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  • All right, come on over to Rosie's Corner.


  • You know, we break down news and headlines and storylines and was, It's been six hundred and twenty six days since Kevin Durant went down with that torn Achilles.

    ケビン・デュラントがアキレス腱断裂で倒れてから 626日が経ちました

  • That was game five and twenty nineteen of the NBA Finals.


  • It seems like forever ago, but it's really kind of like two years.


  • And so what did those years kind of mean to Kevin Durant?

    ケビン・デュラントにとって その年月は何を意味していたのか?

  • And when you look back at him or when he looks back at him, well, I think for Kevin Durant certainly the opportunity to win multiple championships.


  • And they won two and very likely could have won a third before he got injured and went down.


  • But you look at his a place, going to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley and, you know, with his business partner which climbing, you know, kind of starting to build out.


  • You know, something of a sports, uh, media and a sports business empire.


  • You know, the Border room show started there with him, and so I think it You saw Kevin Durant there broadened beyond the court and then, you know, going to Brooklyn.

    ボーダールームのショーは 彼から始まったんですよね ケビン・デュラントがコートを越えて ブルックリンに行くのを見たんですよね

  • You know, obviously, you know, there was a whole different kind of ownership, you know, with that situation there and and the role he was gonna play in helping to build that.


  • And we'll talk more about how Kevin Durant kind of broaden himself outside the lines of the courts a little bit later in the show.


  • But then he kind of took the acumen that he got in Golden State and transitioned over to Brooklyn and what he's building there.

    ゴールデンステイトで得た洞察力を生かして ブルックリンに移った そしてそこで築いているものを

  • So how how did those two things work together to get to us to where we are now, you know, going to Brooklyn, Listen this very much, You know, this was his was gonna be his organization, you know, Kyrie Irving coming in and free agency with him.


  • And then, you know, he and James Harden hatching the plan together in the offseason.

    彼とジェイムス・ハーデンは オフシーズンに一緒に計画を練った

  • You know that James Harden was gonna essentially forced his way out of Houston and try to get to Brooklyn.


  • And Sean Marks the next GM ultimately pulled that off the next new this Kevin Durant is potentially be back in free agency after next season.


  • They want to make sure that they've got Durant for the long term.


  • I think getting Harden was certainly, Ah, part of that.


  • And you know, Steve Nash is head coach now.


  • He had a long relationship with Sean Marks, and that was a guy that he always wanted to talk to about coaching.


  • But his history with Kevin Durant in Golden State and Prior, you know that played a role in with that.


  • Maria comes a different level of responsibility off leadership in trying to now take this organization where you have the talent now.


  • But turn it into a champion.


  • And that's that's the next step now for Katie.


  • And the reality is they haven't been able to build consistency yet.


  • We said, Katie has been out the last three games, and so to see the Big Three on the court again and maybe hopefully spend more time on the court building chemistry, That's something that we have to look forward to in Brooklyn.


  • We always have so many great games coming your way.


  • But how about next Saturday on the Saturday prime matchup presented by A T and T five G on ABC, we got Jimmy Butler and the Heat flying the sixth game of a seven game road trip against LeBron James and the Lakers are coverage for N B.

    しかし、次の土曜日にどのようにABC上のA TとT 5 Gによって提示された土曜日のプライムマッチアップについては、我々はジミーバトラーとヒートはレブロンジェームズとレイカーズに対する7つのゲームのロードトリップの第6試合を飛んでいるN Bのためのカバレッジです。

  • A countdown, though, will start at eight.


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All right, come on over to Rosie's Corner.



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