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  • Delivering your Monday, March 8 edition of CNN 10.

    3月8日月曜日の CNN10 をお届けします。

  • I'm Carl Azus, it's great to see you.


  • We've talked about how there hasn't been a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dealing with coronavirus cases.


  • Different countries have had different levels of restrictions, and this has played out the same way in different American states.


  • Nationwide, the US has seen a decrease in new daily infections since mid-January.


  • At that time, experts said there were more than 270,000 positive tests recorded each day.


  • The latest estimate is that roughly 64,000 positive tests are now recorded daily.

    最新の推計では、現在、1日あたり約 64,000 件の感染が確認されています。

  • But some health officials are concerned that number has plateaued, meaning the improvement might have stalled.


  • According to Johns Hopkins University, some states are holding steady in their numbers of new cases, some are seeing decreases continue, others are seeing new cases increase.


  • And what their state governments are requiring varies as well.


  • In Mississippi, for instance, Governor Tate Reeves is allowing businesses to operate at full capacity this week, and he's eliminating Mississippi's requirement that people wear masks in public.


  • But in California, where a mask mandate remains, Governor Gavin Newsom is encouraging people to wear two face coverings at the same time.


  • The numbers in Mississippi simply no longer justify government overreach.


  • Mississippians can make their own decisions.


  • Please continue to wear a mask.


  • What some other states are doing is reckless.


  • It is now time to open Texas 100 percent.


  • You can't safely reopen your economy until we get this disease behind us.


  • Despite that divide, several states, regardless of whether they're led by Republicans or Democrats, are taking some steps to ease their restrictions.


  • Health officials say variantsnew mutations of coronavirusmay increasingly threaten the US as they have other countries.


  • The Infectious Diseases Society of America says people should continue to wear masks, keep their distance from one another, avoid large gatherings, and frequently wash their hands.


  • 10-Second Trivia.

    10 秒トリビア

  • Who is the longest-serving pope in the history of the Catholic Church?


  • St. Peter, Pius IX, John Paul II, or Leo XIII.

    ペトロ、ピウス 9 世、ヨハネ・パウロ2世、レオ13世。

  • St. Peter the Apostle, who's regarded by Catholics as the first pope, served at least 34 years.

    カトリックの初代法王とされる使徒聖ペテロは、少なくとも 34 年は務めたとされています。

  • Pope Francis, the current pontiff, is considered the 266th leader of the Catholic Church, but on Friday, he became the first pope ever to visit the Middle Eastern nation of Iraq.

    現職のローマ法王フランシスコは、カトリック教会の 266 番目の指導者とされていますが、先週の金曜日、法王としては初めて中東の国イラクを訪問しました。

  • Several locations in this ancient part of the world are mentioned in the Bible's Old Testament.


  • Today, Iraq is officially a Muslim country with significance to the world's Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the three Abrahamic religions.

    今日、イラクは正式にイスラム教国であり、世界の 3 つのアブラハム宗教(ユダヤ人、キリスト教徒、イスラム教徒)すべてにとって重要な意味を持っています。

  • As part of his trip, Pope Francis visited what's believed to be the birthplace of Abraham in addition to a number of Christian sites, and he met with Christian leaders, Muslim leaders, and political leaders.


  • For decades, Iraq has struggled with war, instability, and terrorism.


  • Standing in the rubble of Mosul, a city destroyed during the defeat of the ISIS terrorist group, Pope Francis said on Saturday that hope is more powerful than hatred, and peace is more powerful than war.

    「希望は憎しみよりも強く、平和は戦争よりも強い」と、教皇フランシスコは土曜日に、テロ組織 ISIS の敗北で荒廃したモスルの廃墟に立って語りました。

  • The pontiff is scheduled to return home to the Vatican on Monday.


  • We are 17 days away from the start of the Olympic torch relay, a tradition of the modern Olympics that dates back 85 years.

    85 年前から続くオリンピックの伝統である聖火リレーの開始まであと 17 日となりました。

  • In 1936, a group of runners carried a burning torch from Olympia, Greece to Berlin, where the Summer Games were hosted that year by Nazi Germanythe nation used the relay and the Olympics themselves as a propaganda tool.

    1936 年の夏季大会では、選手団がギリシャのオリンピアからベルリンまで燃える炎を運びましたが、ナチス・ドイツはこの炎の通過と大会そのものをプロパガンダの道具として利用しました。

  • What's fascinating is that the woman you're about to meet, who is set to carry the torch for this year's Games in Japan, was in her thirties when the 1936 games took place.

    魅力的なことに、今からお会いする女性は、30 代だった 1936 年に、今年の日本で開催されるオリンピックの聖火を運ぶことになります。

  • The Olympic torch relay starts March 25th, and over the course of 121 days, about 10,000 torchbearers will carry the Olympic flame across Japan, including one very special woman.

    オリンピックの炎は、3 月 25 日から121 日間、1人の特別な女性を含む約1万人の聖火ランナーによって日本中に運ばれます。

  • Konnichiwa, Tanaka San.


  • How are you feeling?


  • Meet 118-year-old Kane Tanaka.

    こちらは 118 歳の田中カ子さんです。

  • She's asleep.


  • Hey, at 118 years old, you gotta take your naps where you can get them.

    118 歳ですもんね、思う存分寝てください。

  • Sure, she might have been a bit tired while talking with me, but that's probably because she's conserving energy.


  • After all, in just a couple of months, this supercentenarian will become the oldest person ever to carry the Olympic flame as a torchbearer.


  • [Japanese] We thought it was a great thing.


  • It's great that people of all generations can take part in the torch relay.


  • Tanaka is almost as old as the modern Olympics itself, first held in Athens, Greece, 1896, just seven years before she was born.

    田中さんはオリンピックと同じくらいの年齢で、田中さんが生まれる 7 年前の 1896 年にギリシャのアテネで第1回大会が開催されました。

  • She was 61 years old when Tokyo held its first Olympics in 1964 and has already lived through 49 Summer and Winter Games.

    1964 年に東京で第1回オリンピックが開催されたとき、彼女は 61 歳で、夏季・冬季合わせて 49 回のオリンピックを経験しました。

  • But this is the first where she'll participate.


  • [Japanese] We think she'll be in a wheelchair for the designated relay distance, whether that's 100 meters or so.

    決められたリレーの距離、それが 100 メートルであろうとなかろうと、彼女は車いすで移動します。

  • Born in 1903, Tanaka has lived nearly her entire life in what's now known as Fukuoka.

    1903 年に生まれた田中さんは、生涯のほとんどを現在の福岡で過ごしてきました。

  • Married at 19, she and her husband had five kids.

    19 歳で結婚し、夫との間に5人の子供をもうけました。

  • She survived cancer twice, endured two pandemics, ran a rice cake shop until she was 103 years old, is currently listed by Guinness World Records as the oldest living person on the planet, and she has her very own Twitter account.

    2 度の癌、2 度のパンデミックを乗り越え、103 歳まで餅屋を営み、現在は地球上の最高齢生存者としてギネス世界記録に認定され、自分の Twitter アカウントも持っています。

  • Despite her advanced age, family says the 118-year-old has the heart and mind of a woman at least half her age.

    高齢にもかかわらず、家族は「118 歳の彼女は、精神的には彼女の半分の年齢の女性と同じだ」と話しています。

  • The avid board game aficionado still practices math and studies the writing form "kanji", focused on activities that keep her mind sharp.


  • She tells people it's her secret to longevity.


  • For more than a year, as a result of the pandemic, [Japanese]

    パンデミックのため、1 年以上前から、

  • This is as close as Tanaka's family is able to get to her.


  • But they say COVID-19 concerns won't stop Tanaka from participating as a torchbearer.


  • Instead, her family says her involvement depends on how she's feeling on the day of the relay.


  • And if all goes to plan, she might even have a little something special planned.


  • [Japanese] If she can walk for the last few metersbecause she can still walkit would be great.


  • She could walk over and hand the torch to the next relay runner, and we could be by her side as she does that.


  • A historic opportunity in an already extraordinary life, one which proves monumental memories can be made at any age.


  • As it stands now, Tanaka will carry the torch on May 11th in Fukuoka, and she's currently listed by Guinness as the third oldest person to ever live.

    現状では、田中さんは 5 月 11 日に福岡で聖なる炎を運ぶことになります。田中さんは現在、史上 3 番目の長寿としてギネス世界記録に認定されています。

  • But her family says she has her sights set on breaking that world record, which currently stands at 122 years and 164 days old.

    しかし、家族によると、彼女の目標は、現在 122 歳 164 日の世界記録を破ることだそうです。

  • Blake Essig, CNN Tokyo

    CNNの Blake Essig が東京からお伝えしました。

  • Fleets of six-wheeled robots are appearing in some communities and carrying food with them.

    食料を運ぶ 6 輪のロボットの群れが、いくつかの地域に現れています。

  • They could cost an estimated $5,500 each and somebody has to run them, so they require some upfront investment.

    1 台あたりのコストは 5,500 米ドルと見積もられており、誰かが操作しなければならないため、ある程度の先行投資が必要です。

  • They could take delivery drivers' jobs, and there have been instances when they've been kicked over by passers-by.


  • But when everything goes right...


  • A Friday afternoon at Bridgewater State University, and it's not just students roaming through campus.


  • At the lunch-time hour, more than a dozen robots are hard at work.


  • We are doing about 750 deliveries a week.


  • Sodexo teamed up with Starship Technologies at more than a dozen colleges to bring robots onto campus that operate almost entirely autonomously.

    ソデクソは Starship Technologies と提携し、12 の大学のキャンパスにほぼ完全に自動化されたロボットを導入しました。

  • A contact list delivery that starts with ordering off the APP, a delivery fee included.


  • The food is then loaded and locked.


  • One robot per customer with tracking capability.

    お客様1人につき、1 台のロボットがトラッキング機能付きで提供されます。

  • You can get that accuracy down to a couple [of] centimeters around the bot as opposed to GPS, which could sometimes be a few meters.

    GPS に比べて、ロボット周辺の精度は数センチになることもありますが、GPS は数メートルになることもあります。

  • Here's your delivery.


  • - The order unlocked through the push of a button on the APP. - Oh, thanks!

    - App のボタンを押してロックを解除します。 - ありがとうございました。

  • From Starbucks to a slew of lunch options.


  • I usually order from Bears' Den. It's, like, probably a 15-minute walk from my dorm room, so having it delivered, especially when it's cold like, this is just super convenient.

    私はいつも Bears' Den で購入しています。Bears' Den は私の寮から歩いて 15 分ほどのところにあるので、特に寒いときには配達してもらえるのでとても便利です。

  • The robots have ten cameras, are water-resistant, and can make their way through six inches of snow.

    このロボットは 10 個のカメラを持ち、防水加工されており、6 インチの雪の中を移動することができます。

  • At certain crossings in areas where the robot may need a little help, which is designated beforehand, you know, if we notice that there's a certain busy intersection, we can have some intervention by someone who is remote on a computer at one of these campuses.


  • Anyone on campus, not just students, can order.


  • We're looking to expand even more as time goes on to bring them to other campuses.


  • Ten more robots will be added this fall.

    この秋には、さらに 10 台のロボットが追加される予定です。

  • The delivery options could extend well beyond food.


  • I could see, yeah, textbooks for sure, um, convenience, like, C-store items.


  • At four miles per hour, it's not exactly fast food, but it would be fun to order to go and then watch it go as long as no one takes out your takeout.


  • If it can keep rolling while you get your steps in, you'll be eating on the run, and it serves up a perfect example of meals on wheelall right!

    その上に立っても動き続けていれば、食べて走って、まさに「食事の宅配サービス」(Meals on wheel とは、高齢者や病人のために食事を玄関先まで運んでくれるサービスのこと)の典型例になりますね!

  • I'm Carl Azus, Pioneer High School is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


  • It is the recipient of today's shoutout.


  • Its request came from

    CNN の Youtube チャンネルからの依頼でした。

  • Maybe we'll announce your school tomorrow.


Delivering your Monday, March 8 edition of CNN 10.

3月8日月曜日の CNN10 をお届けします。

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