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Hi guys! Welcome to Drinks Tube, and welcome to the pub! We're the Craft Beer Boys, yes
we're professional beer drinkers and we're here to talk you through all the different
styles of beer, from IPA, to Wheat beer, to Stout, to Mild.
This is a larger, and i'm a larger drinker, i'm sitting at the bar, i'm flirting with the barm... barmaids.
This is brewed Slow, with a really crisp flavored yeast, so it's seriously drinkable and seriously
session-able. Larger, if it was a celebrity, it would be Danny Dyer... because it's properly
trashy but you just can't take your eyes away.
How do, my name's Jim and this evening i'm drinking mild. Mild is the pint favoured by the English working man. It's light in alcohol
and you can drink quite a lot of it. If it were a celebrity it would be Fred Dibnah the
steam enthusiast, who? Cheers.
Hey guys, Brad here. I'm on the IPA. We've got a hoppy, explosion
of flavour going on in the mouth and this is my personal drink of choice.
If this was a celebrity, it would be Angelina Jolie because she's kinda kooky, she's a bit cool, she's
very, very tasty... as is this. And what, I gotta say is America *expletive* yeah.
Ah, hello my mein name is Yohan. Ich leibe die weissbier. So this is a wheat beer, weiss is German for
white. Ironically it's quite cloudly, alles nicht klar, as the Germans would say. If this
beer was a celebrity it would be Boris Becker, cos it's a little bit ginger but apparently
blonde, and is best finished quickly.
Hello, i'm James and this evening i'm drinking porter
in front of the fire with my dogs. Yeah, so this is porter, this gets its lovely dark
colours from really toasted malt. If it was a celebrity, it would be Brian Blessed, cos
it's drunk by blokes with beards in front of the fire so...
So there you go, there's our definitive guide to beer styles, but you know maybe are German
intellectual who enjoys stout, if that's so let us know in the comments box below. Yeah
and make sure to subscribe to Drink Tube guys! And if you want something a little bit more
sophisticated, Jamie is making cocktails. And if you're still sold on the idea of craft
beer check out me reviewing meantime's porter, a truly incredible beer. Cheers guys. Cheers!


Five Beer Styles You Need To Know | Craft Beer Boys | Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube

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