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Today, with social and economic inequality growing worldwide, millions of people are connected by the idea that it is possible to do business on a human scale, that it is possible to make money and do something good for the community.
That idea is called social entrepreneurship.
Social entrepreneurship is a new and creative approach to business, social engagements, and social services.
Today , there are numerous organizations operating worldwide in our country that you'd call social enterprises.
A social enterprise is just like any other business.
Its work is charged at market rates and it generates profits.
What makes it the business on a human scale is the way the profit is used.
Profit serves to fulfill clear social missions.
Social enterprises do not serve to enlarge the wealth of their owners or shareholders.
They operate in order to contribute to social equality and to improve the living conditions of people in the community.
Generated profit is reinvested in business or in realizing social goals like job creation, social inclusion, cultural needs, healthcare, and preservation of the environment.
A social enterprise places social goals ahead of increased profits, uses business as a means of social change, resolves social problems through market strategies.
Social entrepreneurship is also a good way for civil society organizations that want to reduce their dependency on donor systems and gain greater financial and operational freedom.
Starting a social enterprise is a challenge for all those to whom profit is not the only goal who want job that make sense and has a purpose.
Visit www.sens.rs and find out all about social entrepreneurship.
Sens, Social Economy Network of Serbia.


【リスニング対策】社会的起業家精神とは? (What is social entrepreneurship?)

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