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  • Hayao Miyazaki is the never-ending man.


  • A prolific director who started working in the 1960s and seems to still have plans for the 2020s.

    1960 年代にキャリアを始動し、多くの作品を生み出した宮崎監督は、2020 年代もまだ計画があるようです。

  • Today, he's known for his original feature films that he creates at Studio Ghibli.


  • For him, a film begins with images, not words, and this is the key to the untouchable quality of his works.


  • Here are five things you need to know about this director.


  • Miyazaki is someone who kind of lives in a world of his own.


  • Despite the changing times, he's an antiquated person who doesn't use modern technology.


  • So when Ghibli president Toshio Suzuki approached him about putting all of his films on Netflix, he had no idea what he was going on about.


  • So instead, Suzuki told him that if he agreed to put his films on Netflix, the licensing fee would go towards funding his next film.


  • Suddenly Miyazaki appeared to be on-board with the idea.


  • The films are releasing in batches on Netflix outside of the US, Canada and Japan, while the US will be getting them when HBO Max launches.


  • Because of Miyazaki's issues with technology, you'd think he'd have a problem with CG.

    宮崎駿はテクノロジーに支障があるのだから、CG も難しいのでは、と思うかもしれません。

  • But that's only half right.


  • In fact, many of Miyazaki's films involve CG animation, most notably Princess Mononoke.

    実は、宮崎駿作品の多くで CG アニメーションが使われています。特筆すべきなのが、『もののけ姫』です。

  • However, even after building a super team of CG animators, he closed the department down because he believed the production was becoming too reliant on computers.

    しかし、CG アニメーターの特別チームを結成した後でも、宮崎駿はその部署を廃止してしまいました。作品がコンピュータに依存しすぎている、と考えたからです。

  • However, in 2018, Miyazaki launched Boro the Caterpillar, a CG short film for the Ghibli Museum.

    でも 2018 年、宮崎駿は『毛虫のボロ』という作品を発表しました。これは、ジブリ美術館向けの短編映画です。

  • He was offered the chance to create it with Pixar, but instead chose to work with young Japanese CG animators who were able to teach this old dog some new tricks.

    ピクサーと共同制作する話がありましたが、宮崎駿は、年をとった自分に新たな技を教えてくれるような、日本の若い CG アニメーターと作品を作ることを選びました。

  • Miyazaki came out of retirement to work on Boro, but it wasn't the first time.


  • He's mentioned that he's about to retire plenty of times, ever since the 90s, but he just keeps on going.

    宮崎駿は 1990 年代から、もう引退だと何度も発言していましたが、作品を作り続けたのです。

  • In 2013, he did a whole press conference about how he was now properly retiring, yet he introduced a caveat not long after saying that he was still going to make short films for the museum.

    2013 年、正式な引退会見を開きましたが、しばらく後に「補足説明」として、ジブリ美術館のために短編映画を制作していく意向を発表しました。

  • And now he's properly out of retirement, creating a feature film titled How Do You Live?


  • Due to Miyazaki now being 79, he can't make films nearly as quick as he used to, so it's going to take some time.

    宮崎駿は 79 歳なので、かつてほどのスピードで映画を作ることはできません。そのため、少し時間がかかりそうです。

  • There's been plenty of documentary about the life and work of Hayao Miyazaki, but one of the most ambitious ones is the documentary series 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki.

    宮崎駿の人生や仕事については、数多くのドキュメンタリーで触れられてきましたが、中でも最も野心的なものの1つが、『宮崎駿との 10 年』というシリーズです。

  • For 10 years, he was visited by a singular documentary film-maker with a camera who spent all that time trying to get an idea of his creative process.

    10 年間にわたり、カメラを持った1人のドキュメンタリー映画制作者が、宮崎駿を取材し、その制作過程を把握しようとしました。

  • This involved going to meetings with him, visiting the studio with him, and even going on trips with him.


  • It's available to watch in many different languages on NHK World and I'd highly recommend it.

    NHK ワールドで、多言語で視聴可能なので、すごくおすすめです。

  • The first part of this documentary follows the creation of the film Ponyo.


  • But it also coincides with the last stages of production for Miyazaki's son's film The Tales of Earthsea.


  • We see Miyazaki being incredibly awkward around his own son, at one point going into the studio, seeing that his son is there, and then going off to hide away in an office before going home.


  • Miyazaki didn't want his son to be a director, because he felt it was something you had to earn and put your all into.


  • This led to him walking out of Earthsea.


  • He sent a positive message after the film's release, but his comments in the documentary show an unease towards the movie.


Hayao Miyazaki is the never-ending man.


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