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  • When I first seen it, I thought it was the tree of life.


  • So I think people were quite impressed by that.


  • E recently bought bought a drone about six months ago, and I started just looking around my home town up in the air from the sea, and I happened to see this like when I was pretty gobsmacked.


  • I was amazed by what I've seen there, and it was pretty cool what it is, it's Ah, it's a like that connects to abate and also on a story and in the history and up next to the beaches.


  • It's a bunch of tea tree trees and during the big storms.


  • But as it comes back in front during the high tides or the tea tree, oil runs back into it and creates the fox and all the all the books of the Tree of Life.


  • It's quite bizarre to see, but it's quite amazing at the same time.


  • So every couple of weeks when we have different Weber and totally changes its look to it, and it was only last week it was totally dry, so we had the outlines off the tree, but you couldn't see any water to it.


  • The first time I went there, it was really aqua aqua, blue color.


  • And to see it was it was quite amazing with the blue fucking from the sky as well.


  • And you got to see, Got to see the best of my hometown in one moment.


  • Absolutely exploded.


  • And yeah, it's it's been absolutely amazing response from everybody being treated for two days, sort of like just just enjoying just jumping around.

    2日間の治療を受けた人たちの反応は本当に素晴らしいものでした 飛び跳ねるのを楽しんでいるような感じです

  • Gonna Wow, this is amazing.


  • I've been totally special Sotoudeh truth.


  • Yeah, not too many people get to see the world from as high as it was with that image taken.


  • So to see it from that high, it's a different view for most people, and it's good to see.


When I first seen it, I thought it was the tree of life.


AI 自動生成字幕

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