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  • Yes, Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 video game Easter Eggs of 2020.


  • Yes, CNN propose sea sponges Demand for pineapple homes has sparked massive deforestation throughout Costa Rica.

    はい、CNNは海綿を提案します パイナップルの家の需要は、コスタリカ全体で大規模な森林伐採に火をつけました。

  • For this list, we'll be looking at some of the best hidden secrets and references that appeared in video games through 2020.


  • Any luck finding the biggest Easter eggs of 2020?


  • Let us know which ones where your favorite in the comments below.


  • Now let the Easter egg hunt begin.


  • Number 10 Akira Easter Egg Ghost Runner Okay, Defying the expectations that come with most first person platform, Er's Ghost Runner and it's cyborg Ninja protagonist demonstrate the genres true potential.

    10位 アキラ イースターエッグ ゴーストランナー さて、ほとんどの一人称プラットフォームに来る期待に反して、Erのゴーストランナーとそれのサイボーグ忍者の主人公は、ジャンルの真の可能性を示しています。

  • The game also features plenty of interesting references to sci fi and pop culture.


  • One Easter egg in particular, is guaranteed to appeal to the fans of classic anime.


  • While traveling through Dharma Tower, players may notice a red motorcycle that bears a striking resemblance to the one used by Caneda from the anime film Akira, considered one of the most influential films in the sci fi genre, it seems fitting that Ghost Runner would include such an iconic item for players to discover.


  • Yeah, Number nine.


  • Soul Caliber and Injustice.


  • Easter Eggs, Mortal Kombat 11.


  • I Haven't You Conquered Never.

    I Haven't You Conquered Never.

  • I neither need nor want a damned need leaders more than anyone with its incredible story mode, Amazing Fighting System and large cast fighters, it's no wonder that Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate won an award for best fighting game of 2020.


  • Another highlight of the game are the occasional Easter eggs that emerged from the dialogue between certain characters in the case of the anti hero Spawn and the demonic Ninjas Scorpion.


  • Both make references to Soul, caliber to and injustice gods among us, which both characters are respectively featured in for Fighting Game fans.


  • This Easter Eggs serves as a nostalgic throwback to two of the best games in the genre.


  • You've been to other dimensions.


  • Each has had its own injustices.


  • Maybe that's why my soul still burns rounds.


  • What Number eight?


  • The Winnie the Pooh Easter Egg Assassin's Creed.

    くまのプーさんのイースターエッグ アサシン クリード

  • Valhalla.


  • You got the honey thank you.


  • During one of the Games world events I've or is tasked with helping a young girl collect honey for a close friend.


  • Now, if the old tree doesn't give the Easter egg away.


  • The revelation that the young girl's friend is, in fact a friendly, honey loving bear sure will, even though the event is over once you give the bear her honey, there is still Mawr to this Easter egg than meets the eye.


  • If you follow the girl and her bare, you'll be able to meet her two friends, a pig and a donkey.


  • Both animals serve as references to the characters, piglets and your who are also friends in Winnie the Pooh.


  • Hey, Eula, All my friends together isn't everything just perfect.


  • Number seven Daisy The Rabbit Doom Eternal Doom Guy Maybe one of the most badass soldiers in video games, but even he has a soft spot when it comes to his pet rabbit Daisy.

    ナンバー7デイジーラビットドゥームエターナルドゥームガイ たぶんビデオゲームの中で最もワルな兵士の1つですが、それは彼のペットのウサギデイジーに来るとき、彼もソフトスポットを持っています。

  • While rarely seen, Daisy, is referenced frequently throughout the franchise, including in the original Doom.


  • Where it's death is what motivates Doom guy to fight the demons of hell.


  • In the Siri's latest installment, Doom Eternal, Daisy appears as an Easter egg hidden in every chapter of the game.

    Siriの最新作『Doom Eternal』では、ゲームの各章に隠されたイースターエッグとしてデイジーが登場します。

  • Furthermore, Daisy also makes a cameo in a painting being held by Doom Guy, which can be found in his fortress of Doom, as well as a pet cage and some rabbit food.


  • Number six Alien Broadcast Animal Crossing, New Horizons.

    6位 エイリアン放送 どうぶつの森 ニューホライズンズ

  • What you talking about?


  • We want animal Crossing.


  • New Horizons provided players with an ideal escape, quickly becoming one of the most popular games of 2020.

    New Horizons』はプレイヤーに理想的な脱出を提供し、瞬く間に2020年の最も人気のあるゲームの1つになりました。

  • The game features a strange Easter egg, which occurs at exactly 3:33 a.m. on Saturday mornings while watching TV.


  • At that time, an alien figure will appear on screen, speaking in an unknown language and transmitting images of flying saucers.


  • It only lasts for a minute, but the experience that this Easter egg provides is certainly otherworldly.


  • Number five.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants Easter Egg Man Eater, Sea sponges Demand for pineapple homes has sparked massive deforestation throughout Costa Rica.

    スポンジボブスクエアパンツイースターエッグマンイーター、海綿 パイナップルの家の需要は、コスタリカ全体の大規模な森林伐採に火をつけた。

  • If you're a fan of movies like Jaws and the Mag, then this game is for you.


  • Along with controlling a man eating shark with an insane potential for evolution, the game also features plenty of hidden references to TV shows and movies.


  • And we're not just talking about shark related stuff, either.


  • While swimming in the open world waters of the Gulf region, players will discover a familiar looking Pineapple House.


  • That's right.


  • This game about a vicious shark contains a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants TV show.


  • The fact that Chris Parnell narrates the discovery of this Easter egg makes it all the more funnier.


  • Number four Tears in the Rain Cyberpunk 2077.

    ナンバー4 涙の雨の中のサイバーパンク2077

  • Well, it may have had its ups and downs.


  • There is no denying that Cyberpunk 2077 features some pretty amazing Easter eggs.


  • Like the cameo of Gladys Voice actress You Found Me.

    グラディス声優のYou Found Meのカメオみたいな。

  • Congratulations.


  • The theme game also features not one but two references to the iconic tears in the rain scene from Ridley Scott cyberpunk masterpiece Blade Runner.


  • The first is located on the roof of the Advocate Hotel, where players will discover Ah, hunched over figure at a far corner of the rooftop in a near perfect rendition of Roy Baddies.


  • Final Moments.


  • The second reference is located among the holo memorials, where a grave is marked with the hologram of a bird and baddies.


  • Last words.


  • Number three Tribute to Chadwick Boseman, Marvel, Spiderman, Miles Morales.

    ナンバー3 チャドウィック・ボーズマン、マーベル、スパイダーマン、マイルズ・モラレスへのトリビュート。

  • While the Stanley statue is definitely one of the game's most important Easter eggs, we have to give this entry to the tributes honoring the late Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in August of 2020.


  • Known for portraying King to Cholla of Wakanda, also known as the Black Panther, Bozeman became one of the M.


  • C.


  • U s most iconic figures.


  • In addition to Bozeman's tribute message that appears after beating the game, another tribute was discovered along the Games 42nd Street in Midtown, in the form of a street named Bozeman Way, along with its connection to Miles Morales, the number 42 also references Bozeman's portrayal of Jackie Robinson in the film 42 adding further death to this already amazing tribute.


  • Number two.


  • The wo meme becomes Cannon Crash Bandicoot four.


  • It's about time.


  • Yeah, As one of the most iconic Siri's released on the PlayStation consoles, Crash Bandicoot has traversed multiple platforms.


  • In 2016, Crash Bandicoot even received his own meme, which has been used in parody videos as well as in popular video games and the latest installment of the Siri's This meme was officially made cannon by traveling through a portal in the space level and collecting all dimensional energy fragments.

    2016年、クラッシュ・バンディクーは、パロディ動画だけでなく、人気ビデオゲームやシリの最新作でも使用されている彼自身のミームさえも受けました。 このミームは、宇宙レベルのポータルを旅して、すべての次元のエネルギーの断片を集めることで、正式にキャノンになりました。

  • Players are rewarded with an alternate version of Crash, manifesting themselves on screen yelling Whoa or yeah, all Easter eggs Air Special but toe have one.


  • Make it Internet mean.


  • Part of the Siri's cannon makes it all the more exceptional.


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  • Number one.


  • The Coffin Dance Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Ghana's Dancing Pallbearers, a group known for performing dances during funerals, became a meme during the early part of 2020.

    棺桶ダンス コール オブ デューティ ブラックオプス コールドウォー ガーナの「ダンシング・パルベアラーズ」は、葬儀の際にダンスを披露することで知られるグループで、2020年初頭にミームになりました。

  • After becoming a viral sensation, this meme also found its way into the dye machine map in black ops Cold War Zombie mode.


  • After unlocking the pack a punch machine and shooting five glowing orbs located around a particle accelerator, players will be transported to another dimension where zombies arm or interested in dancing than eating brains among them.


  • For zombies could be seen recreating the dancing pallbearers iconic coffin dance.


  • Who says zombies can't be lively in the mood For more awesome gaming content?


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Yes, Welcome to watch Mojo.


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