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  • well, there it is.


  • Have a good life.


  • We will see you soon said that a couple times towards the end, a shorter address than we were expecting.


  • But members of his family flanking him on.


  • We heard brief words to from the first lady, Melania Trump, But let me just whizz through some of the things he said.

    メラニア・トランプ大統領夫人の 短い言葉を聞きましたが、彼が言ったことのいくつかを ざっと見てみましょう。

  • He talked about an incredible four years.


  • He said, We have achieved great things.


  • He talked about it not being a regular administration.


  • He then talked about the veterans, how they've seen very badly treated before.


  • How he had corrected that, uh, I suppose, the last of Donald Trump's speeches to be fact checked because, of course, all of those things hugely disputed.


  • But after talking about veterans, he talked about the tax cuts he delivered.


  • He talked about the job numbers that have been doing so well before coronavirus hit.


  • He talked about the greatest economy in the world and talked about how America being hit, just like so many other countries around the world from coronavirus but not acknowledging the nearly 400,000 fatalities there have bean in the U.

    彼は世界で最も偉大な経済について話し、どのようにアメリカがヒットされている話をしたコロナウイルスから世界中の他の多くの国のようなが、ほぼ 40 万人の致死率を認めていない豆が米国で持っています。

  • S.


  • A catastrophic number under his leadership, but then talked about the miracle off developing a vaccine inside nine months, talked towards the end about appointing 300 federal judges, three Supreme Court justices on.


  • He said it would be my greatest honor to have Bean your president.

    彼はビーンをあなたの大統領にすることが 私の最大の名誉だと言っていました

  • I will be back in some form soon, he said.


  • Let us bring in Mary Trump, who was listening to that Mary your snapshot assessment of what you just heard.

    メアリー・トランプさんをお呼びしましょう メアリーさんの話を聞いていた人は あなたが今聞いたことのスナップショット評価をしています

  • It is true to form.


  • Um, he got in his racism Hey took credit for not only for Obama's administration and Obama's economy, but he preemptively is taking credit for Joe Biden's administrative accomplishments, which is quite something Um, he, as you mentioned, didn't even acknowledge the devastation this country has suffered due to his willfully malignant inaction and mismanagement of the coronavirus.

    Um, he got in his racism Hey took credit for only for Obama's administration and Obama's economy, but he is preemptively taking credit for Joe Biden's administrative accomplish, which is quite something Um, he, as you mentioned, even didn't acknowledge th

  • I believe that 400,000 over 400,000 deaths were directly due to him.


  • Um, he, um, took no responsibility for anything.


  • He took credit for things that had nothing to do with him.


  • The fact that he's saying anything about our veterans is disgraceful because he not only a five time draft dodger, but he has referred to our service members and our veterans as suckers and losers, so sincerely hope that this is the last time Donald gets the kind of coverage he just got today.


  • I'm happy to see the back of him.


  • His administration has been one of the greatest tragedies this country has ever suffered through.


  • And I hope we do everything in our power to protect against anything like this from ever happening again.

    このような事が二度と起こらないように 全力を尽くしたいと思います

  • And we see the president and the first lady go through the doors as they get on board.


  • Air Force One for the last time, that journey down to Florida.


  • Here's a really simple question view.


  • Mary.


  • Do you think either of them enjoyed the experience?


  • You?


  • No.


  • And that's one of the fascinating things.


  • Is Donald never?


  • Not only did he never do the job, he never seemed Thio want to do the job.


  • And it's, I think, the fact that he fought so hard to stay in it had absolutely nothing to do with his desire to serve the American people and everything to do with the fact that he wanted to maintain the powers and protections of the Oval Office so he could continue to avoid, uh, the, uh, lawsuits and the state level charges and the potential bankruptcies.


  • E was just keeping half a night on the pictures from Blair House because now that final statement we've heard from the President has been done, we go to another part off Central Washington because the president elect is due to leave Blair House.

    ブレアハウスからの写真を 半夜見ていました 大統領からの最後の声明が 終わったので ワシントン郊外の別の場所に行きます 大統領がブレアハウスを離れるからです

  • He's heading to mass at a cathedral a short distance away before the rial inauguration proper.

    リアル就任式の前に 大聖堂でミサに向かってる

  • All of those things that have bean mapped out, uh, take place and we see just from that tent, the curtains draw back the cars ready themselves.


  • I don't think we're that far away from Joe Biden Actually departing Mary, You touched on it a couple of times because, uh, we haven't seen this sort of thing before on Inauguration Day, which is the outgoing president.

    ジョー・バイデンが実際に出発するのは そう遠くないと思います 何度か話しましたよね 就任式の日にこんなことは 見たことがないからです

  • Give some sort of summation of how he thinks the last four years have bean because ordinarily the outgoing president very much involved in everything they're seeing on the screens at the moment.


  • And it is the incoming president that we hear from Well, as we continue Thio, see those pictures off that motorcade?


  • Uh, just get under way.


  • Let me just try once again with, uh Mary Trump.


  • Just a concluding thought.


  • Mary is, uh we see Joe Biden's motorcade as he, uh, just prepares to head Thio ST Matthew's Cathedral for mass ahead, off inauguration proper and all the things on Capitol Hill.

    メアリーはジョー・バイデンの 護送車を見ています 就任式のミサのために マシュー大聖堂に向かう準備をしています 就任式を終えて 議会議事堂に向かいます

  • Your final concluding thoughts.


  • 30 seconds.


  • It is a nen or mus relief to have dignity, grace, um, decency, empathy and compassion back in the White House, along with competence and a desire to do everything possible.


  • Thio heal this country Well, Mary Trump, thank you very much for being with us for the last half an hour or so.

    Thio heal this country さて、メアリー・トランプさん、最後の30分ほどの間、私たちと一緒にいてくれてありがとうございました。

  • Both in anticipation off Donald Trump arriving at Andrews on duh your thoughts.


  • After hearing from the outgoing president, he is now on board Air Force One.


  • The rest of the family also just in the last few minutes getting on board, uh, interesting.


  • It was rather more subdued than perhaps we were led to expect.


  • We know that Donald Trump had wanted a 21 gun salute we'd want.


  • He talked about perhaps having a military parade.


  • He talked about hundreds of people gathering there at Andrews Air Force Base.


  • It was interesting because a huge sort of general invitation went out, including Thio, Anthony Scaramucci, just one of the people who received an invitation.

    ThioやAnthony Scaramucciをはじめとする大規模な一般招待状が出ていたのが面白かった。

  • Yes, there.


  • And, of course, Scaramucci has been so blistering in his criticisms over the last year or so since leaving.


  • Of course, he served for 11 days there in the White House, But it's suggested a rather blanket invitation being circulated.

    もちろん、彼はホワイトハウスで11日間勤務していました しかし、それは、かなり包括的な招待状が 回覧されていることを示唆しています。

  • And, of course, the vice president, Mike Pence, not there.


  • At Andrews, he will be partaking in those inauguration.


well, there it is.



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B1 中級 日本語 メアリー 大統領 軍人 トランプ 最後 ドナルド

トランプ氏、エアフォースワンでフロリダへ出発 - BBC ニュース (Trump departs for Florida on Air Force One - BBC News)

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