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  • Edinburgh

  • is known as the Athens of the North

  • and it is one of europe's most beautiful cities.

  • It's architecture reflects its historical importance

  • as Scotland's capital.

  • Edinburgh's landmarks are known throughout the world

  • from the magnificent castle dominating the city skyline

  • to the elegance of the Georgian New Town,

  • and the splendour

  • of it's victorian heritage.

  • Well there's much more to Edinburgh than it's purely visual impact

  • it's home to over four hundred thousand people

  • and it is a cosmopolitan centre

  • for Scotland's cultural, commercial

  • and political life in the twenty first century.

  • Europes fastest growing financial centre

  • Edinburgh is a vibrant, modern working city

  • but at the same time it is firmly grounded in tradition.

  • Past and present live side by side

  • in an ideal location for work, leisure, and study

  • It is home to the world's greatest art's festival

  • which ensures that once a year Edinburgh becomes the world's cultural capital.

  • The festival attracts more than a million visitors each year

  • who come to experience everything from the weird and wonderful fringe,

  • to the colour and tradition of the military tattoo

  • which transforms the castle into a theatrical backdrop for a stunning visual show.

  • New developments keep Edinburgh at the forefront of European cultural life,

  • and in the past few years the city's hogmanay celebration have become the continent's

  • biggest street party.

  • For all this activity and bustle

  • Edinburgh is built on a human scale

  • and many of its highlights are within walking distance of each other.

  • In the heart of the city are the rugged Salisbury Crags

  • the volcanic hills topped by Arthurs' Seat.

  • There are also many green areas and parks.

  • As well as the waterfront location at the port of Leith

  • an area with a character all of its own.

  • The University of Edinburgh is one of the cities

  • most important institutions.

  • From the architectural landmark of Old College

  • To the modern developments at King's Buildings.

  • the university's blend of tradition and innovation

  • reflects the city itself.

  • Since it's foundation in fifteen eighty-three as Scotland's first civic university

  • Edinburgh has established a reputation for excellence in teaching and in research

  • that has made it one of the UK's leading academic institutions.

  • But just as importantly

  • the buildings, the staff

  • and the students

  • are an integral part of the city's life.

  • International in aspect

  • and outward looking but with close links to the local community

  • Edinburgh is a world class university, in a world class city



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エディンバラの街 (The city of Edinburgh)

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