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  • Hi, everybody! How are you today? So it was

  • the World Cup finale today

  • and I was sad Argentina didn't win

  • 'cause I wanted a South American team to win

  • and I like Messi. I think he's a good player

  • but I'm not too disappointed

  • because soccer isn't such a big deal in America.

  • The World Cup is very interesting this year.

  • Well, I was very happy to see my team do well.

  • We were in a very hard group

  • to make it out of with Portugal and Germany

  • and even Ghana. But, we did pretty well

  • and I hope that we will continue to improve

  • and be better

  • in future World Cups.

  • I really also like Costa Rica. I like to root for the "underdogs", I guess

  • the teams that are not

  • as favored to win.

  • But unfortunately, usually those teams don't do as well.

  • It's always the

  • European teams and the South American teams that

  • are the best. Yeah, I hope that one day

  • America does

  • well, if they don't win, I hope they just make it to the semi-finals.

  • I was interested, I have a few friends in Brazil

  • who were not in support

  • of Brazil winning the World Cup and they were happy that Brazil was eliminated

  • from the Cup because

  • they didn't like, I guess,

  • that the president spent or that the government, rather, spent so much money on

  • new stadiums

  • and when I guess there's more

  • important, or more pressing, issues that the country needs to address.

  • so I'm curious if you agree

  • with my friend's opinion or not.

  • I don't know a whole lot about Brazil, so I can't say

  • either way what I think

  • but yeah.The World Cup

  • makes me really want to visit Brazil even more than I already did

  • and I think it's a beautiful

  • country. I can't wait to see the next Olympics

  • which I'm pretty sure they're in Rio de Janeiro.

  • I can't say a whole lot about the Cup,

  • 'cause I'm not the biggest soccer fan, but I hope everyone enjoyed watching it.

  • If any of you actually got to attend the games, I'd love to know what it's like.

  • what it's like

  • I've been to a few local hockey games, but I've never been to any

  • major sporting events other than that,

  • so I don't know what a really exciting soccer game

  • is like to see in person.

  • Anyway, I hope you all have a great day or night.

  • I guess it's pretty late in Brazil

  • at this time. Anyway, bye!

Hi, everybody! How are you today? So it was


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