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  • as a South African nurse.


  • Lerato and Tansy sometimes vaccinates others, but she says there's no way she'll take a covert 19 shot, even though experts say it's safe.


  • Hell, no, We will not be taking this vaccine until there are clinical trials that assures healthcare workers that indeed this vaccine is safe.


  • Data has shown an AstraZeneca vaccine, one million doses of which arrived in South Africa a week ago offers minimal protection against mild to moderate infection by the dominant variant in the country.

    データは、アストラゼネカ ワクチンを示している、1 週間前に南アフリカに到着した 100 万回の用量は国の支配的なバリアントによって軽度から中等度の感染に対して最小限の保護を提供しています。

  • That's prompted the government to pause a roll out of the vaccine, and it's only added to um, tons is skepticism.


  • But experts say the AstraZeneca vaccine should still protect against severe disease on death from Cove in 19, Professor Shabby Ahmadi, a vaccine ologists at the University of It Bottas Rand, who led South Africa's analysis of the AstraZeneca vaccine, says the shot still has a role to play in Africa and across the world.

    しかし、専門家は、アストラゼネカ ワクチンはまだ重度の病気に対して保護する必要がありますと言う 19 年にコーブからの死、教授シャビー Ahmadi、南アフリカのアストラゼネカ ワクチンの分析を主導したそれボッタス ランド大学でワクチン ologists、ショットはまだアフリカと世界中で果たすべき役割を持っていると述べています。

  • It doesn't make any sense to have a million doses of vaccine available to us, which are known to be safe and not to start distributing it at least virus groups.


  • But mistrust is still high, Thean Darboe nurses union to which I'm tons He belongs, has advised its 17,000 members to boycott the vaccine, and a poll by the University of Johannesburg suggested a third of South Africans would refuse it on the streets of Johannesburg Thought, Oh, Mileti says She's one of them.

    しかし、不信感はまだ高いですが、Thean Darboe看護師組合は、I'm tons Heが属している、その17,000人のメンバーにワクチンをボイコットするように助言しており、ヨハネスブルグ大学の世論調査では、南アフリカ人の3分の1がヨハネスブルグの街頭でそれを拒否するだろうと示唆されました。

  • No, I will not be taking the vaccine.


  • I am not comfortable at all about it, and I will not advise anyone to go for it unless you brave enough.


  • But for me, it's enough.


  • Such concerns are not uncommon on a continent where big pharmaceutical companies have run dubious clinical trials in the past, resulting in deaths in South Africa.


  • Trust in the government's handling of the pandemic has also deteriorated over perceived failures, such as a shortage of protective equipment on allegations of corruption in covert 19 relief contracts.


as a South African nurse.


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