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  • the Sixers and the Nets in the Eastern Conference standings.


  • How about the Celtics?


  • They're surging in that four spot.


  • They've won four in a row.


  • Remember, there is a playing tournament this season for those final two playoff spots.


  • Currently, that would include the following the Hornets, the Raptors, the Bulls, the Pacers all separated by just one game.


  • Lots to talk about NSS as China.


  • Oh, God.


  • McKay joins us now as we're approaching the break.


  • So the Sixers in the Nets, we see them.


  • They are top two teams in the East.


  • This whole thing is so fascinating, but I know there's another underlying battle between those two teams.


  • Other than that all important, number one seed.


  • So what is it?


  • Happy all star break?


  • Hannah.


  • You know that underlying battle is the battle for M V P, especially coming out of the East, with both Joel and Beat and James Harden really making some pushes right now.

    根底にある戦いはM V Pのための戦いであることを知っているでしょう、特にイーストから出てきたジョエルとビートとジェームズ・ハーデンの両方が今本当にいくつかのプッシュをしています。

  • Let's start with Jo Jo, though.


  • Joel Embiid has the Philadelphia 76 ers at the top of the Eastern Conference standings, and he's doing it in a dominant fashion, averaging a 30 point double double.

  • Very similar scenario M V P wise to one that earned Yanis that award.

    ヤニスがその賞を受賞したのと非常によく似たシナリオのM V Pワイズ。

  • This is a true center that can bully you on the block but also can knock it down from three shooting 42% from three this year, which is remarkable and right on his heels in the standings.

    これは、ブロック上でいじめることができますが、またそれをノックダウンすることができます真のセンターは 3 つの撮影から 42% 3 つの今年は、顕著であり、右の彼のかかとのランキングで。

  • At number two is James Harden.


  • A lot of hoopla about James Harden when he switched teams, but in the midst of all that change, he's been playing impeccable basketball.


  • I mean, speaking of 30 point outputs, I mean as a guard, he can get you a 30 point triple double with zero turnovers, a team that has had multiple identities this season without Kevin Durant without Kyrie Irving at times, and he has not missed a beat.


  • So James Harden and Joel Embiid have consistently showed up, showed out for their teams, and that is why they're getting some real love.


  • You know this M V P season?

    このM V Pの季節を知っていますか?

  • Look, if you had the Jazz first and the Sun second in the West at the All Star break, probably time to go buy some lottery tickets, uh, they come the Lakers Clippers not far behind, followed by the Blazers and the Nuggets.


  • The playing tournament featuring Seeds seven through 10, would be a fun one with the Spurs, Mavericks, Warriors and Grizzlies.


  • Let's bring Cheney back in today that the Jazz have been the surprise of the lead at the top of the Western standings.


  • What else sticks out to you as we enter the All Star break?


  • You're so right, Jay.

    君の言うとおりだ ジェイ

  • Who would have thunk it?


  • I'm really impressed with the young teams like the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns that are making strides this year, But I am really watching how the L A teams.

    ユタ・ジャズやフェニックス・サンズのような若いチームが今年躍進していることには本当に感心しますが、L Aのチームがどうなっているのかは本当に注目しています。

  • The Los Angeles teams are playing the long game this season, which has been pretty much two seasons, wrapped into one with just 71 days in between LeBron James and the Lakers, they have faltered, trying to stay on top of the standings without Anthony Davis losing six of their last eight games.

    ロサンゼルスのチームは、レブロン ・ ジェームズとレイカーズの間にちょうど 71 日間で 1 つに包まれて、かなり 2 つのシーズンをしているこのシーズンの長いゲームを再生している、彼らは最後の 8 試合の 6 つを失うアンソニー ・ デイビスなしで順位表の上に滞在しようとしている、たじろいでいます。

  • Meanwhile, Kawai, Leonard and Paul George, they've had a similar downward run, you know, losing six of their last nine games, which just highlights this greater idea that maybe this year, especially for the defending champs, the Lakers, maybe this year being the top seed overall isn't the most important thing.

    一方、河合、レナード、ポール・ジョージも 同じように低迷しています 過去9試合のうち6試合に負けています 今年は、特にディフェンディング・チャンプの レイカーズにとっては 今年のトップ・シードであることが 最も重要ではないのかもしれません

  • The answer for them is being the healthiest team overall.


  • But how far are they willing really to slide?


  • That could really mean some trouble down the line for them, though.


  • You love the Utah Jazz, so let's start there with Defensive Player of the Earth.


  • Let's go my first half awards.


  • Hey, NBA, give me a vote, Okay, but you're right here when you are the best team you get Major Love.


  • Let's start with Defensive Player of the Year and the winner is due to do Rudy Gobert while I love that Ben Simmons leads and so many hustles stats.

    ベン シモンズがリードし、非常に多くのハッスル スタッツを愛している間、今年の守備的なプレーヤーを開始し、勝者はルディー ・ ゴベールを行うことによるものです。

  • This year, I see Rudy Gobert winning it again here because he's number two in both rebounds and also number two in blocks per game.

    今年はルディ・ゴベールがここで再び優勝したと見ています 彼はリバウンドとブロックの両方で2位だからです 1試合あたりのブロックでも2位です

  • He is spearheading a team that for most of the year had top two defensive rating.


  • Rudy Gobert with his third d p o What crazy now sixth Man of the Year award goes to Jordan Clarkson baby Jordan Clarkson Go J.

    彼の3番目のd p oとルディ・ゴベールは、どのようなクレイジーな今6番目の男オブザイヤー賞はジョーダンクラークソン赤ちゃんジョーダンクラークソンゴーJに行きます。

  • C.


  • This one is kind of a layup, 18 points a game for the 28 year old vet that just seems so confident in his game one of six players in double figures for the Jazz.

    この 1 つは、レイアップのようなものです、18 ポイント、28 歳の獣医のゲームはちょうど彼のゲームで彼のゲームの 1 つに自信を持っているようですジャズのための二桁の 6 つの選手のうちの 1 つ。

  • A big reason why they've taken a step forward offensively for this team.


  • And I can't wait for his outfit when he wins that award in a few months.


  • And now for Culture of the year.


  • Quin Snyder.


  • He is fiercely competitive, and it has rubbed off on his team, one of the most balanced teams in the NBA, with Donovan Mitchell as an offensive captain and Rudy Gobert is a defensive captain.


  • Congrats, Utah.

    おめでとう ユタ

  • Congrats coach Quin Snyder, who will be coaching for team LeBron James in the All Star Game.


  • Best record in the NBA to the victor belongs the spoils, and I love Clarkson.


  • I think that is an absolute no brainer.


  • Heard him compared to Manu Ginobili and his role on those great teams, and I think that's a really good comparison.


  • So, alright, Utah Jazz doing well, Let's hit out some more awards.


  • So who do you think is the most improved player so far?


  • The most Improved player award goes to Jeremy Grant of the Detroit Pistons.


  • Now I know woes just broke some news about this team, but an underlying story has been how great.


  • Jeremy Grant has been this year, going from 12 points a game to now 24 points a game.


  • This year, he wanted to be in Detroit.


  • He opted for a bigger role and has accomplished just that.


  • Well done.


  • Jeremy Grant and I look forward to seeing how he keeps that energy consistent for years to come.


  • And now player of the year.


  • The last two weeks have been game changer for me because I think LeBron James, he can reclaim this after the break.

    この2週間は私にとってゲームチェンジャーだった レブロン・ジェイムスはブレイク後にこれを取り戻すことができると思うからだ。

  • But right now, the way it's set up, it's Joel and beat for me.


  • All that.


  • We've asked from Joel and beat his health and consistency.


  • And he has delivered the best record in the East, averaging 30 points and 11 rebounds, taking criticism and making it more so constructive.


  • Now he's dominating everyone.


  • Joel Embiid might turn the process into a player of the year M V P award.


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the Sixers and the Nets in the Eastern Conference standings.



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