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  • Boscobel is a really exciting place to visit and we call it the house that saved the king.


  • Basketball is hugely significant because it was here at Oscar Bell.


  • That's an amazing story happened during the Civil war which has been raging for nine years in England King Charles second was defeated at the Battle of Worcester and literally had to flee for his life, Charles.


  • The second hit both in the house and then also in this oak tree in the field outside which is now known as the Royal Oak, I think it's just amazing that if he hadn't hidden here, he wouldn't have then later escaped over to France and been crowned King of England.


  • The work that we've been doing at Boscobel will help to benefit future generations or visitor at english heritage.

    私たちがボスコベルで行ってきた作業は、将来の世代や english heritage を訪れる人たちのために役立ちます。

  • We want to bring history to life and we've done that at Boscobel in several different ways, hide and seek is the theme here at Boscobel house.


  • So there's lots of new interpretation in the house, new ways of hiding and seeking to find out parts of the story.


  • One thing I'm really excited about with the project is our new interpretation in the house with an electronic candle, which visitors will collect on entry, and then as they go round in each room, there will be a place to place the candle and it will trigger something to happen.


  • So it might be the fire crackling in the parlor or the knocking of parliamentarian troops on the door in the entrance hall, and that's going to be really engaging for families.


  • We've planted 32 oak trees in the oak tree field.


  • So once these trees have grown and matured, you'll be able to see this whole area as Charles.


  • The second would have seen it.


  • Every tree we grow from the grafting process is a replica of the original tree perfectly, genetically.


  • It's very important that we conserve the special places in our care and a lot of the work we've done over the last year or two has been conservation work on the site and conservation work in the gardens and the grounds.


  • The paint colors that we use are the original paint colors, the fencing and the paneling around the site are oak, which would have originally been from the local woodland, which would have been oak trees.


  • We've introduced a new play area again with that hide and seek theme running all the way through it.


  • It does not any old playground and to see a family running around enjoying that space and join that time.


  • Learning a bit of history at the same time was really a great moment.


  • It's not just the story of the king, it's very much the story of ordinary people and their lives and works at Boscobel.


  • This was a really perfect dairy farm during the victorian period, the forest was cleared and it was full of animals and diarrhea, lovely, almost idyllic victorian, seen as a farmyard here part the history of basketball, which hasn't been told in our visitor experience in the past, and that's a part which were really bringing to life, especially through the costume characters, which will be wondering around basketball, interesting stories that have come up with have been around the victorian farm, and when you look around the buildings that we've got on site, you realize how big a landscape they were farming.


  • So the aim of this project was to bring basketball to life, literally by reintroducing the lost farm animals will enable our visitors to really experience the victorian farm, we've decided to introduce Tamworth pigs, royal and sheep, shropshire, sheep, ducks, and chickens, to recreate that farm setting.


  • It's becoming a day out for all the family to enjoy, to find out its many secrets and just to relax.


  • Have a nice time with the Children and a nice cup of tea in a school in the tea room afterwards.


  • Mhm.


  • We are really excited for people to come back and see what we have on offer here, The new play area, the gardens that have been restored.


  • The animals are new interpretation scheme.


  • It's really bringing bOSC about a life and you can come here and you can stand literally where history really happened.


  • Yeah, yeah.


Boscobel is a really exciting place to visit and we call it the house that saved the king.



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ボスコベル・ハウスとロイヤル・オークを体験する|2021年新発売 (Experience Boscobel House and the Royal Oak | New for 2021)

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