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  • 1 - Portal History -- Meeting CrossOvers at The Moment of Death

  • Hi, everyone. This is Winged, as everybody know me on the forums.

  • And I am here to share with you my experience, of when I go out of my body,

  • and when I meet new beings just the moment when they've just crossed over. ---

  • Laughs and explains it's new---

  • So, I leave my body, and as you've seen, with the the breathing in, I compress --

  • it's ah, how you call... compression into the center of my being, my physical human body, and then I move out.

  • I'm able to move out anyway I feel like.

  • I'm able to move out on the top of my head, sideways, whichever ways. Out of my feet, forward, backwards. Any way.

  • And then I'm in the dimensions.

  • So, in terms of beings that I've crossed over, I usually meet them just about two seconds, just two, three seconds before they die, with them.

  • And then, I usually, if I'm "on time," occasionally it's Veno, it was Veno, who were there just before they actually cross over, about the two-three seconds,

  • and then like "lift them out," assisting to lifting them out.

  • Also, previously sometimes, the beings, or the beings just, you know, get out on their own.

  • Exactly the way I do. It's exactly the same.

  • Also, the last breath.

  • And they breathe in and they breathe, out and they're gone.

  • Exactly the same, that the way I do it.

  • And they're in the dimensions, and usually they're confused.

  • And they like stand around and look around, you know, like:"Where am I? Am I dreaming?"

  • Usually it's the main question we always get: "Am I dreaming?"

  • Oh, I have to tell you this story. Once, we had a transvestite get into the dimensions.

  • And he was walking in, and he was saying, he was looking at the dimensions and go,

  • " Oh! This place requires an absolute re-do! This is unacceptable how this place looks like!"

  • He was commenting on, because the dimensions were like, really busy, all the time.

  • And you could see energies moving around, and sound wave frequencies moving around.

  • It looked like a mess. But if you understand how everything moves as yourself, it's not really a mess.

  • And then when you see numbers and equations of maths on a board or something, you kind of look at it and go, "What the hell does that mean?

  • You don't understand it because you haven't understood the knowledge thereof, or the practice thereof.

  • So it's just like these equations all over the place with absolutely no meaning.

  • But for us, if you've actually practiced it, you understand it as yourself, you understand the equations.

  • Then it makes sense. So it's the same in the dimensions. So for the beings that crossed over, there was absolute confusion.

  • Because you're able to see, um, as we move, we move as sound.

  • As we communicate, we communicate as sound. As we assist, everything is as the movement of sound as yourself.

  • So, you see these sound movements running across all over the place.

  • But it's not like that any longer. At the moment, we're just "here," in our egg-shaped form.

  • And according to that we'll move ourselves as all in any giving moment, no matter what we are or what we do.

  • So there's no more crossing of sound, frequencies and vibrations and things like that.

  • God, it used to be, looked like a real mess.

  • Also, in terms of... when the beings cross over, what I firstly do is assist them through their processes, of the necessary forgiveness that are required to be done.

  • And we have this, like a process center in the dimensions, where you go through these processes.

  • Mainly, it is set up like experiences on earth where you go through to test your application of forgiveness and practical application in the dimensions.

  • So first they apply forgiveness, then they go through other processes.

  • It looks exactly like earth, it's almost the experience of earth, but you're in the dimensions.

  • And then you are placed in certain situations that are unexpected.

  • That come in such a way to you are able to test your application and abilities, to see if you are effective or not.

  • So when they crossover, first do that. Then I show them how to do see what is their specific signature.

  • In other words, each and every single dimensional being, has a specific sound signature.

  • And then, what happens is in terms of when you're in the dimensional existence, well, now here on earth, you're able to see your specific signature.

  • And then you'll also be able to see the movement of other beings within you, that are specific signatures as well.

  • So in other words, if there are beings that are "stuck," you'll be able to see it within you AS you.

  • That'll see like specific signature "lines" in your being.

  • And then you check -- what I usually do if I see a specific sound signature.

  • Of being within my presence it means a being requires specific support for assistance.

  • Everyone experiences it, but depends on who gets there first.

  • In terms of assisting that particular being. Sometimes it will be fifty or sixty, or a hundred of us, coming together at one being.

  • But then we have see and, what we do is place it here before us, place existence, check where the being is,

  • and then, "there's the being," okay, go there. And we go there.

  • So, in terms of beings, the moment they cross over,

  • they, for a moment, will go, "Aaah, what's going on, I don't understand. Where am I? Am I dreaming? Am I alive? Where is this?"

  • But then, after that moment, they "quantum understand" what's going on. It's like a "transition stage."

  • But now, recently when beings cross over, they immediately wfftt "OK. What can I do?"

  • So, they immediately quantum understand where they are, what's happening in this process, everything that we've done in existence.

  • From the beginning, to where we are at the moment, what we're doing.

  • What happened two years ago when the portal opened. All the changes that occurred. And this was a being that was on earth, that quantumly understands everything,

  • but They all understand everything, but process, of course, is still required.

  • We recently set up new processes of the practical application support. But everything is reasonably "empty" now.

  • Because all beings are going into the animal kingdom and nature at the moment.

  • Even human beings that have crossed over now.

  • So at the moment, really, it's the animal kingdom, and the fairies, and trees with human beings for a moment.

  • Okay. As everybody on the forum knows me,Winged. And there's some of my experiences. Thank you.

1 - Portal History -- Meeting CrossOvers at The Moment of Death


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