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  • We can't go now. It looks like Rachel's gonna put on a skit.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Have you lost your mind?

  • No, no, no. I am finally thinking clearly.

  • My lucky dress wasn't working out too well for me

  • but for four years, this baby never missed.

  • Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, I-I cannot, I can't let..

  • Actually, I kind of wanna see what happens.

  • - Hey. - Hi, hey.

  • Nice, uh...costume.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Well, I wanted to give Emily

  • a big, American good-bye cheer.

  • So, okay.

  • Whoo!

  • Ready? Okay.

  • Give me an "E".

  • (all) E!

  • - Give me an "M". - M!

  • - Give me an "I". - 'I!'

  • - Give me an "L". - 'L!'

  • - Give me a "Y". - Y!

  • What do you get?

  • Whoa! Emily.

  • Whoo. Emily!

  • (Rachel) 'Ow!'

  • Okay, so that's me as a cheerleader. Ta-dum.

  • - You okay? - You alright?

  • Fine. I'm fine. I just loosened a tooth.

  • It's no big deal. I have a dentist. You know?

  • I'll go put some ice on it. Excuse me.

  • What do I do now? What do I do now?

  • I think you're done.

  • Okay. Time to take off the bra.

  • [groans]

  • Uh, that was... really, uh, great.

  • But I-I got to take off, actually.

  • Take the bra off.

  • Alright, come on, let's go get your coat.

  • Okay.

  • Rachel is my girlfriend.

  • So this was, uh, really fun.

  • Oh, yeah. It's real fun.

  • You know, this bra..

  • ...really bothering me.

  • Ugh!

  • You know, this used to be my bedroom....

  • Yeah.

  • Lot of memories in here.

  • Lot of memories.

  • If these walls could talk, you know what they'd say?

  • Wanna hear some memories?

  • Need a.. Need a little hand there?

  • Oh, no, no. No, I got this all under control.

  • You really don't seem like you do. That's..

  • [grunts]

  • [yells]

  • Forget it!

  • Ohh! This is..

We can't go now. It looks like Rachel's gonna put on a skit.


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Friends: Rachel's Cheerleading Fail (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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