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  • Can't lie, Amare Stoudemire looks homeless

  • Jalen Rose, you're not very good at your new job

  • your command of language is poor

  • your analysis is subpar

  • your inferiority to your peer...

  • whatever

  • I would kill my parents if they named me Paul George.

  • That's an ugly ass name

  • Dwight Howard wears panties with leg warmers

  • Jermy Lin need to git the weight room

  • You need to git the spell check

  • Deandre Jordan sucks my ***

  • I put two Swarovski gems on my *** head

  • and I swear to god it look just like Bill Simmons

  • Well, thank you, dude.

  • Michael Carter Williams is all hype

  • Dude is straight up awful.

  • Wow.

  • Chris Paul has rice krispy ***

  • he not legend

  • Kris Humphries *** you

  • you're so pathetic,

  • seriously, kill yourself please

  • xx

  • Nate Robinson can't do a *** pick and roll properly

  • he can't see over anybody

  • Technically that's true

  • Stephen Curry's facial hair is a little pubey

  • And while we're on the subject, your teeth need some work

  • C'mon man, that's... c'mon man

  • Damarcus Cousins is...

  • an emotional lesbian

  • If anything ever happens to the guy that does the voice for Cookie Monster...

  • I can sleep at night

  • knowing we have Dikembe Mutumbo as back up,

  • that's funny

Can't lie, Amare Stoudemire looks homeless


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