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  • INTERVIEW 16: The 13 Game Lords

  • I am going into another experience of finding more deception and separation in existence

  • I refer to as the thirteen Game Lords.

  • While one day Eagle and I were sitting in the office where we still work to this day

  • , and he said to me,

  • "There's been more deception in existence. Have a look. What do you see?"

  • What we saw was this cone-like structure.

  • Imagine a cone-like structure facing downwards. You know, with the biggest ring at the bottom.

  • There were these many, many, many layers of rings of authority placements in existence.

  • And way at the top point, there were thirteen Masters, the "Game Lords."

  • They were way at the top, and what they were doing (was) existence in its entirety!

  • Everything was below them.

  • Meaning, they were way at the top (and they were huge). They were big, big "Master beings."

  • Well, that's how they projected themselves. Perceived themselves to be.

  • There were these huge Masters standing around in a circle.

  • They were sitting in these throne chairs in a circle, all thirteen.

  • Looking down, when you look down, you can see all of existence.

  • And they "played" with every, single being in existence.

  • They were able to move every being like pawns, even human beings on Earth.

  • Whatever way they wanted to direct the universe or existence, they were able to do it.

  • Just by placing them effectively, changing something, mind construct systems, energetic lines, programs.

  • They were like the "Masters of Existence." The thirteen Game Lords,

  • who were sitting around in a circular placement on these big, big thrones,

  • just looking down, and playing around, like everything was a game to them.

  • And what Eagle did was, he took all thirteen of them when he saw them,

  • he took all thirteen of them and pulled them down.

  • Because literally, they were all "up there," somewhere in existence, looking at everything.

  • So you are able to imagine how big they were.

  • And they were interdimensional, meaning that they could move, place, change anything. Pawns. If they wanted to.

  • So Eagle took them, all thirteen, placed all thirteen of them inside him,

  • and he placed them in process.

  • He placed everything of their entire existence in to this world, into process.

  • They were "placed inside their own creation."

  • So the thirteen Game Lords were actually the creators of Anu and them.

  • (They were) the creators of this existence, these thirteen "Masters."

  • They were the creators of the Annunaki and all the other races, planets, et cetera.

  • The placement of existence, the design of existence, the design of beings, everything- they created.

  • And, it was their "game" they played. Everything was just a game to them.

  • Because, they were literally "God," all thirteen of them. Well, the definition of "God,"

  • you know, having access to everything, anything. Being able to move, shift, change, manipulate, control anything, at will.

  • But Eagle sorted that out in one moment,

  • by putting them down into him, as him, and placing them into process.

  • That was also the period when we also started to rip open existences, literally.

  • And start pulling all the beings into process into this one dimension.

  • So this whole two and a half years, were the process of bringing all beings together into one dimension.

  • Into this one world within and as human beings.

  • And that was merely another "part of existence" that Eagle pulled in

  • so that they are able to start experiencing their own creation.

  • You know, no one was taking responsibility. No on e was directly assisting and supporting in any way whatsoever.

  • They were all "High and Mighty" sitting "up there" manipulating, deceiving, controlling existence in its entirety,

  • as for instance, with the thirteen Game Lords.

  • We call them the Game Lords because they were literally playing "every single part" of existences, beings, like a game.

  • And again, unacceptable. That's why Eagle pulled them in.

  • Simple. It was really simple. In one moment.

  • Everything basically happening in one moment.

  • When we immediately discovered something like the thirteen Game Lords, it was sorted out in one moment.

  • So that they are able to come into their own creation, and start correcting and sorting it out.

  • And making sure that each and every single human being or being in existence,

  • have the opportunity of experiencing themselves as who they are as life, as oneness and equality.

  • So you're able to understand the extent the separation, deception, and enslavement existed.

  • So, they were trapped in their own creation, these thirteen masters.

  • And they all said and equal opportunity to birth themselves as life, to realize themselves in the dimensions,

  • and to start taking responsibility for what they have accepted and allowed in existence.

  • Because, you know, we're not bloody pawns.

  • We're not slaves. We're not (gifts?), we're not that. We are who we are, as life as oneness and equality.

  • And having them "up there" manipulating, controlling, enslaving, deceiving existence, just seeing it all as an apparent "game," really?

  • Human beings murdering, children being abused, molested...

  • murders. killing, starvation, poverty... Is that a "game?"

  • No, it's not!

  • And so they were placed into their own creation, woken up to say: "Listen. This is not a game. Look at what you've done.

  • Forgive yourself, stand up, and take responsibility and start sorting out this mess."

  • Unfortunately, again, they refused to. So, the thirteen Masters were removed from existence.

  • Because they were systems. As I have said, systems are able to be removed in one moment.

  • So, they ceased to exist, because they are not life.

  • So, everyone in existence since the beginning that we've started "clearing existence," gave everyone a choice. Either life or a system.

  • And we are not supporting systems.

  • It stops right here, right now.

  • And thus, those that remain systems were removed appropriately.

  • Those that choose life, remain

  • and give themselves the opportunity to experience themselves as life here on Earth through assisting and supporting human beings.

INTERVIEW 16: The 13 Game Lords


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