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  • so this vlog will be a work week in  my life log as a teacher in Japan  

    この動画は 日本で教師として仕事をする私の一週間についてです。

  • good morning it is Tuesday and it is my first  official full week of work going back to work  


  • and I am nervous so today I go back to the  junior high high school that I work at and I  


  • haven't seen the girls in about three months  now and it's been a while since I taught in  

    今日から仕事のスケジュールが通常に戻りますが、 緊張してます。

  • front of like so many students not doing all  that confident and I got these mosquito bites  

    今日は私が勤務する中高等学校に行く予定で、 生徒の女の子達に会うのは3ヶ月ぶりぐらいです。

  • Oh summers here is about 6:00 in the morningwoke up around 5:00 5:30 I'm ready for the gym  


  • so I'm going to wake up a little bit more  and then I'm going to head off to the gym


  • okay so I finished my job I finished my workout  I'm getting ready now I Jim is really nice they  


  • have showers they have shampoo with air  conditioner right now they're giving us  


  • pretty hydrogen water which I don't even know  what it does but I'm a little about free so but  

    今は朝6:00ごろで、 5:00〜5:30ぐらいに起きました。

  • seriously what I'm saying is you want to do if you  guys know let me know because I don't know I guess  

    ジムに行く用意ができたので、 もう少し目を覚ましてからジムに向かいます。

  • I could look it up also all I'm wearing this new  dress which I'll show you guys in a second but I'm  


  • wondering it's sheer but I have a new kind of  slip dress and I'm using two underneath it and  

    私が通ってるジムはとても良くて、 シャワーにシャンプーとコンディショナーがあって

  • I'm still wondering if I'm gonna be perceived as  being too sexy because and he's a little bit of  


  • skin I show the girls are always like a little  sexy so like I was saying earlier it's my first  

    どういう効果があるのかわからないけど、 私は無料のものには目がないから

  • time teaching anabolic well no not my first  time teaching because I've been teaching at  


  • the Jupiter and I've been doing online lessons  or did you do but it is my first time teaching  


  • at the high school in awhile I saw that we're  not allowed to do any kind of group activities  


  • or partner activities which is kind of gonna be  really a struggle for a conversational English  


  • class today's the first day back so I needlot of stuff I have like weird seeds binders  

    あと、今日はこの新しいワンピースを着ていて、 皆さんにもお見せしますが

  • I need my laptop so I can like you know give the  girls a class syllabus that I worked on I've been  

    シアーの素材だから、 スリップドレスをその下に着てるけど

  • getting a lot of feedback from teachers that they  want this class to be more academic whatever that  


  • means but my my main priority is to make it fun  so they enjoyed learning English so they're not  

    ちょっとでも肌が見えると、 生徒の女の子達からセクシーって言われるから。

  • turned off from Italy so they don't freaking hate  English in the end right I am gonna not be able to  


  • play as many games I like to play like I like to  do like jeopardy or I played The Price is Right  

    いや、塾でオンラインでレッスンをしてたから、 久しぶりじゃないですね。

  • like I like to play like fun games where they're  using English so you don't really feel like  


  • they're learning but they actually are so this  is my friends see it's just a little bit sheer

    学校では、 グループやペアでのアクティビティは禁止みたいで、

  • and I think I look borderline matronly


  • okay so I cut back in the high schoolwhile ago my day was pretty good the students  

    今日は戻ってから初日になるので、 いろんなものが必要です。

  • seemed like happy in good spirits some of them  greeted me as soon as they saw me it's so cute  

    ワークシートとかバインダーとか、 私が作ったシラバスを配るのにノートPCも必要だし

  • it's a so him that put me at ease a little bit  because it's just so nerve-wracking going back  

    他の先生から授業をもっと 「アカデミック」にするように言われていますが、

  • after three months and you just it's just like  speaking in front of so many students yeah I I  


  • can't describe it but it is nerve-racking every  time no matter how many times you do it I'm not  

    そうすることで、生徒達は英語の勉強を楽しめるし、 苦痛に思わないから、

  • necessarily co-teaching but I am dividing  the grade with another teacher so we have  


  • to work together and find a happy medium  with both of our teaching styles which is  


  • something that I'm not accustomed to yet so I'm  trying really hard I'm exhausted and I only had  

    「Jeopardy」とか「Price is Right」みたいな

  • two classes tomorrow I have four classes  and kind of want to go to the convenient


  • okay so we were taking an evening  stroll and we got lost you know Oh  

    勉強してないように感じるけど、 実は勉強になってますよね。

  • goddamn neighborhood finally we're  going to mini stop we don't go to  


  • mini stop too often so we're gonna go to  mini stop and oh okay let's get okay she


  • put it I got strawberry great for children okay  maybe I want these ones or these ones I can't  


  • decide or just keep Buffy look you live maybewhat did she [ __ ] you look do you want all I  


  • wanted soda so many some also has a healthy snack  section that will tell you how many calories but  


  • they still don't have a little carb section till  I could do enough she had that it's a liking


  • - chica tell me why you would sit there Doh  kawaii Kevin Annie was celebra he went on the  

    「ハロー、アマンダ先生」って とっても可愛かったです。

  • chemo doctor good enough - that I could do its  diet oh come on you guys so today's Thursday no  


  • guessing it was Thursday I'm sorry today's Friday  yesterday I did not film a lot I apologize for  

    三ヶ月ぶりだったし、 たくさんの生徒の前で話さないといけなかったから

  • that I was I was exhausted it was my first week  back at the high school um it's my first time  

    うまく表現できないけど、 何度こなしても毎回ドキドキです。

  • carrying a backpack that was really heavy inlong time so to give you a little perspective  

    共同で教えてるってわけではないけど、 一学年をもう一人の先生と分担で教えています。

  • I walk about 15 minutes to my home station get  on a train get on a bus well another 15 minutes  


  • to the school carrying about I don't know let's  say 20 25 pound bag because I have my laptop and  


  • this week I had my camera because I was showing  you guys a week in my life oh I also have like  


  • a bottle of water so it's really really heavy  anyways that being said my back hurts so I may  


  • not be going to the gym today I think I have  to give myself a little bit of a break because  


  • I kind of just went full-on work way back to my  old schedule carrying a heavy bag doing the gym  


  • in the morning use easier good good morning babe  morning now it's about 8:00 in the morning but  


  • I slept in quite a bit I'm doing some editing  now I do have a private lesson on Skype this  


  • morning so I'll do some editing I'll transition  to my private lesson I usually do news articles  


  • with my private lesson students so I have him  choosing either between employees can work at  


  • home forever or black lives matter protests take  place worldwide I'm hoping he takes the black  

    ミニストップに向かってます。 ミニストップには普段あまり行きません。

  • lives matter won just because and it's a little  bit more current and I'm sure we can have plenty  


  • of good conversations upon it so my work doesn't  start today until around 4:30 so we can do some  

    何があるかな。 ストロベリー、グレープ、ピーチヨーグルト

  • other stuff today before work let's do that dead  after hit the cameras y'all good night on meeting  


  • once a night daddy chillin I'm missing me God  get bone daddy only Sanders kidding me okay so  

    でもこのチーズのやつもいいよね。 炭酸も欲しい!

  • I've been working out might come across video  and I don't like it I'm not feeling it and it's  

    ミニストップにはヘルシーなスナックもあって、 何キロカロリーか表示もされてます。

  • hard for me to finish so now I need to eat we're  gonna make salami great rolls by the way these  


  • are keto friendly lettuce we have salami salami  and we have processed cheese to like it or not


  • good money okay so I'm at my Saturday job I went  to the gym this morning and I didn't really feel  


  • like him again hi Goody's music a yogi so yeah as  I was saying I'm at my Saturday job now I worked  


  • out I didn't really feel the need to film that  again for you guys and today's a very busy day  


  • right now it's about 9:30 in the morning and  my first class is at 10:30 and I don't leave  


  • here until 9:30 at night so I work for about 12  hours today of course not including my lunch break  


  • today's the money day today is the exhausting  day my first class is kindergarten and I finish  


  • with a higher level of English students higher  level students I don't really need to do much  


  • prep work because my assistants do the prep work  so it's really nice I've been doing this for now  


  • three years I'm pretty used to the routine of it  and the flow of things you know I've been here  


  • for quite a bit now and the first couple years of  being in Japan was really enjoyable I was having  


  • a lot of fun being here I didn't put too much  stress on learning the language partly because  

    昨日はあまり撮影しませんでした。 ごめんなさい。

  • my jobs required me to speak English and they  frown upon not only found a pond like you can  


  • get in pretty like unless a serious trouble but  a good amount of trouble at your job if you're  


  • using Japanese not even using like well spoken  English they're using very simple English for  


  • the past couple years no Japanese point being is  that I need to step up my Japanese game because  

    どんな感じかというと、 家から最寄り駅まで15分ぐらい歩いて、

  • it's becoming a little bit embarrassing about how  much I'm unable to speak listening is quite good  

    電車に乗って、バスに乗って、 降りたら学校までもう15分荷物を背負いながら歩いて

  • but speaking the output is not quite there so  I want to focus more on studying Japanese and I  


  • think it's important for me to know Japanese since  my husband is Japanese and I might be living here  


  • for a while knowing the language in Japan gives  you a lot more power you feel a little bit more  


  • in control of your future you don't have to  constantly ask people for help also I wanted  


  • to show you some of the stuff that I have here  at this location at the school because I teach  


  • a lot of younger children on Saturn so I keep  a lot of my materials games and whatnot here  


  • so I thought I could show you guys that so I have  two boxes here all this stuff I brought them home  


  • because I live here two days out of the week  it's kind of junky though sorry stickers that  


  • I give to the kids if they're doing well it's  really junky Oh last week I did tanking with  


  • one of my students we painted a picture of our  family that was fun I have this box of origami  

    いきなり以前のスケジュールに戻って、 重い荷物も運びながらだったし、

  • paper sometimes if we finished a lesson early  the students are no the lesson pretty well they  


  • know the materials I you know have free time  with them I could do things like whatever they  


  • want origami this I got at Flying Tiger by the  way Flying Tiger is where you want to shop for  


  • games and materials for your lessons it's not  as cheap as die so you could go to Daiso or any  


  • other 100 yen shop but Flying Tiger has a little  bit more unique stuff and still very affordable

    今は朝8:00ごろなんですけど、 いつもよりけっこう遅く起きてから

  • I think I'm going to end the vlog here  just because by the end of the day I'm  

    少し編集をしてて、 今朝はスカイプでオンラインレッスンがあります。

  • gonna be so exhausted I know I'm gonna forget  to fill and say goodbye to you guys so I want  

    もう少し編集をしてから プライベートレッスンに移る予定です。

  • to say goodbye to you now this vlog is already  probably pretty long but it's a very accurate  

    プライベートレッスンの生徒さんとは、 いつもニュースの記事について勉強するので

  • depiction of my work week here in Japan as  an English teacher I hope you guys enjoyed  


  • it if you did enjoy it and you want to see  more vlogs like this could you kindly let me  

    「Black Lives Matterの運動が世界中に拡大」についてのどちらかを選んでもらってます。

  • know down below what does women say thank you  guys for watching and I will see you next week

    Black Lives Matterの方を 選んでくれるといいなと思ってます。

so this vlog will be a work week in  my life log as a teacher in Japan  

この動画は 日本で教師として仕事をする私の一週間についてです。


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日本で英語を教える人の一週間|東京で英語を教える(A Week in the Life of an English Teacher in Japan | Teaching English in Tokyo)

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