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Hello. I’m Kimberly Walleston. Recently we brought you a look at the BPA levels in
cans and what that could be doing to your body. Today, a new study that shows that you
could be passing the damage on to your daughter. This must see story is next on InsidersHealth
News. BPA is just a nightmare. It’s been heavily
linked to cancer and it’s found in many common plastics and cans that contain our
food and water. Now it’s also showing a link to behavior problems in developing children.
But they aren’t getting the BPA as toddlers, they’re getting it in the womb. Researchers
from the Harvard School of Public Health and the CDC measured BPA levels in the urine of
almost 250 mothers throughout their pregnancies. Mothers with higher levels of the toxic component
tended to have 3 year old girls with anxious and depressed behavior, poor emotional control,
and lowered inhibition. Even worse, researchers detected some level of BPA in more than 95%
of the women in the study. We should point out that no link was found in male children
and BPA exposure after birth proves to have no developmental effect, despite the laundry
list of other problems it can cause. Also, a much larger study is being conducted to
find out if this truly is a national problem. But for the time being, you should have more
than enough reasons to cut BPA out of your life. That means reading labels, ditching
canned goods, and finding a safe water bottle because even if that seems like a lot of work,
raising a child with behavior problems will be a whole lot more taxing. For more information
on BPA, check out www.insidershealth.com, keyword “BPA”. For InsidersHealth News,
I’m Kimberly Walleston reminding you that it’s your health, we’re just helping you
think outside the docs.


BPA Poisons Shared in Utero

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