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  • there was an incident with pyrotechnics.


  • Unfortunately, James eyes on his way to the hospital right now.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 times.


  • Musicians almost died on stage or on tour.


  • Yeah, E O for this list will be looking at near death experiences or accidents that reportedly occurred to musicians while performing on stage and or while they were on tour, know of any musical close calls we missed.

    ええ、このリストのためのE Oは、瀕死の経験や事故を見ていきます。ミュージシャンがステージで演奏している間、またはツアー中に発生したと報告されています。

  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Number 10 Elevator snafu.

    10番 エレベーターの誤作動

  • Ariana Grande.


  • Hey, we get it.


  • Having a killer stage set up is part of the package.


  • When you become a pop icon, bringing an amazing show to the masses is the job.


  • Unfortunately, those moving parts consumption times malfunction and result in some potentially deadly consequences.


  • Ariana Grande learned this firsthand during her honeymoon tour in 2015, when part of a lift snapped, threatening to crush the Dominion of singer against the stage.


  • Okay, so the one thing breaks, it feels like this on start, and I'm like I'm about to be crushed by mechanical like my like metal shit on my wood is thankfully grandes quick thinking guitarists helped her up in time, and the singer avoided any major injury.


  • But this incident could have easily been way worse.


  • E number nine Set ablaze Michael Jackson.

    Eナンバー9 マイケル・ジャクソンに火をつけた

  • It's one of the most infamous events ever to take place on the set of a soda commercial the time Michael Jackson was accidentally set on fire.


  • Okay, so the stage in this case was constructed specifically for the commercial shoot.


  • But there was an audience full of extras and an extravagant production budget to make this Pepsi ad feel just like the real thing.


  • Unfortunately, the pyrotechnics that were planned were a little too intense and set the king of pop's hair ablaze.


  • The damage to Jackson scalp was so severe that he required surgery.


  • As for the damages one by Jackson and a subsequent lawsuit against Pepsi, they were donated to a medical center.


  • You're with number eight crushed Curtis Mayfield.


  • Outdoor concerts can often be a crapshoot, with unforeseen delays resulting in shows having to be moved or rescheduled at a moments notice.


  • Honestly, this is what probably should have happened with Curtis Mayfield and this tragic outdoor gig from 1990 stormy weather was on the horizon and the show's organizer, Senator Martin Markowitz, reportedly decided to push.


  • Mayfield set up early in hopes of getting at least a couple of songs in before the wind and rain set upon the crowd.


  • The Soul Legends Band had barely been introduced when part of the lighting rig was turned down by a wind gust, crushing Mayfield in the blink of an eye.


  • Although Curtis survived the incident, he was left paralyzed below the neck.


  • Number seven Smoke on the Water Deep Purple, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Smoke on the Water features one of classic rocks.

    Number 7 Smoke on the Water Deep Purple、Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Smoke on the Waterは、クラシック・ロックの1つをフィーチャーしています。

  • Most recognizable riffs and one of its most infamous backstories, Deep Purple, were recording at a casino in Montreux, Switzerland, and decided to take a break and check out a gig by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention over at the Casino theater Theo.


  • During the show, a member of the audience fired a flare gun that set the ballroom ceiling ablaze, destroying the band's gear and putting nearly everyone's lives at risk.


  • Although there were no fatalities, Purple now needed a new place to record.


  • It was during these sessions that smoke on the water was born detail ing all of these crazy events in the song while becoming an all time rock anthem in the process.


  • Number six.


  • Pyro Blast, James Hetfield of Metallica, Metallica, Guns and Roses Faith No More.

    パイロ・ブラスト、メタリカのジェームズ・ヘットフィールド、メタリカ、ガンズ・アンド・ローゼズ フェイス・ノー・モア

  • It was a dream bill for hard rock and metal fans that became a reality back in 1992 but it turned into a nightmare for Metallica front man James Hetfield.


  • The band's impressive pyrotechnic display was set to go off.


  • It's certain planned moments throughout the co headlining tour on the night of August 8th in Montreal, however, Hetfield became confused as to where his mark was on the stage, resulting in the guitarist walking straight into a wall of flame power.


  • Guy doesn't see me that I've walked back out there.


  • A big colored flame goes right up under me and instantly, you know, squint In turn.


  • Hatfield suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns as a result of the incident, and fans rioted when Guns N Roses didn't go on any earlier to replace Metallica's departure and cut their own set short.


  • For good measure, there was an incident with pyrotechnics.


  • Unfortunately, James, it's on his way to the hospital right now, and We're sorry, but we can't continue the concept for you guys tonight.


  • Number five Glitter Cannon Fail Auto Schimmel Panic vendor Oy of Dellin, A stage cannon that shoots glitter can't possibly hurt anyone, right?

    5位 キラキラキャノンフェイル オートシンメル パニックベンダー デリンの教祖 キラキラを撃つステージキャノンは誰も傷つかないよね?

  • Well, not if you're Dellin bassist Auto Schimmel, panic vendor Oy, who was whacked from behind with a shot from the cannon so hard that it damaged his genitals things heavy metal, tough guys, soldier through the set and an encore before finally making his way to the hospital, where he sat in the waiting room in agony before finally being seen by a doctor for his ruptured testicle.


  • A few hours later, Schimmel Panic was in surgery, getting some extensive work done on his gentlemanly parts.

    数時間後 シンメル・パニックは 手術を受けていました 紳士的な部分に大掛かりな作業をしていました

  • Honestly were amazed that he made it through one song.


  • Never mind an entire set, so let's still a set of devil horns in the name of this badass number four stage electrocution.


  • Nick Lowe of Brinsley Schwarz.


  • The Next Century on our list is a type of stage accident that has sadly claimed the lives of far too many unsuspecting rock stars.


  • Be cruel to be kind.


  • We're talking about electrocution, usually from improperly grounded or wet wires on microphones or equipment.


  • One such incident proved fatal for Stone.

    そのような事件は ストーンにとって致命的なものだった

  • The Crows guitarist Less Harvey in 1972.


  • Thankfully, Nick Lowe survived his encounter with an electrified mic stand while playing with English pub rock band Brinsley Schwarz.


  • Loken thank his keyboardist for the save as the band mate kicked low away from the stand.


  • I'm just about midnight, they decided.


  • Call it a day.


  • Although Bob Andrews was apparently aiming for the MIC itself, it proved a lucky move as onlookers reported that the move restarted lows.


  • Heart number three.


  • Double heart attacks.


  • Tiny Tim.


  • Ask any professional musician and they'll likely tell you that they thrive on performing.


  • It's in their blood.


  • Oftentimes, bands will continue to perform long into their later years, running the risk of serious injury or even death due to overexertion.


  • Sadly, this was the case with Tiny Tim, who ignored an onstage heart attack while performing at a Massachusetts ukulele festival in 1996.


  • His performing days should have ended there, but Tim ignored doctor's advice and his own medical history of diabetes and heart trouble, taking the stage again just weeks later.


  • It was during this benefit show that Tim had a second heart attack, this one fatal, collapsing shortly after leaving the stage number two brain drain Bill Berry of R E M.

    それは、ティムが2回目の心臓発作を起こしたのはこのベネフィットショーの最中だったが、これは致命的なもので、R E Mのビル・ベリーがステージを去った直後に倒れた。

  • We imagine that having an accident on stage has got to be a harrowing experience.


  • But Bill Barry of R E M didn't just trip or fall.

    でもR E Mのビル・バリーは つまずいたり転んだりしなかった

  • He had a freaking brain aneurysm.


  • Barry played for over an hour while on tour in 1995 promoting the band's monster LP before what was described as an acute headache led the drummer to collapse behind the kit.


  • The band was in front of a huge crowd in Switzerland, but Barry's health issues resulted in canceled tour dates while he recovered from surgery.


  • Thankfully, there were no major complications or internal bleeding, but it was a scary moment for one of alternative rocks.


  • Most popular bands before we name our number one pick.


  • Here are some honorable mentions blow up during my generation.


  • The Who on appearance on the Smothers Brothers variety show turns legendary Jump for joy and pain.


  • Waske until advised Warped tour Jump from the stage Pyromaniacs.


  • Ramstein, don't you know you shouldn't play with fire boys falling pink?


  • An aerial miss half results in a hospital.


  • Stay.


  • Want more Mojo Sound Mojo brings you music from new and emerging artists in all genres from across the globe, from interviews, toe live shows and deep dives into music culture Sound Mojo has you covered.

    より多くのモジョが欲しい サウンドモジョはあなたにインタビューから、音楽文化サウンドモジョにライブショーや深いダイブをつま先から、世界中からすべてのジャンルの新しい、新興のアーティストからの音楽をもたらします あなたをカバーしています。

  • Be sure to check out Sound Mojo to find your new favorite artists.

    ぜひSound Mojoをチェックして、新しいお気に入りのアーティストを見つけてみてください。

  • So yeah, Number one Moon The Loon.


  • Keith Moon of the Who.


  • Hey, did you ever dream about getting on stage to jam with your favorite band?


  • We bet that you wouldn't want it to be.


  • Under these circumstances, though, Thomas Scott Halpin was just a fan watching the who performed during their Quadrophenia tour when the legendary Keith Moon collapsed behind the drum kit.


  • Twice were just way.


  • Turns out, the classic rock icon and drummer extraordinaire indulged in a two potent mixture, putting him down for the count.


  • After a second attempt by roadies to revive him failed.


  • Enter Halpin, who was drafted from the audience and ended up finishing up the set with moons bandmates.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


there was an incident with pyrotechnics.



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