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  • New

  • spiritual secrets revealed in teleconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai. On Monday,

  • August 30, Supreme Master Television had the honor of inviting Supreme Master Ching Hai

  • to a third teleconference this summer to ask in-depth questions on more spiritual matters.

  • Making time in her extremely busy schedule, Supreme Master Ching Hai accepted the invitation

  • to discuss two main spiritual themes of meditation and special holy sites on Earth.

  • Supreme Master TV (M): Why do we need to meditate?

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai: Okay, I ask you back. Could you go on living without meditation

  • now?

  • All: No, Master.

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai: No, see?

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai: We must recharge with the higher vibration of the Light and

  • Sound, because the Light and Sound is God. We are a part of God. We are God. Without

  • the Light and Sound, were almost like we are no God, we are nobody. And we will be

  • very, very suffering of different kinds and more blindly suffocated in this negative atmosphere.

  • So, Divine blessing power is what we need for our soul as much as we need the air to

  • breathe. More than we need the air to breathe.

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai: Most of masters, including myself, would advise people to meditate

  • before you go to work, means early in the morning, and after you work, to recharge yourself

  • at least before you go to bed. But, you’d be surprised what’s the best time to meditate.

  • Could you guess?

  • VOICE: Find out more about the ideal time, location and type of meditation, as well as

  • a whole new kind of sacred place by tuning in to Supreme Master Television for the full

  • broadcast of this teleconference at a later date on Between Master and Disciples, with

  • multi-language subtitles.

  • We are grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing such rare and uplifting spiritual

  • knowledge through this discussion together. May we each remember to nourish our spirit

  • and Divine nature for the realization of both inner peace and outer harmony on Earth



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スプリームマスターチンハイとの電話会議で明らかになった新しい精神的な秘密 (New spiritual secrets revealed in teleconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai)

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