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  • How do you think effects the Jets as you've got now one MAWR team that has a quarterback opening.


  • Well, I mean, he either is going to be interested in being on the Jets or he isn't.


  • And I'm not sure what the Indianapolis Colts opening will have to do with that.


  • Um, if Shawn Watson decides he wants a t end of the day to Sean is gonna have a lot to say about where he goes because of his no trade clause.

    ショーン ワトソンは、彼がショーンに一日の終わりを望んでいることを決定した場合は、彼は彼のトレード条項のためにどこに行くかについて多くのことを言わなければならないつもりです。

  • I'm not telling you guys anything.


  • You don't already know the Colts to me.


  • If I'm a quarterback looking for a place to go and try and win a championship, that feels like about as good an option as you could possibly have in the NFL.


  • You play your home games in a dome.


  • They have an excellent defense.


  • They have an excellent offensive line.


  • They have, ah, young weapon on the outside, who is improving and t y is still pretty good.

    彼らは、ああ、若い武器を持っています 外側には、改善されていて、t yはまだかなり良いです。

  • I think that would be a very attractive option, not only for Dawson, but for someone like Matt Stafford.


  • If he's looking for a place to go to and then the question that I think will be most interesting.


  • Keyshawn is Carson Wentz.


  • I would assume that based upon the firing of Doug Peterson and everything else that has happened there, that there is no conceivable chance that the Eagles trade went.


  • But the combination of whence the connection of whence to Frank Reich is one that we put together before they made the big changes in Philadelphia.


  • And it seems at least worth bringing up again today.


  • Yeah, it could have some merit, obviously, depending on what they're looking to Indianapolis to give up for Carson Wentz.


  • But let me ask you about the New York Jets and the possibility to shine watching a lifelong Jet fan that you are, how excited of the possibility that the Shawn Watson could somehow wind up in New York.


  • How excited can you be?


  • I mean, what what is the maximum that you're offering me?


  • Like if if this is on a scale of 1 to 10, I would put it at about 16.


  • Look, when you're a fan of the Jets, these are like the best things that generally happened to us.


  • Like once the season starts, everything almost always goes to hell in a handbasket.


  • So the best thing that happens to us is that there are rumors we might wind up with the Shawn Watson, and he likes a photo of himself in a Jet uniform on Instagram.


  • That's about the apex of jet fandom these days.


  • Look, the reality is, as Adam Schefter tweeted over the weekend, there is no team that could offer the Texans MAWR for DeShaun Watson.


  • Then the Jets can, if they choose to.


  • That doesn't mean that Tayshaun wants to come here.


  • The picture that he liked on Instagram sort of let us down that path.


  • One thing that we can say every single, we're going into a game As fans of the Jets, our coach is cooler looking than your coach.


  • There is no cooler looking coach in the entire sport, I think Hensala Onda Look, I mean, I will just take the word of Richard Seymour and everybody else who has played for him and been around him, and I will tell you to.


  • I trust you guys saw this story.


  • Um, I saw it in the New York Post over the weekend, but I'm sure it was in a lot of places about his life experience.


  • He's a guy whose brother was almost killed in the World Trade Center, and at that time, Robert Sala had sort of chosen a path in his life in which he was gonna be working a desk, Jobs much safer Path on, decided after his brothers near death experience that he wanted to go pursue his dream.


  • He wanted to live something that he was passionate about.


  • And so there's something about that that I like.


  • There's something about the fact that he was one who had other options in his life and found his way back to football and now has risen to this extraordinarily extraordinary level.


  • There's just a lot of things about him I like.


  • So is there any reason?


  • Is there any way to know with certainty he's going to do a great job?


  • Obviously not, And mostly it will be determined by the players that wind up playing for him.


  • But from what I've seen so far, I couldn't be happier with the choice that they made greeny.


  • Your name is no longer my Greenberg.


  • Your name is Nikos Area.


  • How do you save the Texan situation with Shawn Watson?


  • How would you do it?


  • Well, look, it's it seems to me as though something has happened there and these are things that I believe will come out that day Sean feels is irreparable or things have happened that are irreparable.

    何かが起きたような気がするんだが... ショーンが取り返しのつかない事が起きたと 感じているのは、その日のうちに出てくると 信じているからだ。

  • They clearly go well beyond bad personnel decisions and trading away DeAndre Hopkins and I think they even go beyond what he considered to be the slap in the face of suggesting you are going to be looking for his input when you made these big decisions and then not doing so.

    彼らは明らかに悪い人事決定と取引離れてアンドレ ・ ホプキンスを超えて行くし、彼らも彼が何を考えたかを超えて行くと思いますこれらの大きな決定を行ったときに彼の意見を探しているし、そうしないことを示唆している顔の中で平手打ちであることを示唆しています。

  • I think that the problems go deeper than that.


  • Um, that's just what you hear.


  • You guys all know what I'm talking about.


  • We all hear the same things, perhaps from different people.


  • If that is the case, I think that you need to sit down with him.


  • If you are a person who doesn't have anything to do with that, I mean, presumably Nikas Aereo showed up a week ago.


  • He has nothing to do with any of that and just say, Do Sean, what's it going to take?


  • At the end of the day, you and I need to be partners in this thing.


  • This is your franchise.


  • We might as well be called the Houston Watson's at this point, because you are overwhelmingly the best and most important thing we have.


  • What is it going to take to make you want to be here and if ultimately the answer comes back, it is completely impossible.


  • Then.


  • Look, there are worse things you could be than a four and 12 team with who has the best trading chip of all time.


  • This will be the biggest trade in NFL history.


  • When you consider who Watson is, what he is and where he is in his career, there will never There has never been a trade as as meaningful is this so you can completely remake your team in one fell swoop, so as devastating as trading away a great player like to Sean, is the fact that you have the ability with all the years left on his contract.


  • To get his much back as you can means you're not in a position of absolutely zero leverage.


  • So my first option would be to say to him, You tell me the Sean, what do I do to make you want to stay here?


  • Help me help you And if ultimately the answer comes back, there is no conceivable way.

    助けてあげて 最終的に答えが返ってきたとしても、考えられる方法はありません。

  • Well, then you have a guess until April to figure out a trade, and you should be getting back.


  • Exactly what I just heard Mike Tannenbaum saying is you were introducing me three number ones and one or two other really good young players and you re make your roster on the fly and you see where you go from there.


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How do you think effects the Jets as you've got now one MAWR team that has a quarterback opening.


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