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  • So the PlayStation 4 has been announced and it’s coming later this year. The fact that

  • new hardware is on its way raises all sorts of exciting possibilities, but it also draws

  • into question the future of PlayStation 3.

  • Launched in 2006, PS3 has sold well over 70 million units worldwide, but its heyday is

  • rapidly coming to an end.

  • Yet, Sony has traditionally supported itsolderconsole when a new one comes out.

  • PlayStation 2 came to market in 2000, but PSone games were released with regularity

  • into 2003.

  • After PlayStation 3 launched, not only did the PlayStation 2 continue to thrive (it’s

  • still the best-selling home console of all-time), but Sony released one of its biggest first-party

  • gamesGod of War IIon PS2 the year after PS3 launched.

  • So it should come as no surprise that when PlayStation 4 launches, PlayStation 3 will

  • still be in the equation, even if PS4 doesn’t support native backwards compatibility.

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s CEO Jim Ryan confirms as much, noting that big

  • games both known and unknown are in PS3’s future, even with PS4 on the horizon.

  • Quote: “Were actually still selling PS2s in regions such as the Middle East seven years

  • after we introduced PS3. There are a number of reasons why the transition might be a bit

  • more accelerated this time round, but PS3 is a very important part of our portfolio,

  • certainly in 2013, 2014, and probably beyond that.

  • ”I’d point to the software line-up on PS3 that we have coming upGod of War:

  • Ascension next month, The Last of Us, which is looking great, and Beyond later in the

  • year. And there’s other stuff yet to be announced which is highly significant, too.

  • There’s a lot coming on PS3 and it’s going to be very important to us for some time yet.”

  • He could very well be referring to Gran Turismo 6, which his colleague, Michael Denny, let

  • slip during an interview recently. But Sony won’t officially confirm that, yet.

  • How will you juggle PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the coming years? Once PS4 comes, will

  • you still buy PS3 games? Let me know, and for all your PlayStation news, stay tuned

  • to IGN.

So the PlayStation 4 has been announced and it’s coming later this year. The fact that


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