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  • Expat woman: Cultural Shock Hello this is Andrea Cairella Licensed Professional

  • Counselor and Expat and Cultural Adjustment Consultant on True Potential TV the place

  • where you can nurture your relationship, transform your life, and enhance your wellbeing.

  • Are you an expat woman going through culture shock?

  • Moving overseas can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. As an expat woman you may be going

  • through cultural shock and the loss of the familiar, while also experiencing discomfort

  • and uncertainty with the new. Today I have 10 tips that can help you transition to your

  • new home overseas. Feel free to share this with other expat women you know.

  • Remember Rome Wasn't Built In A Day: Cultural adjustment takes time. Be fair with yourself.

  • Expect that integration into a new culture can be challenging. Be patient with yourself.

  • You are in a process of learning. 2. Compare Notes: Chat with other expat women

  • you know and share your experiences with one another.

  • 3. You Got Skills Girlfriend: List your accomplishments, internal resources and transferable skills

  • that you possess and apply them to your current life circumstance. If you do not possess those

  • skills, develop the necessary qualities, strengths and resources you need to succeed. Some examples

  • include mindfulness and stress reduction techniques. 4. Spread Your Wings and Fly: Research about

  • your new location, seek out expat clubs, business associations, sporting groups and other international

  • social clubs. Some include InterNations, Professional Women's Association or even research expat

  • women groups in your area. 5. Muster Up The Courage: As an expat woman

  • it is important to explore and get oriented to your new community because it will give

  • you a sense of control and power. 6. Be Alert Of Signs Of Mental Illness: An

  • expatriate assignment, like any significant life change, can worsen or even precipitate

  • mental illness such as depression, anxiety or a range of adjustment disorders. The expat

  • who experiences difficulty with culture shock or any signs of mood disturbances, or observes

  • the same in a family member, should seek the advice of a mental health professional.

  • 7. Learn The Local Language: Learn the basics before you go to lower the impact of culture

  • shock on arrival or begin learning today. 8. Try To Leave Judgments Behind: Try your

  • hardest not to compare your new location with your old location...comparing will hinder

  • your ability to settle in...accept that different people and cultures have other ways of operating

  • this can help you reduce nasty culture shock and can expand your flexibility to adjust

  • to a new culture. 9. Smile: Despite it being hard sometimes,

  • set the intention to shift your mood and turn that frown upside down.

  • The last suggestion for today is to:

  • 10. Refrain From Regret & Rejoice: Although you need to acknowledge the grief and loss

  • of your career/job and your friends and family, you can also look at this transition as an

  • opportunity. Celebrate that you have the freedom and time to do what you have always wanted,

  • explore your new surroundings, travel to new countries and meet new people, start your

  • own business, pursue higher education, get healthy, have new hobby, learn a new language,

  • give back, take personal growth opportunities, spend more quality time with your partner

  • and kids, learn about the stock market, take your time to relax and get balanced...the

  • possibilities are endless. Now I'd love to hear from you. What have been

  • your biggest challenges as an Expat Woman dealing with Cultural Shock? What tips have

  • fellow Expat Women shared with you? Share your stories, tips and suggestions. Interesting

  • insights and conversations always happens after the episode at

  • so join in on the chat and leave a comment now. Did you like this video? If so, subscribe

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  • you next Tuesday on True Potential TV.

Expat woman: Cultural Shock Hello this is Andrea Cairella Licensed Professional


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エクパットウーマン カルチャーショック (Expat Woman Culture Shock)

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