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0:00:06.560,0:00:10.069this about the best small business marketing ideas did
you know there is a hidden problem for most small businesses mobile
by twenty thirteen fifty percent of all internet activity will be done on a mobile device
already more than twenty five percent of all local internet searches are on a mobile
That's surprising but more importantly this is growing to exponentially
they're already more mobile phones than PCs but the important
bit of information here is that mobile users will move on if they
don't get a mobile optimised site and to cap it all mobile users are much more
likely to be buyers than PC users they're all these mobile internet users out
there All wanting products and information
And services if you just give them your desk top site to view
You are placing a giant barrier between you and them
This is the road to nowhere it's difficult to know what to do and who
to trust so we created a workshop on this best of small business
ideas so come along to the British Library 28th February 2013
You'll learn all you need to confidently and easily take action
on mobile marketing just go to link on this page to get your tickets
and do it now you don't want to be disappointed
will very quickly this could be you - you'll be down on new business and wondering
where all your leads have gone you may already be there
or you can move in the direction of mobile marketing and optimise your site for mobile devices
or an app. If you'd like to know more About
this small business marketing idea go to http://www.tothepointmarketing.co.uk Or email stephen or jonathan
Or call 07921483630 for whatever you do
get-the 28th feb in your diary So we'll
see you there Small Business Marketing Ideas -- Mobile Marketing Demystified


Small Business Marketing Ideas - For 20% More Sales

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