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  • Yeah, you case.


  • Court ruling on uber marks a new war front in the gate economy battle in Europe on Friday.


  • Top court in Britain route A group of uber drivers are not independent contractors, but workers who are entitled to basic rights like minimum wage implication time.

    イギリスのルートのトップ裁判所 uberドライバーのグループは、独立した請負業者ではなく、最低賃金の暗示時間のような基本的な権利を有する労働者です。

  • The ruling is the end of the road for Uber's five year fight over the status of his drivers in the UK, which is one of its biggest markets.


  • Tens of thousands of uber drivers can now claim the right to be classified as workers a zwelling people who work in other gig economy sectors like food delivery.


  • This will have a huge implication on uber A zero create extra close to the right howling firm and harm the business model.


  • For consumers, it could mean higher prices as uber can always passed on the cost.


  • But the question is whether this will go elsewhere.


  • Uber and Lyft last year won the battle on the California ballot, but in Spain, the government wants to set up a law to make foot delivery companies employ their drivers rather than acting as intermediaries.


  • Cuts in France, Belgium also root in favor off increasing get workers rights as the European Commission later on this year will release some recommendations on how to legislative sector, the upcoming battle on gig economy will now be closely watched in Europe.


Yeah, you case.


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