろんSQUARE SPACEを使ってる

  • So first of all this, sharp uses plasma cluster.

    SQUARE SPACEの良さはここだ

  • So it's like a special technology to clean the air.

    新しいプロジェクトやビジネスを始めたばかりの人も プロみたいに洒落たサイトが作れるようになってる

  • So viruses and smelly bacteria in the air are all made up of a chemical compound.


  • The plasma cluster technology is able to remove the hydrogen from the compounds to eliminate odors such as body odor, pet smell, cigarette smells, cooking odors and even that damp laundry smell comin in japanese homes during rainy season.


  • The yeah, the newest model plasma cluster next can produce a high concentration of ion particles and disperse it throughout the room, which is supposed to create a relaxing conditions like you're in the forest.

    スレッドやコメント、いいねもできて コミュニティの繋がりをもてる

  • Their tests show that people have reduced stress levels after five minutes being in the room and apparently people could continue to focus and solve math problems after 10 minutes.


  • This air purifier is supposed to be able to clean a room the size of 43 tatami mats.

    閲覧者やユニークビジター、ページビューなど 期間別に確認できるんだ

  • Yes, that's how it's advertised in Japan, which is about 71 square meters or 765 square feet.


  • But Sharp recommends space is half the size as that's where the plasma cluster feature maxes out.


  • Oh and speed wise, it can clean about 13 square meters or 142 square feet in about six minutes.

    準備が整ったら​ にアクセス!

  • If you look in the back, it has several different filter systems.


  • One has the front filter system, but this one is that it has an automatic cleaner.


  • It rolls and it will clean and wipe off all of the dust that gets caught in the initial filter.


  • So you don't have to do it because if you've ever had a regular filter, then you'll notice that the dust piles up and then you either have to wipe it off or vacuum it off.


  • Whereas this one will clean it off for you and it will collect it all in the bottom trade which is super useful.


  • This guy right here is a showroom model, so it's not the actual one.


  • But in fact if you open it up there should be two filters right here.


  • It's usually a half of filter.


  • So it's kind of one of like standard grade filters that's good for 10 years.

    日本の炊飯器はおかずに合うような 完璧な米が炊けるだけじゃない

  • And not only cleans the air, but during the dry season you can add water to this water tank and it will humidified the entire room.

    他にも機能があって ささっと炊ける早炊きとかあるし

  • So basically it's kind of like all in one it'll clean air plus it'll humidifier has a sensor here to kind of gauge what's happening inside of the room.

    保温もしてくれて 炊飯後48時間も美味しいままで保温できる

  • So if people stop moving or it turns dark, it will also adjust depending on the movements inside of the room, which is pretty cool.


  • So that concludes the video.


  • Let me know you thought in the comments.


  • How does it compare to home appliances in your country.


  • Thanks again to know Gemma for helping me film this video.


  • And if you guys want to see more videos about Japan or Japan related things, hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.


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