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  • what happened afterwards, I can tell you that the Bucks one at 105 100 the Clippers were down three with a chance to tie it.

    何が起こった後、私はあなたを伝えることができますバックス1 105 100でクリッパーズはそれを結ぶチャンスと3つのダウンしていたことを教えてください。

  • Why Leonard missed a three from straight away top of the key.


  • And now the Bucks have won five games in a row, and I mentioned earlier having four consecutive games now with 35 or more points to win for 36 14 and five in this one.

    そして今、バックスは5つのゲームを連続で獲得しているし、私は以前に述べた4つの連続したゲームを持って今35以上のポイントで36 14とこの1つで5のために勝つために35と4つのゲームを持っています。

  • For the month of February, he averaged 30 10 and five.


  • Only Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor have done that more often in league history.


  • That is great company right there, Joined by Tim Legler, now also great company.


  • We got to break down this contest, Tim.

    このコンテストを破壊しなければならない ティム

  • Uh, you were very impressed by the Bucks in that late game situation and their execution.


  • How did they do it?


  • Yes, so up one.


  • They go to a time out, and I always worry about the bucks in his situation because they always seem to go to Yannis with a live dribble.


  • Middle of the floor is so it gets him in trouble sometimes because he can't shoot the ball off the dribble in that area of floor.


  • So I love this set because they start off by getting the ball to Yannis at the elbow at 15 ft with a live dribble.


  • So he hasn't put it down yet, Which means he can get there in one dribble from here if he has two great action on the cut for Drew holiday.


  • And this is why he is so important to have the decision not to shoot that, but to kick it around.


  • And now John is not staying at the three point line.


  • When the ball comes back around to him, he sees that distance in front of him.


  • He gobbles it up with one stride and gets to the rim.


  • That is one of the best sets I have seen the Bucks run since Jonah Santee.


  • Cooper has been there in that type of situation because when they rely on Yannis in an ISO and teams can load up on the lane and he's got to attack with the dribble, he gets himself in trouble.


  • He'll turn the ball over, he'll run into traffic.

    彼はボールをひっくり返して 渋滞に突入するだろう

  • He's gonna have to make a pass, sometimes off the dribble, which still isn't necessarily his strength.


  • I like initiating the action with him.


  • But get motion movement, let him give it up.


  • And then when he got it back against the rotating defense, a guy that big with that kind of stride, he's at the rim and he settled the game very impressive ending to that game for the Bucks.


  • Also, good to get your holiday back after that long absence.


  • He's critical for them.


  • And look, this is a team that's got a great shot, I think, to finally get it across the finish line and get out of the East.


  • But I want to see them together longer, withdrew holiday and more importantly, settle games just like that with great decisions down the stretch.


  • It was going to follow up with that because over the last couple of years, we've seen how good this team has been in the regular season.


  • They've won five in a row now, but prior to that, they had lost five in a row.


  • So so what do you make of this team at this point right now?


  • Yeah, look, this is a team that's been a wild ride wild roller coaster.


  • They were playing their best basketball before Drew Holiday got hurt about three weeks ago.

    3週間前にドリュー・ホリデーが 怪我をする前は最高の バスケットボールをしていました

  • They had just won four straight.


  • He was averaging just under 20 shooting almost 60% from the field in his last six games before he got hurt.


  • So I started to see that rhythm and I thought he was the one piece they needed.


  • I really believed they needed one more ball handler on the perimeter that you can run, pick and roll with late.

    私は本当に彼らが必要だと信じていました 周りのボールを扱う人がもう一人必要だと思っていました それはあなたが遅くまで走って、ピックして転がすことができることです。

  • That could be a scorer in that position and not have to rely on two guys in Chris Middleton.


  • Yannis.


  • That's not really their strength to go create offense off a ball screen When the game's on the line, that's what Holiday could bring.

    それは彼らの強みではありません ボールスクリーンからの攻撃は ゲームがライン上にある時には ホリデーがもたらす可能性があります

  • But then he goes down and now it's been wild.


  • They lose five, win five.


  • Now they practice their fifth in a row once again.


  • So I do think this is a team that's got all the elements to be able to finish the deal and finally get there because I think there's a lot of uncertainty at the top of the Eastern Conference.


  • But they need a longer run together with your holiday getting more comfortable, which he was obviously didn't play a lot today.


  • He's got to get back to that level he was at before the injury.


  • And then, most importantly, can you just make free throws down the stretch, which he hit to right before that possession?


  • And can they execute in a way that doesn't allow his weaknesses to be exposed?


  • If they can do that?


  • No question.


  • This team can certainly be in the conference finals, because obviously the Nets have done some things now that have upended the Eastern Conference.


  • But I think this is the best version of the books.


  • Ultimately, if they can do those things.


  • Warriors taking on the Lakers later on ESPN, You got Steph Curry playing at just a different level right now, and it's interesting because coming into the year, I think a lot of people rode off the Warriors.


  • What has he done to elevate his play?


  • Well, how about this?


  • 2015?


  • 16 was Steph Curry's best year in the NBA, and this is right there with it.


  • You think about that.


  • Very few guys get into their thirties and can turn the clock back the way that he hasn't played this well after a long injury, but he's done it and I don't think enough people are talking about Steph Curry for the M V P right now.

    30代になって、長い怪我の後にここまで良いプレーをしていないのに、彼はそれをしてきたし、今、M V Pのためにステフ・カリーの話をしている人は十分にいないと思う。

  • And a lot of that's because the Warriors had a slow start in terms of their record.


  • But you look up and this team is 19 and 15.


  • I really believe if you took Steph Curry off the floor with what they're left with offensively, this is probably a 10 and 2014.


  • Right now, he has been that good.


  • That electric and I look at a game like this and sometimes to elevate yourself into the conversation nationally, you need a signature moment.


  • What better than a primetime game against LeBron James, even without Anthony Davis, Steph Curry to go out there and have one of those signature monster nights that Steph is capable of having and if they get to win and they get to 2015 and this is a playoff team not having Klay Thompson and his next three high scorers are two guys that are just learning to play with them and have a totally different role in Golden State than Wiggins and uber had before this.


  • It's so much more important and impactful on this team and then a rookie center.


  • These are your next three leading scorers, and yet this team is now solidly in the playoffs.


  • Steph can have one of those moments.


  • I think more people are gonna start talking about Steph Curry right there with a guy like Joelle and beat a guy like Yokich and obviously LeBron James.


  • Yeah, when Curry is playing, this is just great for the NBA.


  • Great chatter when you talk about the M v p again if he comes up with a big contest and a big win for his Warriors squad.

    彼は彼のウォリアーズの分隊のための大きなコンテストと大勝利に来る場合は、再びM v pの話をするときの偉大なおしゃべり。

  • Thank you, Tim.

    ありがとう ティム

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what happened afterwards, I can tell you that the Bucks one at 105 100 the Clippers were down three with a chance to tie it.

何が起こった後、私はあなたを伝えることができますバックス1 105 100でクリッパーズはそれを結ぶチャンスと3つのダウンしていたことを教えてください。


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