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  • Being a fashion designer means being an artist. I also look at myself as an entrepreneur.

  • I have all these ideas in my head and it's my job to make them happen

  • and to put these clothes on bodies.

  • My name is Melissa Fleis. I'm a fashion designer based in Los Angeles.

  • I started working the fashion industry in my late teens, twenties.

  • However, I was more in the beauty and publishing side of things.

  • It took me until I was twenty-seven to decide to go back for my master's degree.

  • Originally I was pre-law and when I finally

  • decided to go back to fashion school is when things started clicking in my life.

  • I wish there would have been more classes when I was in high school. It wasn't part of the curriculum.

  • Me wanting to own my own business, I wanted to learn everything about this industry

  • and how to sew a garment from beginning to end - how to pattern make it.

  • My experience obtaining any sort of internship or job it really takes you going after it.

  • And I just kept cold calling stores that I knew I wanted to work in.

  • For my final internship when I was in Italy, it was through the store I worked at.

  • She was one of the designers we carried.

  • I had sent a resume out. I had sent my portfolio and I also got a referral from my boss.

  • I definitely believe that having education and that work experience is really crucial.

  • I think that being on Project Runway definitely taught me how to trust my instincts.

  • It taught me to realize that not everyone is going to love you a hundred percent of the time.

  • There are going to be people who love your work. There are going to be people who dislike your

  • work and you have to be okay with that.

  • The design process happens differently every time.

  • I think getting the inspiration varies so much. My next step is to take this inspiration,

  • create a mood board, and then sketch from that. I also look at what's been selling in

  • previous collections in ways that I can edit that or create new garments from that because

  • in the end, you know, I am trying to make a business out of this.

  • I think it is really important to -

  • number one is getting really talented at something

  • and finding a niche for people to talk about.

  • You need to be well spoken. You need to be able to do math - use a lot of math.

  • Learn how to sew, learn how to pattern make. You know work for somebody.

  • It is about learning and working hard and getting internships

  • and gaining experience because if you don't have that.

  • Who's going to hire you? How are you going to learn

  • and how are you going to grow within this industry?

  • But being any sort of skilled tradesman in this industry I think is amazing.

  • And I think there needs to be more of it.

Being a fashion designer means being an artist. I also look at myself as an entrepreneur.


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Day at Work: Fashion Designer

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